Jun 20, 2017

Hope to the Hopeless

Dear Friend,

I know two girls who are hurting. Their names are Ellie and Deanna. Both are beautiful, young ladies who have been broken. The ones who should have loved them most have destroyed their trust, and they are left alone without hope. Their smiles are gone, and depression has laid hold of their hearts.

I wish I could hug Ellie and Deanna and tell them that someone loves them. Tell them that there’s still hope. But I can’t; I have no way to share my heart with them. I only wish I could get in contact with them, but all I can do is pray.  And I do. I pray for them, yet I wish I could do something more.

I can’t reach Ellie or Deanna. I can’t help them, encourage them, or love them. But maybe I can touch your life, whoever and wherever you are, dear reader. And maybe I can touch the lives of others around me.

So if you’re hurting and alone, this is what I want you to hear. This is what I wish I could tell Ellie and Deanna.

You are not alone.

You are loved.

You are treasured.

You were bought with a price.

Bad things happen to all of us. They hurt. They sting. They break us. Sometimes we feel like we’re grasping at the wind as hope slips through our fingers. People betray us and trample on our hearts. Those we love are stolen away forever, and the future looks dark.

But we don’t have to go through trials alone. Jesus is with us, even if we can’t hear His voice or feel His hands. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

Today I heard His comforting voice through Isaiah 30.
“In returning and rest you shall be saved;
In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” – v.15
“For the Lord is a God of justice;
Blessed are all those who wait for Him.” – v.18
“You shall weep no more.
He will be very gracious to you at the sound of your cry;
When He hears it, He will answer you.” – v.19
“…in the day that the Lord binds up the bruise of His people
And heals the stroke of their wound.” – v. 26
Dear friend, wait on the Lord. Trust Him and rest in His strength. He will give you strength, wipe away your tears, answer your desperate prayers, and heal your wounds. You might not see the answers immediately or even in your lifetime, but He has a plan and purpose in this pain.



“Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!” – Psalm 27:14

"...rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer."Romans 12:12
We can have hope in trials because of God's promises!  Having hope is to believe, desire, and trust in the One who loves us.  Believe that He has a plan, desire to know Him better and to seek His will, and trust in His loving kindness.

I have a challenge for you.

People are hurting out there. The world is full of bitterness and discouragement, but we can make a difference.

Maybe you know someone like Ellie or Deanna. Or maybe you think you don’t. Guess what?Every person you come in contact with could use some encouragement. There’s no one who doesn’t appreciate a helping hand or loving word.

So make a difference this summer and beyond. Send someone God’s message of hope. Tell someone they are loved. Write a letter, an email, a text message, or talk to them in person. Point them towards Christ.

If you’re hurting, know that I love you. Christ loves you even more; you’re never alone.

Now go – love someone else, and make them smile.
“I will extol You, O Lord, for You have lifted me up,
And have not let my foes rejoice over me.
O Lord my God, I cried out to You,
And You healed me…
…Weeping may endure for a night,
But joy comes in the morning.” – Psalm 30:1-2, 5b.

How are you going to bring God's hope to the hopeless and make a difference in someone's life?  Comment below! 

Jun 13, 2017

What I Learned From The Sound of Music

Several months ago, I commented on the power of languages. (read here)  They hold secrets that are often only discovered in a deep, diligent search.  Sometimes there are words in other languages that simply cannot be translated to one English word because they hold deeper meaning.

In English, the word "love" has so many flippant meanings.  We love our pet goldfish.  We also love chocolate, our best friend, our siblings (sometimes, that is), our possessions, our gifts... and oh yeah, we love God too.

I like how the Greek language writes out love.  Instead of a "one word fits all" thing, there are different words for different types of love.  Philia is a brotherly love such as affection or friendship.  Eros is a passionate, romantic love.  Storge is like a familiar love... such as love shown between friends, parents and children, pets and owners, etc.  But my favorite is the last one.  Agape is a sacrificial love like the Love God showed us on the cross that day long ago.

Now I don't know anything about the Greek language (correct me if I made an error in my interpretations), but I think it's interesting to consider.  Is our love merely a brotherly love?  Or are we willing to make sacrifices?  Is our love for God and others a love that can never be broken?  Can it last through every trial, storm, and drought?

