Jun 30, 2016

Farewell June

June was such a lovely month, full of sunshine, roses, wild flowers, swimming in our tiny pool, baby animals, and blueberry picking. =) And writing...lots of writing. ;)  One of my favorite months of the year! And now for my end-of-the-month summary!!

Adventures in Life:

  • My family hatched chicks, ducklings, and baby guinea fowl!! =)  Yes, they are adorable... ;)
  • I got to meet four online friends in person for the first time!!!!  **Waves to Karina, Amy, Haley, and Sarah**  This was a HUGE blessing from God!  I've been dreaming of meeting these girls for sooooo long...and I got to give each one a big hug!!  
  • I got my driver's permit!! (yes, you can pray that I don't go off the road or get into an accident)  Eek...why are the roads so narrow?
  • I started an online college class called Men of the Bible, which is super fun...writing essays every day about Biblical characters and reading my Bible more!  It makes my summer even more fun!
  • Our family picked about 20 gallons of blueberries.  I'm serious.  We picked gallons every other day!!  And they taste soooo good....it's worth the sweat and pesky bugs. ;)

Books I Read: 8

  • Raiders from the Sea by Lois Walfrid Johnson
  • The Old River Road by Ivy Rose
  • Kingdom's Edge by Chuck Black
  • Foundlings by Matthew Christian Harding
  • Mystery of the Silver Coins by Lois Walfrid Johnson
  • Noelle's Gift by Amanda Tero
  • Walking Miracle by Art Sanborn
  • Heart to Heart by Rachel Starr Thomson

My Favorite(s):

This month I had so many favorites!!  All of the Viking Quest series...and The Old River Road...and Kingdom's Edge...and Walking Miracle were all the best. =)  I couldn't decide!!

My Least Favorite:

Foundlings.  I was very disappointed with that book...there were confusing parts, Biblical inconsistencies, and other things that I didn't like.  Overall, just not a great book.  =(

My New Creations:

This month I have been writing a lot more on my novel, The Emblem of Hope.  I wrote about....17,592 words this month!  (not counting the words I will write today, of course!)  I am hoping to have it 100% written by the end of July or sooner.   =)  I would have written more, except that I'm writing a bunch for my college class already. =D  It's all fun. ;)

Blog Friends:

Here are three GREAT blogs posts that I read this month!!!  I hope you have time to check them out and follow the participating blogs. ;)


From the blog Completely For Him by Hannah


Writing Romance: Where to Draw the Line?

From Lakeside Publications by Ivy Rose

How am I Supposed to Read the Bible?
From the blog by Jordy Leigh

Blog Posts:  
Just in case you missed a post...

How was your June?  Did you do anything special?  Comment Below!

*as a side note, I will not be writing any tagged posts in July!  If you tag me for one, I will be honored but will have to decline.  Thank you! =)

Jun 28, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things Tag

Emily tagged me for the A Few of My Favorite Things Tag!  This was a really fun post to write! =)  Thank you Emily!  I hope you all enjoy learning about some of my favorite things. =)

-The Rules-
-Write down ten of your favorite things
-Tag at least three others!


How could I choose anyone else?  He gave His life so that I might life with Him forever.  Jesus is the best friend that a person could ever have. ♥  In simple terms, Jesus is LIFE!!

American Sign Language

Ever since meeting Deaf missionaries to Nicaragua, I've had a passion for ASL!  It's such a beautiful language.  I love learning new signs. =)

Reservation For Two

This is an online, girls' accountability class that I take through Landry Academy.  It has blessed me SO much!  The teacher, Mrs. Stokes, is the sweetest.  She is always encouraging us to read out Bibles more, giving us challenges to live more like Christ, and having us memorize whole chapters of the Bible.  I have also met so many Christian girls around the world.  R42 (our nickname for it) has changed my life!!  (and the picture above is when I got to personally meet some girls in the group!!  One of the BEST days of my life!)

My Family & Friends

I just love you all so much!!!!


Books are so important!  They can give you the wisdom of an experienced warrior of the faith or show you how great the love of God is through allegories! From top to bottom:  Elsie Dinsmore, Raiders From the Sea, The Bark of the Bog Owl, A Young Woman's Walk with God, The Bronze Bow, Duncan's War, and The Sacred Shore.


Blogging is such an amazing way to share your thoughts with the outside world, as well as reaching out to those who need Jesus' love!  My readers have encouraged me in my own walk with God.  I have learned so much about writing and the Bible through writing my posts. =)


Springtime is just the BEST!  Phlox...red-buds...butterflies everywhere...warm, spring rain...I love it all!


Writing is such an awesome tool to share your thoughts with readers!!  It's so fun to create your own unique characters with their own dangerous circumstances and trials. =)


Did you notice my blog's background color?  ;)


History is how we learn to make better decisions!  There are so many amazing stories just waiting to be retold!  That's why historical-fiction is my favorite genre of books. ;)  (and doesn't that photo just make you want to go back in time?)

I tag:

//Caroline from On Canvas

//Trinity from Lord's Girls
//Michaila from Mic's Room

Jun 21, 2016

A Letter to my Readers

Dear Readers,

This is my 50th post.  How amazing is that?!  I would have never imagined one year ago that in less than nine months I would have my own blog with 36 subscribers (not counting subscribers by email!) and such wonderful, new friendships!  God has given me a huge blessing by allowing me to get to know every single one of you.  And 7,050+ page views?!?  CRAZY.

