Jun 7, 2016

No Ordinary Hero movie review

I have not been very diligent on posting movie review.  But here is another one, that is not anything like the movies I usually watch. If you are an American Sign Language fan or if you love learning about the Deaf community (like me!) then you will probably enjoy this movie! If you don't care for ASL, then you might want to skim over this post. =)

"Tony Kane is a deaf actor who plays a superhero on TV. Eight-year-old Jacob; also deaf; is torn between different ideas of what 'normal' is. When Tony and Jacob's paths cross; they inspire belief in each other and in themselves."

Negative Elements:

I can't remember any bad language, though we watched it several days ago, so I might have forgotten something. (I feel like there might have been one or two bad words...but I can't remember!) There was kissing between un-married characters multiple times. They also showed a girlfriend/boyfriend breaking up and one of them getting into another relationship. Those were two negative things that I didn't appreciate.

This movie is not Christian and there isn't a Christian message, which is a downfall.

My Review:

No Ordinary Hero is a very cool video for those interested in the Deaf community or learning American Sign Language (ASL). It centers on two deaf people. One is a TV star who wants to make a difference. The second is a boy who wants to just "fit in" with the other hearing children in his school. There is a lot of ASL in the video and information on how a deaf person would feel in a hearing community (like schools). There are captions for the ASL, if you don't understand it all. =) The movie also has several Deaf celebrities, which was very fun for me to see, including: Marlee Matlin, Troy Kotsur, Ashley Fiolek, and Deanne Bray (she was only behind the scenes, not acting). This is not the typical type of movie that I watch, but I enjoyed it. Some parts with very silly. (not in a good way or bad really...it depends on what you like I guess) If you are not interested ASL, then you probably wouldn't like this movie.

The theme of the movie was accepting and being proud of who you are. There was no Christian elements in the movie, but I enjoyed it. 

Other Notes:

We were able to watch this movie free through Amazon Prime! A big plus! =)

Have you watched No Ordinary Hero or another piece about the Deaf community? Are you learning ASL or do you want to in the future? Comment below!


  1. Someday I want to learn ASL...

    1. It is so much fun, Anika! I have loved learning it and am so excited to learn more! It's a beautiful language. =) I might do a post in the future with some super helpful links on learning ASL and tips. =)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This sounds like a very interesting movie! I am very interested in ASL, and have learned some, but not nearly as much as I'd like. I don't recall ever watching any movies on this topic before, but I did get to visit in person a School for the Deaf in my state and see how it works. I really enjoyed that!
    Sorry for the long comment, lol! =)

    1. No problem! I LOVE long comments, actually. =)

      It is very cool that you have visited a School for the Deaf! I have only met one Deaf person before, and he is a missionary with his wife to Central America to teach sign language to Deaf people there! That is what got me started in ASL. =)

      I'm sure being in a school with only Deaf students must have been overwhelming! At least a little bit... =)

      ASL is super fun to learn...I have enjoyed it so much!! I take it through Landry Academy (I think you have heard of that, right??). And the teacher is SO awesome! =D

      Thanks for commenting, Emily!

    2. Oh, and just to let you know, I tagged you on my blog...again! ;)

    3. Thank you for letting me know! =)

  3. Sounds pretty cool! I know some of the letters in the alphabet in ASL. And I can do my name so fast in ASL that you might not be able to understand me. =)

    1. LOL! Well, it helps that I already know your name. ;) hehe! But yes, I am still not very fast at finger-spelling. Speed comes with more practice - something I need to do! =)

      Thanks for commenting, Ariel!

  4. Oooh, I might have to watch this. I'm super interested in ASL, though unfortunately I don't have a ton of time to work on it. I find myself subconsciously fingerspelling things--I don't know why I do that. :) One of the characters in a WIP is mute, so there is a lot of ASL in that book. Its super fun to write about!

    1. I agree, Ivy! My first novella had ASL in it as well. =) It was actually a little difficult to write because you have to visually SEE ASL, not read it. =)

      That is so cool that you are interested in sign language! I understand not having the time though. If you don't make it a priority, it usually doesn't happen. I am realizing this throughout the summer while I have spare time...but usually don't spend it practicing ASL. =) And finger-spelling is a great way to start! If you do it subconsciously, then you are probably really mastering it, even if you do not realize it. =) That's a very good idea. =)

      Thank you for commenting, Ivy!! =) If you are able to watch the movie I hope you enjoy it! =D


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