I assume that most of you have watched The Sound of Music, a musical based during the time of World War II.  If not, I'll let you know in advance that I will be sharing spoilers.  Read on at your own risk.  ;)

This movie is secular. (Yes, despite the nuns, I don't think the movie was created with the intention of sharing Biblical truth.)  Despite that, I learned from watching it.

Maria is a - unique - nun who doesn't really fit in an Abby.  She ends up becoming a governess for a household of seven children and is worried to discover that many governesses before her have experienced trouble with the children.  Throughout the story, Maria encounters resistance from them, hostility and resentment from the widowed father, and, despite her best efforts, is completely embarrassed and mortified on several occasions with the father.  His strictness and displeasure towards her is obvious.

But what happens throughout the story?  Maria ends up turning the household upside down.  She has a servant's heart and brings joy to the children's lives.  And, of course, the father falls in love with her and they eventually live happily ever after as husband and bride.

As I was thinking about that story, I wondered what it would have been like if I had been Maria.  I'm very sure that I would have quit the job right away instead of humbly accepting undue blame and criticism.  I would not have bowed my head to an unloving man and shown him the respect that Maria did.  The end of the story would have been much different, and likely I wouldn't have made a difference in the broken family.

But she did.  Why?  What was different about Maria?

Although the story isn't a Christian one, I think Maria displayed a sense of Godly humility, love, and joy.  She resolved within herself to become a servant.  Instead of demanding her own rights, Maria spent her time trying to improve the lives of the children by bringing songs back into their home.  And the story was beautiful.

We have a quote on our wall that summarizes it well in my opinion.

Are we like Maria, sending joy everywhere we go?  Is our love a selfless, others-centered love?

Paul the apostle wrote a verse that stood out to me in this area.  I know this post is already growing long, so I'll try not to tarry too much longer here.  =)
"Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith."  - 1 Timothy 1:5
During the summer months we are focusing on loving others.  But it's important that our love isn't "me" focused.  

  • Is our love from a pure heart? What are our secret motives?
  • Do we have a good conscience? Are there wrongs we haven't cleared up or are we offended at someone? 
  • Do we have sincere faith? Do we not only have love for others but also a passionate love for Christ?

As we strive to develop a heart that loves, perhaps these questions can evaluate why we do the things we do.  Let's resolve to have Godly humility, love, and joy - an agape type of love - towards God and others.  Let's have a life that radiates Christ's joy to everyone around us.

Put yourself in Maria's position; would you have responded in a similar manner?  How can you make steps today to have a selfless love for others?  Comment below!

(ps)  This same week a year ago, I actually posted a blog post that was on a similar topic.  =)  (good timing, right?)  You can read it here.

Jun 6, 2017

Don't Put God in a Box

If you could spend a whole day with someone, who would you choose to spend your time with?

Think about the question before you continue reading.  I'm curious who you would choose.  If you're like me perhaps your first thought was your favorite music artist, a preacher or writer who inspires you, or a friend who lives far away.  It's easy to imagine the hours that would fly by as you sat together discussing life, sharing dreams, and asking questions.  You might continue long after the sun has set, savoring the limited time you have with that special person.  Wouldn't it be simply wonderful?!

What about this:  How many of us would quickly answer the question by saying "Jesus."  How many of us would enjoy spending a whole day with Him?  And horribly, how many of us could actually stand a day like that?

It's like we put God in a box.  We almost esteem Him to be something like a sci-fi character, a remote Being who has superpowers to do anything He likes.  We just have to stay on His good side, ask Him for things, and try to live decent lives.  Then His job is to shower us with blessings.  Right?

Maybe that's a little extreme, but I think a lot of us live our lives with that attitude.  We have a place for God - in Church, in our quiet times, etc - but we don't give Him control over our whole lives.  We don't actually love Him.  Maybe God is like the president.  He rules over us, but He is so distant and powerful that we just can't imagine having a relationship with Him.

The Bible says that we should fear, honor, and revere God.  (see Deuteronomy 6:24, 1 Samuel 2:30Proverbs 19:23 and Hebrews 12:28)  He created the earth, set the stars in place, knows the number of hairs on your head, and the angels bow before Him.  He can move mountains, part seas, and knows your innermost secrets.  God is mighty beyond imagination.  It is so important not to take Him lightly or to esteem Him as something less than He is.

But we often fall short of what He truly wants.

