Jun 30, 2016

Farewell June

June was such a lovely month, full of sunshine, roses, wild flowers, swimming in our tiny pool, baby animals, and blueberry picking. =) And writing...lots of writing. ;)  One of my favorite months of the year! And now for my end-of-the-month summary!!

Adventures in Life:

  • My family hatched chicks, ducklings, and baby guinea fowl!! =)  Yes, they are adorable... ;)
  • I got to meet four online friends in person for the first time!!!!  **Waves to Karina, Amy, Haley, and Sarah**  This was a HUGE blessing from God!  I've been dreaming of meeting these girls for sooooo long...and I got to give each one a big hug!!  
  • I got my driver's permit!! (yes, you can pray that I don't go off the road or get into an accident)  Eek...why are the roads so narrow?
  • I started an online college class called Men of the Bible, which is super fun...writing essays every day about Biblical characters and reading my Bible more!  It makes my summer even more fun!
  • Our family picked about 20 gallons of blueberries.  I'm serious.  We picked gallons every other day!!  And they taste soooo good....it's worth the sweat and pesky bugs. ;)

Books I Read: 8

  • Raiders from the Sea by Lois Walfrid Johnson
  • The Old River Road by Ivy Rose
  • Kingdom's Edge by Chuck Black
  • Foundlings by Matthew Christian Harding
  • Mystery of the Silver Coins by Lois Walfrid Johnson
  • Noelle's Gift by Amanda Tero
  • Walking Miracle by Art Sanborn
  • Heart to Heart by Rachel Starr Thomson

My Favorite(s):

This month I had so many favorites!!  All of the Viking Quest series...and The Old River Road...and Kingdom's Edge...and Walking Miracle were all the best. =)  I couldn't decide!!

My Least Favorite:

Foundlings.  I was very disappointed with that book...there were confusing parts, Biblical inconsistencies, and other things that I didn't like.  Overall, just not a great book.  =(

My New Creations:

This month I have been writing a lot more on my novel, The Emblem of Hope.  I wrote about....17,592 words this month!  (not counting the words I will write today, of course!)  I am hoping to have it 100% written by the end of July or sooner.   =)  I would have written more, except that I'm writing a bunch for my college class already. =D  It's all fun. ;)

Blog Friends:

Here are three GREAT blogs posts that I read this month!!!  I hope you have time to check them out and follow the participating blogs. ;)


From the blog Completely For Him by Hannah


Writing Romance: Where to Draw the Line?

From Lakeside Publications by Ivy Rose

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From the blog by Jordy Leigh

Blog Posts:  
Just in case you missed a post...

How was your June?  Did you do anything special?  Comment Below!

*as a side note, I will not be writing any tagged posts in July!  If you tag me for one, I will be honored but will have to decline.  Thank you! =)


  1. Aww, all those cute little chicks! <3

    Is Kingdom's Edge a reread or a first time? I liked that series, although sometimes the blindingly obvious allegories were a touch annoying. But they're cool.

    Ooh, I love blueberries. So tasty. :)

    1. Actually Jane (whispers), I have never read Kingdom's Edge. I always listen to them. =) But that counts, right??? The audio books are really good!! But yes, I have "read" them several times before. And they are some of my favorites!! That one especially...because it's the one where the Prince sacrifices His life for his followers. <3

      Yes! They are tasty! ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Jane!!

    2. I'm pretty sure re-listening counts too. ;D It's probably my favourite in the series too!

    3. Well, thank you then! ;) Yes, Chuck Black has created amazing books for young readers!!! I have loved listening to them. =)

  2. Your June sounds so fun!!! And I'm just a tad jealous that you got to meet some R42 girls. ;D I would love to meet them sometime! Maybe I'll get to meet Alea before you though. ;) Jk. And you got your permit??? (even though I knew that:) You are getting so grown up! =D I only have to wait one more year...scary. ;) Anyway,. enough teasing...lol! You did so many fun things in June and I'm sure July will be awesome as well!! I really hope we can see you in July! **sniff** <3 ;D

    1. We'll see! I hope we can see you too next month! That would be fun... ;)

      Muahahaha! YES! It was so fun to meet R42 girls! <3 And stop teasing about Alea. I'll see her one day. ;)

      I KNOW that you'll have a super fun July! =D Enjoy your vacation time! (even if you don't get to see us...)

      Thanks for commenting, Hannah!!

  3. Woah! Chicks, ducklings, and guinea fowl?!?! That's AWESOME! You should post some pictures of them! =)
    You got a drivers permit too?! Yes I will pray!! I'm going to be learning to drive next summer...which I'm actually looking forward to! But yeah, I bet the roads will feel narrow to me as well. We'll be in this together once I turn fifteen. =)
    Ooh, blueberries! And they are REALLY REALLY REALLY good frozen. Really good. I've not tried home-picked blueberries, frozen or not, but the store-bought frozen blueberries are THE BOMB.
    Great post, Hosanna!

