Jun 14, 2016

God is _____? Part 5

A follow up to my post God is _____? Part 4

"(Love) does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking..."  1 Corinthians 13:5

Love is not dishonoring?  This might seem like a simple concept.  We don't dishonor people, do we?  Let's take a quick look...

  • When your parent asks you to do something that you would prefer to not do right away, how do you react?
  • When someone criticizes you, would you lash out at them?
  • If someone reprimanded you in front of your friends, what would you say?
How would you respond to any of the above questions?  I know that I would have a hard time remaining pure in my thoughts to the offending person.  While I might not say anything, inwardly my mind would be brimming over with dishonoring anger towards that person.

I met someone (who will remain anonymous) who is dishonoring to her parents.  When they correct her, she does not take it gracefully.  She whines, complains and (usually) gets her way.  DO NOT BE THIS PERSON.  I know that I do not like hanging around dishonoring, rude people.  You can't trust that they won't whisper the same words behind your back.

How can we make sure that our lives are not dishonoring to our parents, siblings, friends, and God?  This ties in with the next part of the verse.

Love is not self-seeking.  Let's take another quick glance.  If you have a blog (or any other form of social media), why do you post what you post?  Why do you write those words?  Why do you leave that comment?  Is it to lift others up and show them the glory of God...or is it to boost your looks in their view?  So many times, especially in the blogging world, we want to get more followers, more readers, and more comments.  Thus, we try to fit in and be popular.  We casually pop into other blogs and leave catchy intros, hoping they will look us up.  This, of course, might not be a bad thing, depending on your motivesAnd I'm not judging anyone...I'm as guilty as the rest of you!

Why are we as humans so caught up with ourselves?

Have you ever thought that you are focusing on the wrong thing?  Are you writing for your glory...or His?  Are you reading the things you are reading for His glory?  Are you watching movies that honor Him?  Or are you trying to "fit in?"

If so, then you might be dishonoring God.  Take a second to think about your life.  If Jesus came down and watched everything you did in a day, would He be proud?  Upset?  Angry?  Guess what?  He is watching you!  He knows everything you do at the precise moment you do it.

Proverbs 15:3 "The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good."

What is in your life?  Are you putting the needs of others before your own?  Or are you self-centered and dishonoring to God?  The decision is yours to make right now.  Are you going to change?

What are some ways in which you can honor God more in your life?  Have you ever been caught up in the "get more followers" mindset?  Comment below! 

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  1. What a thought-provoking post! This is something that God has been convicting me about recently - to rethink the motivation for my actions on social media, and make sure that I'm doing it for Him, and for the benefit of others. It's nothing to do with me really!

    Thanks for sharing, Hosanna. I needed this reminder. :)

    P.s So, excuse the random question, but do you mind being called Hosanna, or prefer Hosanna Emily?

    1. Oh yes! I need to do that so much more. Rethinking, "Why do I even do this? What's my goal?" opens your eyes to things you might have wanted to hide. =) God has a way of doing that, huh? ;) It's really hard to remember to give everything to Him, but it's totally worth it! It's something I am struggling with right now, so I hope my thoughts help you in your own walk with God. =)

      How funny! Another reader just asked me the same question! Feel free to call me Hosanna. =) It seems more personal. ;) LOL!

      Thank you for the lovely comment, Jessica!

  2. Another wonderful post, Hosanna! I've never really thought about that in regards to social media, but you are totally right. Thank you! I needed to read this today. :)

    1. You are so welcome! I am glad that it encouraged you. It's definitely something that I struggle with at times. And yet...it gets easier to give things up to God as you do it more and more in your own life. Your blog is lovely, and readers can tell that you strive to honor God in what you write! Thank YOU, Emily!!

  3. Hosanna. Oh my goodness. I have the. same. problem. I desire more followers on my blog, but I CANNOT let that get in the way of my honor for GOD who know every single word I post, every single word I comment, every single thing I do!! This was a great post. You're awesome!!

    1. Oh Ariel, you are the sweetest! Thank you so, so much! I think most bloggers struggle with the same thoughts of wanting "more, more, MORE!" It's a tough situation. I have made it a goal this summer to get over that mindset and give my blog to Jesus for His use. (and it really helps that another friend is doing the same thing with me!) I would recommend you giving your blog to God as well (if you haven't already, that is)!

      You can do it, Ariel!!!! Not through your own strength, but through HIS! Keep pushing on towards the goal of knowing Him fuller!!!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! <3

  4. Wow, this is challenging, Hosanna!! I totally agree with it all and am very guilty of it too. It is definitely hard to honor others and Jesus. I think, like you said, we may think we're pretty good at it, but when we really monitor our thoughts and words we are surprised at how dishonoring and self-seeking we are. I think that's how Satan does things. He makes sin so subtle that we don't even notice.

    This is such a good post! Every Christian should read it at least once a day. =)

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah!! Monitoring our thoughts is so hard, especially when you might not want to discover the actual truth. =) And Satan definitely uses that to his advantage. He doesn't want us to see our sin. Or he wants us to think that the sin is "okay" when it really isn't.

      LOL! Thank you for commenting, Hannah! This is a post that I need to refer back to a lot. =) I think more people struggle with these issues than we know. =( (myself included!)

    2. I know! It helps to kinda self-evaluate every once in a while, and think about WHY we do certain things. I've been convicted of doing the right things for the wrong reasons,and I've got to keep an eye out for that!
      It's great to be able to comment on here with so many other great and godly girls, by the way. ;)

    3. Oh yes, Ariel! I have LOVED talking with all of you lovely and insightful ladies! <3 You have encouraged me in my own walk with Jesus! =) Thank you all so much! (more thanks coming up in my next blog post...*hint*)

      One thing I struggle with is writing my novel to glorify God. I constantly need to remind myself that my blog and my novel are 100% for GOD! But once I do, my writing actually improves. =) God's awesome like that. <3

  5. This was a wonderful post, Hosanna, I enjoyed reading your thoughts! Thank you for writing it, this was really great :).

    1. Thank you Savannah! I really enjoy writing these posts...because I learn as I research the topics! =) God's Word has a way of doing the unexpected, huh? =)

      I am so thankful to have you as my blog reader! You are too sweet!! <3


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