Growing up as a Christian, I always knew that God loved me.  I knew that He was my Father and wanted me to give my life completely to Him.  Paul writes,
"He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will"- Ephesians 1:4-5
And Romans adds, 
"...you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, 'Abba, Father.'" - Romans 8:15
We are adopted.  That means that God literally chose us to be His children!!  How mind blowing is that?!   That is amazing love.

But I failed to realize that Jesus wanted something more.  Yes, He was my Father, and He cared for me.  Yet more so - He wanted to be my best friend.

Remember the verse I shared last week?  The greatest command in the Bible?
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." - Mark 12:30
In my opinion, that sounds like a lot of love.  If I loved God that much, is there any possible way that He wouldn't be my Best Friend?

As I've thought about it more I realized something.

It's great to have human friends.  God gave us relationships for a reason.  They encourage us, impact us, and bring us closer to Him.  Friends make you laugh when you're feeling discouraged.  They are gifts from God.

But friends fail.  If you wake up afraid in the middle of the night, will your best friend be there to talk to you?  Does she understand your deepest struggles?  Does she know what it's like to be you?  Of course not!

He does.

Christ knows everything - the fear you keep hiding from those around you, the struggles you face every day, and the doubts that plague your mind.  And guess what?  He. Still. Loves. You.

Did you catch that?  God (the great I AM, the Creator of the Universe, the One who is clothed in glory and power!) loves you.  He loves little, tiny, unimportant me. 

I read Song of Solomon last week.  The whole book is a beautiful dialogue between a Shulamite maiden and her beloved who are madly in love.  But as I read it, I imagined something deeper.  Perhaps God wrote the book as a love letter to us.  His bride.  His Church.

He sees us as beautiful, loves us despite our failures, and wants to be with us and hear our voice.  And doesn't He want us to cherish the relationship as well?  Should we be in love with Him as He is with us?

Think of an engaged couple.  Do they ever stop thinking about one another?  Don't they desperately want to be together and talk with one another?  Wouldn't they give up anything in their way just so their relationship could be stronger and more heart-felt?  Would anything be too much of a sacrifice?

But is that us?

This summer we are focusing on love, and the greatest command of all is to love the Lord our God with everything in our being.  I think that means something more than spending an hour every day reading the Bible.  It's more than praying whenever you remember to.  I believe that we are supposed to have a personal, intimate relationship with God.  He is our Best Friend.  We are madly in love with God, and we can't wait until the day we can see Him face to face.  But while we wait, we are remaining pure, set-apart, and holy for Him as His bride.

Is that what your relationship with God looks like?  Are you living your life for Him, looking forward to that day when He will bring us home to be together forever?

This is step #1 in Project Love.  Before we start focusing on relationships with others, let's make sure that we are seeking God and giving Him our whole heart.  Don't put God in a box.  Open the doors of your heart and embrace Him.  Love, thank, cherish your Savior.  Only then will we be able to truly make a difference in the world.
"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." - Romans 5:8
What a beautiful romance story.  Christ died for us while we still hated and reviled Him.  He rescued and redeemed us - dirty, broken hearts.  What love.  ♥

Have you ever thought of God as your Best Friend?  Are you willing to give up anything for your relationship with Him?  How are you remaining pure for Christ as His bride?  Comment below! 

Jun 1, 2017

Introducing: Project Love

"What must I do to inherit eternal life?"

Ever since the beginning of mankind, this question has been forefront on our minds.  We can only live so long here on earth; what's next?  What must we do to inherit life that never ends?

So often we present the question to those who have no answer.  We seek abundant, never-ending life from the wrong sources  pleasure, happiness, money, possessions.  Life becomes confusing as we seek joy apart from the joy Giver.

But two thousand years ago another man raised his voice in question.  And this man was asking the right Person.

In Luke 10, Jesus heard the inquiry and turned to study the man who asked.  Instead of giving a direct answer, Jesus asked him a question in response.  "What is written in the law? What is your reading of it?"

The man didn't miss a beat.  "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,' and 'your neighbor as yourself.'"

This was confirmed when Jesus responded, "You have answered rightly; do this and you will live."


The secret to true, everlasting life was summed up in one sentence:  

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,' and 'your neighbor as yourself.'

Again in Matthew and Mark  Jesus says the same thing.  Summarizing the commandments from the Old Testament, He lists the first and second greatest commandments.