None of this would be possible without you, my dedicated readers!  I am so very thankful that God has led our paths together!  You have been an encouragement to me in my writing and walk with God as I write each post with you in mind.

Almost two years ago a blogging friend of mine told me, "You should start a blog! It's actually super fun to share writing like that..."  I replied that I had no idea what I would even write about!  And yet, God miraculously put it into my heart to start Having a Heart Like His.

I was praying and trying to find out His will for me one day as I did devotions.  Suddenly, I remembered that God reveals Himself through His Word.  Of course, I always knew that...but I didn't often live it out.  Thus, I flipped open my Bible and up popped Psalms 77:12.

"I will also meditate on all Your work, and talk of Your deeds." 

 There was my answer!  If I started my own blog, then in my own way I could talk of HIS deeds!  I could share His love with others around me.  And I could reach out to those that I would not be able to otherwise.  This opened up a huge door to share my faith with people of all ages, nationalities, and personalities.

A friend generously helped me as I began the tedious work of starting a blog.  For someone who never touched Blogger before, it looks impossible.  And it really would have been without her help.  But as I needed it, God has led me through every hurdle that came my way and has helped me overcome them.

And now, nine months later, I am astounded!  Without God, none of this would have been possible.  And yet, without YOU, dear reader, my blog would sit here, the words unread.  Thank you SO much for following my blog and encouraging me in my writing.

My blog has two goals.  The first is to honor God with everything and encourage you in His love.  I want my posts to bring you (and me as I write them!) closer to His heart.  I want us to have a heart like His.  And I want to spread His love to everyone around me.  The second is to grow in my writing skills and learn to use my gifts in a God-honoring way.  You have helped by encouraging me in my writing and giving me feedback through your wonderful comments. =)

Maybe this quote will explain my thoughts.  Unfortunately, I do not know the author of this piece.

"I need you to imagine a purple zebra wearing a sombrero.

You saw it didn't you. It was almost involuntary. One second you weren't thinking of a purple zebra sporting a sombrero, the next second you were. Oooo. There it is again!

What changed? The act of you reading my words. That's because my words have power. I have the power to put images in people's heads with my words. I have the power to make someone feel wonderful or to make them feel unworthy. With my words I can make or break a person or I could inspire, release love, and offer encouragement.

And guess what? Your words have power too. Use it well."

I want my words to encourage, inspire, and love.  And I hope through my blog you have grown closer to God.  Thank you again, dear readers.

With thankfulness in my heart,

P.S.  As a thank you gift, I am lowering the kindle price of my novel to $.99 for one week!  I hope this proves to be a blessing to you.  Feel free to share with your friends/family/readers!  =)  And a review on goodreads/amazon is appreciated, but not required. =)

Jun 14, 2016

God is _____? Part 5

A follow up to my post God is _____? Part 4

"(Love) does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking..."  1 Corinthians 13:5

Love is not dishonoring?  This might seem like a simple concept.  We don't dishonor people, do we?  Let's take a quick look...

  • When your parent asks you to do something that you would prefer to not do right away, how do you react?
  • When someone criticizes you, would you lash out at them?
  • If someone reprimanded you in front of your friends, what would you say?
How would you respond to any of the above questions?  I know that I would have a hard time remaining pure in my thoughts to the offending person.  While I might not say anything, inwardly my mind would be brimming over with dishonoring anger towards that person.

I met someone (who will remain anonymous) who is dishonoring to her parents.  When they correct her, she does not take it gracefully.  She whines, complains and (usually) gets her way.  DO NOT BE THIS PERSON.  I know that I do not like hanging around dishonoring, rude people.  You can't trust that they won't whisper the same words behind your back.

How can we make sure that our lives are not dishonoring to our parents, siblings, friends, and God?  This ties in with the next part of the verse.

Love is not self-seeking.  Let's take another quick glance.  If you have a blog (or any other form of social media), why do you post what you post?  Why do you write those words?  Why do you leave that comment?  Is it to lift others up and show them the glory of God...or is it to boost your looks in their view?  So many times, especially in the blogging world, we want to get more followers, more readers, and more comments.  Thus, we try to fit in and be popular.  We casually pop into other blogs and leave catchy intros, hoping they will look us up.  This, of course, might not be a bad thing, depending on your motivesAnd I'm not judging anyone...I'm as guilty as the rest of you!

Why are we as humans so caught up with ourselves?

Have you ever thought that you are focusing on the wrong thing?  Are you writing for your glory...or His?  Are you reading the things you are reading for His glory?  Are you watching movies that honor Him?  Or are you trying to "fit in?"

If so, then you might be dishonoring God.  Take a second to think about your life.  If Jesus came down and watched everything you did in a day, would He be proud?  Upset?  Angry?  Guess what?  He is watching you!  He knows everything you do at the precise moment you do it.

Proverbs 15:3 "The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good."

What is in your life?  Are you putting the needs of others before your own?  Or are you self-centered and dishonoring to God?  The decision is yours to make right now.  Are you going to change?

What are some ways in which you can honor God more in your life?  Have you ever been caught up in the "get more followers" mindset?  Comment below! 

As a side note, my friend Hannah is hosting a giveaway!  Check it out here!