Feb 14, 2017

Eternal Infinite Sovereign

Abiding in Christ.

I have been noticing that abiding is much harder than I first imagined.  Keeping my eyes on God 24/7 feels impossible.  How can I give up everything for Him?  And...why would I choose to do that?

Then I realized something.

If we truly knew Who God is, we wouldn't think twice about placing our lives completely into His hands.  The problem is...we don't know Who He is.  It's beyond our imagination.  Our brains are complex and amazing, but this is bigger than we can comprehend.

"In the beginning, GOD..."

Four words.  But those four words changed the universe.  God has been here from the beginning.  Actually, He was here before the beginning.  He is eternal.  Infinite.  Sovereign.

We can't fit Him into a box, try as we might.  But if we want to truly abide in Christ, shouldn't we at least know who He is?  Shouldn't we be familiar with His personality, His characteristics, His Names?

A name is important.  By it we can remember people, animals, things.  But a name also holds deeper meaning that (quite often!) describes what that person is like.

We need to know God's Names if we want to get to know Him.  Thus, I sat down and wrote a list of every Name of God that I could think of.  I referenced my Bible for help.  I used my index.  I looked at charts.  And I know that I still missed plenty!  Even so, perhaps this list of some of the Names of God will allow you to realize a little better Who He is.  Perhaps you will get a better picture of how awesome, how loving, and how wise He is.  I encourage you to make your own list...and pray through it.  How do these aspects of God apply to me?  Take them, one at a time, and soak in the goodness of God.  He truly is beyond our imagination.

I know this is long...God has many Names!  (and now that I found an online list, I can see dozens more that I didn't find in my first search!)  But if you truly want to know Who He is, take some time and thank Him.  Thank Him for being our Savior, our Redeemer, our Father, our Teacher...our Friend...

God.  The Supreme Bring; Jehovah; the eternal and infinite Spirit; the Creator, and the Sovereign of the universe. (Noah Webster dictionary) 

Psalm 90:2, "Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God."

Isaiah 26:4, "Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength."

Yahweh - Jehovah.  "The existing One"  (it is said that many religious Jews would not even pronounce this Name because it was so holy.  So powerful.  They esteemed it that highly.  Wow...what an example.  And we have the audacity to utter His name in vain?!)

I AM.  Exodus 3:14-15,  "And God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM." And He said, "Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, 'I AM has sent me to you.'"  Moreover God said to Moses, "Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: 'The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.'""

Shield, Horn of my Salvation, Stronghold, Refuge, and Savior. 2 Samuel 22:3, "The God of my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge; my Savior, You save me from violence."

Maker. Job 4:17,  "Can a mortal be more righteous than God? Can a man be more pure than his Maker?"

Redeemer. Job 19:25, "For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth;"

Lord Most High. Psalm 7:17,  "I will praise the Lord according to His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High."

Father to the Fatherless and the Defender of WidowsPsalm 68:5,  "A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation."

Holy One of Israel. Psalm 71:22,  "Also with the lute I will praise You — And Your faithfulness, O my God! To You I will sing with the harp, O Holy One of Israel."

Judge. Psalm 75:7, "But God is the Judge: He puts down one, and exalts another."

Teacher.  Isaiah 2:3,  "Many people shall come and say, 'Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, and we shall walk in His paths.' For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6, "...And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

Creator.  Isaiah 40:28,  "Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable."

The Mighty One of Jacob. Isaiah 60:16,  "...You shall know that I, the Lord, am your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob."

Potter. Isaiah 64:8,  "But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; and all we are the work of Your hand."

Immanuel.  Matthew 1:23,  "Behold, the virgin shall be with child and bear a Son, and they shall call His name 'Immanuel,' which is translated, 'God with us.'"

The Christ and the Son of God.  Matthew 16:16, "Simon Peter answered and said, 'You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.'"

Son of Man.  Matthew 18:11,  "For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost."

Servant.  Matthew 20:28, "Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

Jesus, the King of the Jews. Matthew 27:11,  "Now Jesus stood before the governor. And the governor asked Him, saying, 'Are You the King of the Jews?' Jesus said to him, 'It is as you say.'"

Prophet of the Highest and the Dayspring. Luke 1:76-78, "'And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Highest; for you will go before the face of the Lord to prepare His ways, to give knowledge of salvation to His people by the remission of their sins, through the tender mercy of our God, with which the Dayspring from on high has visited us;"

Word of God. John 1:1-2, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God."

Messiah. John 1:41,  "He first found his own brother Simon, and said to him, 'We have found the Messiah' (which is translated, the Christ)."