The most important:  
"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."   Mark 12:29-30
The second most important:  
"Love your neighbor as yourself."   Mark 12:31
Over the last few months, we've been talking about abiding in Christ  the first, greatest commandment.  This is vital.  It's a continual process that covers every aspect of the Christian life.  It represents every breath, every decision, every moment of life.  If we want to be passionate believers in Christ, this is simply something we must do.  We must love the Lord our God with everything in our being.

And once we have "mastered" that (although I'm not certain that it is possible to master such a wonderful thing in only one, short human life), I believe the second commandment will just be natural.  If we love God, won't we love the people God has made?

But we're human.  We haven't perfected the area of abiding in Christ.  Most of us struggle with loving Him our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Thus, we also fail in the second commandment.  We don't love others as much as ourselves.  We're selfish, prideful, lustful, and so much more.  We want to promote our good instead of others (or Christ's).

This is the reason for my new blog series, Project Love.  I want to focus on these two commands but with a direct emphasis on the latter one.  We've talked a lot about our relationship with Christ... but what about relationships with others?  Siblings, friends, family, strangers, blog readers, and others?

My desire for this relationship series is this:  I want to grow in Love.  I want to love Christ with my entire being.  But I also want to love and serve others more willingly.  As we examine many of the relationships around us, I want to see others differently  as unique individuals with dreams, hopes, and futures.  And I want to see them like God sees them  as beautiful masterpieces.

But before that, let's make sure our relationship with God is where it should be.  That's the greatest command after all, isn't it?

Last week my friend Ariel told me that she was starting a similar summer project.  She told me that it would be, "where anyone who wants to join (and myself ;)) make it a major goal during the summer to love waywayway more than we normally do and to spread the Gospel at the same time! We are going to write down our goals for the week about how we want to love, and keep each other accountable, pray for each other, and I'm gonna be having guest posts about love and related things on my blog."

I'm going to join Ariel in this:  Project Love.  Let's use our summer to make a difference!  Let's grow in love, share Christ, and live as His maidservants.  As we learn to abide in Christ, let's also live as He lived and love as He loves.

My goals and posts might not be the same as Ariel's... but together we (and anyone else who would like to join) want to grow in Love whatever that means for us individually!

So there you have it.  The inspiration behind my upcoming blog series.  I also hope to have some guest writers during this summer as well  women and young ladies who are inspiring in their faith and love for Christ and others.  I want to grow and love more.

I hope you'll join us.  =)

May 26, 2017

"Pendragon" movie review

"As the Barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain are left to defend themselves...

The first independent Christian film of its kind, Burns Family Studios presents Pendragon: Sword of His Father, an epic adventure set in Britain’s Dark Ages.

With riveting action, stunning visuals, and a powerful score, Pendragon’s message of faith, courage, and vision is sure to inspire your family for generations to come."

"The One who gave the vision still calls..."


11o Minutes
By the Burns Family Studios
Directed by Chad Burns
Rated:  G
Released 2008

Negative Elements:

This was the first film by the Burns Family Studios, a homeschooled, Christian family.  Because of that fact, the acting and some other details of the movie were not professional.  I watched this when it first came out, and, as a young viewer, I didn't mind any of those aspects...thus, if you're just wanting a clean, Christian film, this is a wonderful option.  I still enjoyed watching it despite the amateur elements.  =)

This movie has fighting and war, but none of it was gruesome.  Although enemies are fought and killed, there isn't a lot of blood or close-ups that make you squirm.  I didn't have a problem with any of this at all.  (but take it into consideration for your particular family and preferences)

I am glad to say that this movie didn't have any crude language.  References are made of "the gods", but it is spoken by characters already shown as less than admirable.

My Review:

As soon as I watched this movie back in 2008, it became my favorite.  I loved the historical details, the tight action, and the beautiful story of fighting for one's country, romance, etc.  Now that I'm older, I'm able to see some amateur acting and similar qualities.  Nevertheless, our family enjoys this Christian production that focus on themes of remaining courageous, keeping one's word, having faith, and focusing on what God has called you to do.  The plot was confusing for me when I was younger, but now that's not a problem.  I enjoy the historical accuracy, especially in the costumes and props.  (they have wonderful clothing... ;)  )  For a family's first film, this is amazing, and we greatly enjoy watching it!