    1. Oh yes!! I might post pictures of the chicks later...I'll have to see. ;) Not sure how that could fit into a post quite yet... =)

      *gulp*...Yes, I got it. Scary! Thanks for praying! I've never driven before the day I got it, so yeah...have fun learning as well! =P (and DO NOT crash!) LOL

      OOOOHHH!!! But guess what?! Homegrown blueberries are even BETTER than the ones at the store! I have given up on those ones, 'cause ours are so yummy! And no pesticides! =) But picking is a bunch of hot, sweaty work. ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Ariel!!

    2. Oooh, great!! I'd love to see pictures of all the cute baby chicks, if you can post them!! =)
      I'll try my best not to crash!!! =D Hopefully I'll come back from my first drive alive! =D
      Oh man...home-grown, AND frozen blueberries?! I should convince my sister Skylar to start growing blueberries... =)
      You're welcome, Hosanna! Thank YOU for posting!! =)

    3. Yes, you should! They are pretty easy to grow too...

      And I love your names! Skylar and Ariel are both beautiful. =) Sorry, just had to mention that. ;)

  4. I've read foundlings too..it was a bit confusing. But yeah, I've read the Kingdom Series--those were really good! I've been really wanting to get the Viking Quest series--did you like them a lot?

    1. YES!!!! The Viking Quest series is one of my all-time favorites! Maybe better than the Kingdom Series.. ;) It's very adventurous, exciting, and has GREAT lessons in the stories. =) You can't go wrong with it! ;)

      Thanks for commenting, Sarah!!

  5. Haha, your post took me by surprise a little - I can't believe June has ended, and now we're halfway through the year!

    Congratulations on getting your drivers permit! And all the best with staying on the road. ;) No, I'm sure you'll be a good driver - it just takes some getting used to in the beginning.

    That online course sounds really interesting! Do you have a link to the website so I can see more about it? (If you don't mind, of course.)

    Anyway, these posts are always fun to read - thanks for sharing your month with us. And, happy July! :)

    1. Thank you Jessica!!! I know, right?! Where did June go? =)

      Thanks for your encouragement. =) It's hard when you have to drive a 15 passenger van...the trials of a big family, right? ;) I like using my brother's tiny car. =)

      OH YES!! It would be my pleasure!! The class is called Reservation For Two. I've taken two classes through the website (the second is American Sign Language, which I will continue next year). Both teachers were fantastic. I just loved them both. =) Anyway...let me get it for you!


      I would love to maybe see your face in the group one day. =)

      Happy July to you too! And thank you for commenting!

  6. It sounds like you had a fantastic month!

    1. Thank you! I did! =) And I know you had a fantastic month too with your missions' trip!! =)

      Thanks for commenting, Alea!

  7. Hosanna, that was so sweet of you to include one of my blog posts in this post of yours. Thank you. :)

    Great summary of your month! It sounds so fruitful... in more ways than one.

    Blessings for July!

    1. Thank YOU Jordy! Your blog posts are always motivational to me. I'm glad that you will now be sending out emails for every post, instead one big one at the end of the month...I was hoping you would offer that. =)

      Happy July! ;) And thank you for commenting, Jordy!

  8. Wow, your month sounds amazing. And congrats on getting your license--that's so cool! Hey, one good thing about learning to drive in a big rig is that any smaller car is a piece of cake. I learned to drive (3 years ago) in a 15 passenger van, and now I drive our 36 ft motorhome no problemo. Really, it's a blessing in disguise. You're going to do great! :)

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog post. You're so sweet! :)

    Hope July is just as amazing for you!

    1. Yes, I'm sure I'll appreciate it one day. =) Both of my brothers learned to drive a 15 passenger van too...and they got a lot of grace in the parallel parking test. LOL! =) But a motor-home?!? Eek!!! ;)

      Thank YOU for writing the post. ;) And thanks for commenting, Ivy!!

  9. I had fun reading your highlights from June, Hosanna! :)
    That’s so fun that your family hatched some chicks, ducklings, and guinea fowl! I’m sure they are all super cute. :)
    Congratulations on getting your drivers permit! I totally understand about the roads seeming so narrow. ;) When I first got my permit I wished that all of the roads were straight and that the speed limit was 35mph, but now I’m glad it’s not or it would take forever to get places. ;)
    Wow! That is a lot of blueberries! My family went blueberry picking this weekend. :) What do you guys usually do with all of your berries? We freeze most of ours, but we also keep quite a few out just to eat fresh. ;)
    I haven’t read any of those books, but I really want to read “The Old River Road” sometime soon! :)

    Happy 4th of July, Hosanna!! :D

    1. Aw, thanks for the long comment! =D

      Yes, exactly!! But where I live, the roads are very hilly and not straight at all. =)

      We usually freeze all of our berries...and I enjoy making smoothies out of them. It's my breakfast pretty much every morning. =) But they are so good fresh too!

      The Old River Road is coming out VERY soon!!! This week!! I'm having a post about that next week. ;) (are bloggers supposed to give hints about their posts? No?) =/ I guess it doesn't matter. ;) Anyway, I really hope you can read it! It's awesome!

      Happy 4th to you too! And thanks for commenting, Rebekah!


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