Jun 28, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things Tag

Emily tagged me for the A Few of My Favorite Things Tag!  This was a really fun post to write! =)  Thank you Emily!  I hope you all enjoy learning about some of my favorite things. =)

-The Rules-
-Write down ten of your favorite things
-Tag at least three others!


How could I choose anyone else?  He gave His life so that I might life with Him forever.  Jesus is the best friend that a person could ever have. ♥  In simple terms, Jesus is LIFE!!

American Sign Language

Ever since meeting Deaf missionaries to Nicaragua, I've had a passion for ASL!  It's such a beautiful language.  I love learning new signs. =)

Reservation For Two

This is an online, girls' accountability class that I take through Landry Academy.  It has blessed me SO much!  The teacher, Mrs. Stokes, is the sweetest.  She is always encouraging us to read out Bibles more, giving us challenges to live more like Christ, and having us memorize whole chapters of the Bible.  I have also met so many Christian girls around the world.  R42 (our nickname for it) has changed my life!!  (and the picture above is when I got to personally meet some girls in the group!!  One of the BEST days of my life!)

My Family & Friends

I just love you all so much!!!!


Books are so important!  They can give you the wisdom of an experienced warrior of the faith or show you how great the love of God is through allegories! From top to bottom:  Elsie Dinsmore, Raiders From the Sea, The Bark of the Bog Owl, A Young Woman's Walk with God, The Bronze Bow, Duncan's War, and The Sacred Shore.


Blogging is such an amazing way to share your thoughts with the outside world, as well as reaching out to those who need Jesus' love!  My readers have encouraged me in my own walk with God.  I have learned so much about writing and the Bible through writing my posts. =)


Springtime is just the BEST!  Phlox...red-buds...butterflies everywhere...warm, spring rain...I love it all!


Writing is such an awesome tool to share your thoughts with readers!!  It's so fun to create your own unique characters with their own dangerous circumstances and trials. =)


Did you notice my blog's background color?  ;)


History is how we learn to make better decisions!  There are so many amazing stories just waiting to be retold!  That's why historical-fiction is my favorite genre of books. ;)  (and doesn't that photo just make you want to go back in time?)

I tag:

//Caroline from On Canvas

//Trinity from Lord's Girls
//Michaila from Mic's Room


  1. This is a fun tag, isn't it! I love all your favorite things that you picked, especially the books and ASL. :)

    1. Thanks, Emily! Yes, I enjoyed it! =) And finding pictures for everything was fun too. =) We have a lot in common. ;)

  2. Aw, what a fun tag! I loved doing this one. ;) And your answers are wonderful! I love R42, friends, family, Jesus, writing, books, pink, blogging yep...we're twins. =D

    1. Haha...that's almost true! =) We do have a lot in common...that's cause you copy everything I do, right? ;) Hehe! Just kidding!! Thanks for commenting, Hannah! =)

  3. Great post, Hosanna! I love learning more about you!! =)
    Jesus is a must in a list like this. Obviously. ;)
    And YES family and friends! They are one of the greatest blessings God has given us!! =)
    R42 sounds great! And that's soooo awesome you actually got to meet the girls who have joined you in it.
    Hey! I'm writing a historical fiction story! And WOW!! That picture! I wonder where it was taken??
    I love reading your posts, Hosanna! =)

    1. Thank you so much, Ariel!! I love how you always write such long blog comments! =)

      What time period is your historical fiction story in?! Mine is Jamestown. I have LOVED learning about the time period and everything God did during those years...it's amazing! And yes! I love that photo!! Don't you just want to walk around in that room for a few minutes?! =)

      Thanks for commenting! =D

    2. Aw, you're welcome! =)
      My story is set in the time period of World War II. It's a love story between a gypsy girl and a man who works in the prison. But it also has Christian values, such as redemption and forgiveness and hope and all that good stuff. =) I haven't done research for a story, so this is a first, because I've had to do research for this story. If I could, I'd rather pass that part of the writing process by. =) But my story isn't going to be authentic unless I have the facts straight!
      What is the Jamestown time period? It makes me think of colonial times. I could be totally wrong, though. =)
      You're welcome!

    3. Yup! Researching takes so much time! I've done tons of that so far. =) But it also gets fun...discovering new things that happened during the time period etc. =) And yes, there's no way you can write historical without...well, history! ;) Your story sounds awesome! I would love to read it one day. =)

      Oops, sorry for not making that clear. I mean that my story is based off of early Jamestown. (early 1600s) =) There are so many awesome things that happened back then!

  4. YES I completely agree with most of these. Pink isn't my FAVORITE color, but it's not displeasing to the eye. I really like blue, but gray has become one of my favorites. I'm not sure why. It's mellow, but not quite as bold as black, but not quite as pure as white. It's just a nice medium color. xD

    Oooh, and the online accountability class sounds cool. I've never heard of such a thing. I'm glad you have a fun time with that. :D

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Yes, favorite colors sure are disputable. =P Haha! I don't mind grey if you have accents to make it interesting...like turquoise or violet. ;)

      You should look it up!! Reservation For Two has been SO impacting in my life. We meet once a week on Tuesday nights. (my favorite day of the week now!) I would LOVE if you ever decided to join...**hint** =) Lol

      Thanks for commenting, Katie!!

  5. That's ten?? I got to the end of your list and it seemed so short until I went back and recounted. ;) Thanks so much for sharing. This is a beautiful summary of the things you love. Your passion for Jesus shines again.

    1. LOL! Thanks Jordy! =) Yup, ten! Phew. ;) I had to double check. ;)

      Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed the tag post. =) I want to shine for Jesus, and getting to know you has helped a lot in that passion!!


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