Other Notes:

The Burns Family Studios released their second film in 2015 - Beyond the Mask.  Ahhhh!  It is so good and one of my favorite movies.  Think historical fiction, Christian themes of salvation and forgiveness, sweeping action, and a beautiful romance story.  =)  *happy sigh*

Have you seen Pendragon?  Do you have a hard time watching nonprofessional films if they have a good story-line and themes?  What is most important for you in a good movie?  Comment below!

May 23, 2017

An Update

Dear Reader,

You may not have noticed, but I've made a few changes to my blog.  For one, my profile photo was very overdue for a change.  As the week goes on, I might make some other slight changes...be forewarned.  ;)  But one of the biggest that I want to share here is that I no longer have an "about me" page.

Why?  Well, I've been thinking about this for a little while.  Do I really need a page talking all about myself?  I know you, as a new friend, might want to know more about me.  Don't fear, you can still read the important details on my sidebar. =)  But because of that change, I added a new page.  One that is very close to my heart.  It's a story of love.  An analogy that has been growing in my heart.  Instead of reading about me and my blog, I want to you read this story.  Read about redemption, His love, and our Ransom.

But here's a quick preview if you're interested.  =)

Once Upon a Time, there was a beautiful land ruled by the King and His Son.  The country was free from famine, doubt, and fear, although evil lurked in the mountains far to the west.  The King guarded his people wisely, caring for them as a father to his son.  He loved them.

When pestilence came to a distant land, the King opened his arms wide to accept the battered strangers.  They poured in by the thousands – torn, tired, and ragged.  One in particular, a shabby orphan girl, caught the Prince’s attention.  She was not beautiful; her clothes were mere rags.  But the Prince loved her and waited for the right time to show her His affection.  She was foreign without the typical light complexion and gentle smile of the Kingdom’s citizens.  Lines creased her forehead and her hair was matted down her back.  Despite her appearance, the Prince waited, yearning for her to return his warmth, his love.

But she didn’t.

The girl was brought into the village, fed, clothed, and cared for.  Without parents to guard her, she was vulnerable.  Thus, the King showed her special favor, watching out for her tenderly.  But the feelings were not mutual.

As enemies from the west stormed into the country, the maiden exchanged grace for treason.  She joined the enemy and gave them vital information to the castle’s security.  Her heart turned black and twisted.

Who could trust one like her?  As the King and his Son once again returned peace to the nation, the enemy carried her away to the west.  They mistreated her.  They beat her without mercy.  They tore her heart and trampled her soul.  And finally she was left in a dark dungeon as her life blood poured out onto the ground.  Her eyes closed, her breath became shallow.  But worse than that was the horror and scars.  She had betrayed a friend and received her due.

But as the sun set one last time on her horizon, her swollen lips opened with a final plea.

“Help me.”

It wasn’t a demand for justice.  As a babe reaching out to her father, her heart yearned for someone she could trust.  Someone who would love her.  Tears raced down her blood-stained cheeks.

“Help me.”

The words echoed through the dungeon, mocking her as she sank back against the cold stones.  Her strength was gone.  The color faded from her cheeks as the moon rose high above the defensive castle walls.  There were no stars to lighten the darkness of night.

But her words were not lost.  They traveled on the wind past the western mountains.  Still they carried on, until a Prince in a castle far away heard them.

He heard them.  And the plea touched His heart.

Read more here.

What else is coming up on Having a Heart Like His?

On Friday, I am posting a movie review before we jump into a new topic that is one that I struggle with at times... and I think many of you might as well.  I hope to see you next Tuesday for the first of that series.  =)

I love you all!  Keep living for our Savior and Prince.  ♥

May 16, 2017

Abiding in Christ, a Continual Story

Back in February we started talking about what it means to truly abide in Christ.  I shared how I wanted to know God intimately instead of know about God  (read here)  We explored many of the Names of God, talked about how idols can get in the way of our relationship with Christ,  and how we want our lives to make a difference in the world.  There were many other posts, intriguing comments, and interactions that made me think differently about the all-important topic of abiding in Christ.

One thing I realized was that abiding in Christ is a continual process.  It isn't something we can master in a day or even a year.  Abiding is a lifetime story.  Every single minute we must make the decision to either live for Christ or live for ourselves.