Bread of Life.  John 6:35, "And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst."

Light of the World.  John 8:12, "Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, 'I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.'"

Door of the Sheep.   John 10:7, "Then Jesus said to them again, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.'"

Good Shepherd.   John 10:11, "'I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.'"

Resurrection and the Life.  John 11:25, "Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.'"

The Way, the Truth, and the Life. John 14:6,  "Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.'"

Our Helper and the Holy Spirit. John 14:26,  "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you."

Vine. John 15:5,  "'I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.'"

Friend.  John 15:14, "You are My friends if you do whatever I command you."

Our Father.  Ephesians 4:6, "...one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all."

Author of Eternal Salvation.  Hebrews 5:9, "And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him."

Love.  1 John 4:8, "He who does not love does not know God, for God is love."

Lord of lords and King of kings.  Revelation 17:14, "...for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful."

Faithful and True. Revelation 19:11, "Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True..."

Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. Revelation 22:13  "'I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last."'

The Root and the Offspring of David and the Bright and Morning Star. Revelation 22:16,  "'I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.'"

Can you share other Names of God that I failed to put on this list?  Which Name stands out the most to you in this time of life?  Why do you think God has so many names?  Comment below!

Feb 7, 2017

Saber | Conocer

Hello Readers!  I'm back from my blogging-fast!  This was a much-needed rest, and I feel more energized to step back into the world of writing.  =)  January was a crazy, fast-paced month with school starting up again, editing/being an early reader for some author friends, living life, and striving to keep focus on Jesus during the busy times.  I don't know how I could have taken time to add blogging on top of all of that...this break was wonderful. =)  And while I don't know exactly what the future holds for Having a Heart Like His or if God has plans that I don't see yet, I am excited to be on here again with you all.  Thus, let's jump right into the new blogging series that has been on my heart for the past weeks!

Languages hold secrets. Mysteries that once discovered shed light on the truth. Meanings that are deeper than just the outward appearance.

But sometimes those deeper meanings are just confusing. I have been learning Spanish for at least eight years, and I still haven't mastered it. Some words seem to mean the exact same thing, but they have slight differences; you can't mix them up. It's frustrating. I stared at these two words wondering what in the world was the difference: Saber and Conocer. They are both verbs that mean "to know." So what's the difference? Why can't they be reversible? Can't I just use whichever one I want? But then my friend Lydia explained it to me. And underneath the Spanish words were a deeper meaning that made me think. They inspired me. 

The definition of the Spanish word saber is "to know." ) But that is only the surface. Saber means to know a fact. To know a skill. You could say that you saber how to swim. It's the basic word for knowledge.

The definition of conocer is also "to know." Yet it has a much deeper meaning. Conocer is to know something intimately. It means that you know someone personally. You don't just know their name, their favorite color, and their birthday. You know them

Here's an example. I saber (know of) Chris Tomlin. I know his name. I know that he is a music artist, and I could recognize his songs. I know what he looks like. But do I really know him? Of course not! However I conocer (know personally) my mom. I know not only her name but also what she looks like, her favorite color, her pet peeves, her struggles and worries, her love languages, etc. I know a lot about her. I have spent time with her, and I know her personally. Deeply.

Perhaps these are still just two words for you. Perhaps the meaning doesn't impact you like it did me. But it made me look at things differently. 

What would it be like if our relationship with God wasn't just a saber relationship? What if we truly knew God in a conocer way? Imagine if we didn't just know of God but we knew Him as a friend?

Knowing that there is a God isn't enough. (see James 2:19) Knowing the Bible isn't enough. Knowing how to be a Christian isn't enough.

I don't remember who said this, but it is so true. "Christianity is not a religion; it's a relationship."

It's a relationship between a person and God. It doesn't involve your parents, your friends, or anyone else. Christianity is YOU and GOD.

The Bible has a term that I have been studying for several weeks. We can't just call ourselves Christians. We need to be abiding in Christ. Our lives need to be revolving around Him. We should live each day with our eyes focused on our Savior. Our own desires, plans, and dreams should be dim and lifeless because we are so enamored with Jesus Christ.

I haven't mastered this. I struggle to abide in Christ continually. My eyes often loose focus; my feet often stumble. I live in my own strength and fall short so many times. This isn't about me. It's about Christ. It's about a relationship. 

Because this is something I want to dig deeper into (and I hope you do too!), I want to truly discover what abiding means. Over the next few weeks, months, or as long as it takes, I want my life to be changed. I want us together as sisters and brothers in Christ to press on together to become more than saber Christians. I want to conocer God. I want to know Him deeply and intimately. I want to understand what abiding is and live that out. 

I don't know what will happen on this blog as we explore this topic...but I want my life to change. I want my relationship with God to deepen. I hope you will join me.

Is your relationship with God deep or only on the surface? Do you saber or conocer God? How can we practice abiding in Christ as a lifestyle? Comment below! 

*note If you are a Spanish-speaker and see a flaw in my use of these Spanish terms, please let me know. I am a beginner and am open to learning more. =)

Jan 27, 2017

Left to Die Release!

After almost a month away from the blogging world, I have returned for one quick post that I am very excited about!!  Presenting...

After reading Ivy's first book, The Old River Road (see my review here), I was overjoyed when she asked me to be a Beta reader of this new masterpiece!  *clasps hands together*  And now it is about to be released!  I'm so excited for you all to finally hold Ivy's book in your own hands.  =)  Now, you're probably wondering what this is all about...?

Lindy Greene’s life is perfect. Too perfect. But living as a missionary nurse, serving in a small hospital in China, soon brings the disaster she fearfully anticipates. All of her well-thought-out plans for the future disintegrate after pulling a fatally ill, disfigured, abandoned child from a pile of trash. She doesn’t even like babies.
Nathan Thomas can’t find balance. College suited him just fine until his cash ran out, forcing him to the Chinese mission field with his parents. The chaotic atmosphere in China does little to relax his agitated mind, and the pretty blonde nurse at the hospital does nothing to help him focus.
The Chinese mission field isn’t for the faint of heart. Nathan wonders how he can survive his remaining time there, while Lindy struggles to help everyone she can. With different ideals pulling them in separate directions, there is one thing drawing them together: a tiny, sickly, crippled orphan who relies on them to stay alive.

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My Review:

Many years ago, my mom told me about the plight of orphans overseas.  Stories of babies who lay in their crib for years - never feeling loving arms around them.   Children who didn't cry anymore because they knew that no one cared.  It pulled a cord in my heart.  It made me want to reach out and help them in some way.  I wish I could hold just one of those precious children in my arms and tell him that he was loved.  That someone cared.

Ivy Rose has experienced those emotions first-hand.  She pours out her care for these children in Left to Die.  This story is about a little babe in China who touches two young people's lives, but it represents so much more.

Needless to say, I loved this book.  It re-opened my longing to help orphan children across the world.  I fell in love with the abandoned baby in Ivy's story.  ♥  (I might be envious that Lindy found the baby, not me...)  The writing style is simple and beautiful.  Through this novella you will be challenged to love the abandoned and reach out your own arms to someone who desperately longs for someone who cares.  I am so excited for this book to be released!  Even though the story-line was a little bit predictable, it is a lovely novella that I will remember for years to come.  And yes, please do read it when it comes out!!  =)

Aaand...I got to interview Ivy Rose!!  =)


1.  Hello Ivy!  What was the hardest part of writing/editing/publishing Left to Die, and how did you overcome it?

This book has been one of the smoothest, easiest, non-hair-pulling books I’ve ever written! I don’t remember a particularly rough patch in the writing or editing part. Publishing has been different than with my first book because this time, I decided to do the formatting myself. It was a bit of a learning curve, but I’m glad I did it and learned a new skill!

2. Can you share some back-story about Left to Die and how this new story comes from your heart?

Left to Die is very special to me for many reasons, but mainly because my one and only sister is from China. When my family went there to get her almost ten years ago, I got to see firsthand the poverty and hopelessness of the country, but the memories that stick are the ones from when we visited the orphanage my sister had lived in her entire two years of life. I wanted to take all 50 babies and children home with me that day. Walking away from that institution was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done—the memories are some of the most difficult to recall. Though I still wish I could get all of those sick and hurting babies out of there, I can’t. I never can get all of them. But my hope with Left to Die is to raise awareness for the worldwide orphan crisis and help more orphans find their forever families.

3.  What is your favorite part of being an author?

My favorite part is all the wonderful people I get to meet! I love chatting, emailing, talking…I love people! Meeting new friends is always so much fun!!!

About the Author:

Ivy rose is an 18 year old history lover and literary enthusiast. Aside from writing, she enjoys being outdoors, eating chocolate, travelling, reading, and doing TaeKwonDo. She resides with her family of 9 on the banks of the Long Lake in eastern Washington.
She can also be found at various places on the internet:

Hmm?  Thoughts?  Are you excited!?  =)