Thus, each post I write that touches on an area we struggle in, an aspect of the power of God, or anything else relating to having a heart like His will ultimately be about abiding - living every moment for Jesus Christ our Lord.

But over the next few weeks, I want to focus on a slightly different topic.  It's another area of life that we often struggle in... thus, it's also related to the journey of becoming more like Christ.  Yet before we move on I want to discuss what abiding is.  I also want to hear how you are building a personal, intimate relationship with Christ each and every day.

Here are some questions to get conversation started, but I want you to just share your heart.  Share what God has been showing you in this area.  And please comment on other reader's thoughts as well so we can share fellowship together. =)

How do you define "abiding in Christ"?  Do you believe it encompasses every aspect of life?

What is the hardest part of remaining focused on the eternal?  What distractions often arise that you need to fight with the Sword of the Spirit?  What "good" things do you need to replace with the "best" things?

Is it easier for you to make Godly decisions when they are big, life-changing decisions or small, every day decisions?  How can abiding in Christ influence the decisions we make?

Do you ever find yourself becoming burned out because you serve God too much instead of just focusing on Him and building a relationship?  Do you find yourself sometimes in a Saber (know of) relationship instead of a Conocer (know intimately) relationship with God?  What changes should we make?

Here's another side of the spectrum:   Because we want our lives to make a difference in the world how can we make that practical and start right now?  Today?  Does it help you to make goals, have accountability, etc.?

Let's share together before we move on to another subject.  =)  How are YOU striving to abide in Christ?

May 10, 2017

Catching Up | Jeremiah 29:11-14

Hello my friends!

This is my first week of summer break - no school!  Yippee!  =)

But I also have blog comments to respond to, emails to write, praying to do, and overall, just a lot of catching up as I adjust to this new "freedom".  Thus, I won't be posting a normal blog post this week.  I will be responding to all your far-too-long-ago comments that I haven't been able to answer over the last few weeks of finals and busyness.  =)  I also have some changes that I will be doing to Having a Heart Like His (nothing big...don't worry!).  Keep an eye out for those this week.  ;)

But I don't want to leave you without something to think about... so here's some verses I've been chewing on recently.  Perhaps you have thoughts to share on what they mean and how to apply it practically in our day-to-day life...?  I would appreciate insight.  =)
Jeremiah 29:11-14   "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back from your captivity; I will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you to the place from which I cause you to be carried away captive."
"...when you search for Me with all your heart..."

What does that look like practically?  How do we search for God with all our heart?

I've missed interacting with you recently!  Hopefully we can get back into the normal flow of things soon... ♥

May 3, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award Vlog | 100th Post

Hello my friends!

This is my 100th post!  How crazy is that?!  This blog has been such a blessing, and I'm so thankful for every single one of you that God brought into my life. ♥

Emily tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  I haven't done a tagged post in a while, but, due to a busy week of finals, here it is...and I recorded my answers in a vlog!  Enjoy!

(I'm getting over a cold right now...hence, the coughing)  =)


Here are my favorite Christian Living posts that I've read/posted this last month...with easy-to-click links.  ;)

Seeing Everything Else: Don't Forget to Keep Your Sacred

(And that book I couldn't remember the name of by Beth Moore is called A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David...a wonderful devotional book, although I couldn't remember the title!)  =)

~ ♥ ~ My Questions ~ ♥ ~

  • What is a non-fiction book that changed your life?
  • What are five of your favorite blogs and why?
  • Who is someone you greatly respect and strive to live like?
  • Is there a story behind your blog's name?
  • What is your ultimate goal for your blog in three words?
  • What is the last movie you saw, and how did you like it?
  • What is one tip you would give bloggers who are trying to reflect Christ in all their posts?
  • What is a childhood book that you still love?
  • What is one of your best memories from 2017 so far?
  • What is your favorite Christian Living post that you've read/posted in the last month?
  • Tell us about one of your siblings.  ;)

Thanks for watching, and happy 100th post!   Thanks for sticking with me for so long.  ;) Feel free to answer some of the questions in the comments or do them on your own blog (I would love to hear your voice in a vlog...)!


PS  My friend Jordy is soon to be releasing her very first book!!!!  I'm very excited for her, and I encourage you to hop over to her blog to see her newly-released cover, be a Beta reader, and even sign up for her future blog tour!!  =)  I already read it, and it's a wonderful book with an even better message!  What are you waiting for?