May 31, 2016

Farewell May

Before I start this post, I want all of you to hop over to Ivy's blog!  She is going to host her first blog tour as she releases her first novel, The Old River Road!!!  I hope all of you can be in the blog tour as well!  Click here for more information!

Yes, dear reader, I gave in.  Most of the blogs I follow have wonderful, monthly highlights at the end of each month.  I've held out, not doing the monthly highlight posts for so long...but I finally gave in. =)  Thus, here is my summary of the beautiful, flowery month of May.

Adventures in Life:

May was actually a very relaxing, calm month. =)  My favorite!  I was able to do a lot of writing on my current WIP and work on finishing up school for the year.  Other than that...
  • I got to go with some of my family members and my good friend Caroline to watch some real-life court cases!  It was a "home-school trip!" =)  We had a fun time, getting a small tour of what it is like behind the court room, including the holding cells, the judges' offices, the jury rooms, etc.  After that, we sat in the jury box *grin* and watched several cases and one actual trial!  It was SO fun.

Books I Read: 8

  •  Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
  • Letters from a Scatter-Brained Sister by Amanda Tero
  • The Winter Rescue (Sugar Creek Gang #3) by Paul Hutchens
  • Robin Hood by J. Walker McSpadden
  • The Secret at Pheasant Cottage by Patricia St. John
  • Star of Light by Patricia St. John
  • Amazing Grace for a Woman's Heart (a devotional) by Jane L. Fryar

My Favorite:

Loving God with All Your Mind!!!  I enjoyed all of these books, but Elizabeth George is a wonderful author.  Her book made me see God in a new way and think deeper on what my mind is dwelling on.  You can see my full review here.  PLEASE read this book if you want to strengthen your relationship with Jesus!! 

My Least Favorite: 

Probably The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  It wasn't bad, but I enjoyed all of the other books more. =)

My New Creations:

This month I wrote 22,799 words in my current WIP, The Emblem of Hope!!!  So I'm...1/3 of the way done maybe?  I am not at all sure at this point.  This is the revision of my rough draft, and though it's still messy, it is a lot better than the first draft. =) Annnd...I also worked on designing a we'll see how that goes. =)

Blog Friends:

Here are two featured blog posts that were posted this month that blessed me. I hope you enjoy them as well!

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Blog Posts:

In case you missed one of my blog posts this month, here are the archives!

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 Do you enjoy reading monthly summaries?  What did YOU do in the beautiful month of May?  Comment Below!


  1. Yes, I've fallen for the monthly recap idea too - only I do mine at the end of every season (three months), so it doesn't come up so often. :)

    That's exciting you got to see a courtroom in action, and got some work done on your book!

    I've read one of Elizabeth George's books, so I'll definitely check those ones out! What did you think of 'Star of Light'? It's the only one of the books you mentioned that I've read. :)

    And a big thank you for mentioning me above (I'm blown away). I'm so glad it was a blessing to you; praise God. :)

    Happy June!

    1. Lol! Well then, I'll look forward to reading your end-of-spring post! That's a very good idea, that way you won't have to post quite as much. =) Maybe I'll do every other month or something...we'll see how it goes. =)

      I enjoyed Star of Light! It wasn't my favorite in the series, but still a good read. It is also for younger readers...when I read them several years ago, I LOVED the entire series. =) Did you enjoy it?

      I loved that post. =) I sat down and thought, "What posts have I read this month that I really enjoyed?" Yours was the first that popped into mind! =) Very rarely do I subscribe to a blog after reading one post, but I've enjoyed your blog so much!!

      Happy June to you too Jessica! Thank you for commenting! (and did I ever tell you that I LOVE when my readers give me long, friendly comments!?!?) <3

    2. Yes, I enjoyed Star of Light when I read it. So you've read most of Patricia St John's books? Which was your favourite? I liked Twice Freed, and Treasures of the Snow most of all. I haven't read all of them though.

      Thank you - I like it when bloggers give long friendly replies. Hope you have a nice day! :)

    3. I have read most of Patricia St. John's books, but it was quite a while I don't remember most of them. I just remember that I like them. haha. BUT I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF TWICE FREED!!!!! That's exciting!!! I will have to find it! Thanks for letting me know!! *runs to search for it on Amazon*

      Aww, you are so sweet!!! <3 Thank youuuu!

  2. It sounds like you had a great May! I really do need to start doing these monthly wrap-up things.... :D

    1. Haha...maybe you should, Emily! =) It's a great way to learn more about the writer of the blog! I don't know if I will be consistent about posting every single month, but I'll see. =)

      Thanks for commenting, Emily! Happy June! ;)

  3. Ah!!!! Hosanna...I am SO glad you're doing this. These posts are super fun, aren't they??

    And you are SUPER sweet to put my post up there! <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!!

    I'll have to read the Elizabeth George book! I saw that I could get it and the study guide on Paper Back Swap so I might order it since I have 2 credits I think. =) It would be a great thing for part of my quiet times!

    And watching the court cases sounds super fun! We went to a TV place a little while back and watched them do the weather and news and all and that was super cool too. =) We also went to an old theater and got to go back in all the rooms and things once. It was really interesting, but they were getting ready for a Halloween movie so the costumes and stuff were pretty awful. We were there at the wrong time I guess. ;D

    Anyway, welcome to the month of June!! I think it will hold many surprises! **wink** LOL

    1. Yes, these post are fun! And they are great reminders... trying to remember what I read this whole month, paying closer attention to blog posts that I read (especially my favorite ones!), and things like that. =)

      I love your blog!! And I thought that your summer goal post was a good idea to remind us not to waste our time on trivial things. =)

      I hope you can read Loving God with All Your Mind...I enjoyed it so much! Elizabeth George writes so nicely...she is friendly, loving, and willing to share her mistakes. =) PaperBackSwap is an awesome way to get books for cheap as well!!

      That sounds fun, to get tours around an old theater! And the wrong time!? LOL...when we went on a train ride last year, there were holloween things all over the place. It ruined the scenery. =P *sigh*

      I DON'T LIKE SECRETS!!! *glares* But...I'll survive. (you could still tell me anyway...hint, hint)

      Happy June. ;) Thanks for commenting, Hannah!!

    2. Yes, I love that about the monthly highlights posts! They remind you of what you did. :)

      And thank you!!!

      And I really will have to get that book. I'll let you know what I think of it when I do! =)

      And ***grins evilly*** This is WAY too much fun. BUT I will tell you soon probably...and before I tell Sam or Josiah...haha...I won't let them know. Except Sam already might have an idea. :D'll hear sometime **grins**

    3. LOL...Josiah might be a little jealous if you only tell me. hehe. ;) But you can tell me all your secrets! Go ahead! =) Lol!

    4. Lol, well Sam knows now. **grins** He got it when I gave a pretty big hint. LOL. BUT he is my brother and I would have told him anyways. ;)

    5. =P must not be very good at keeping secrets, Hannah. ;) But it's nice to let your brother know your plans, right? =)

    6. Lol...yeah maybe not...but I would have told him anyway. ;)

    7. =) Well, I'll forgive you then. =)

  4. I did some writing and reading. But I'm not done with school til mid July! *cries*

    1. Me too, Anika!! I am studying for a test...which might be done in several weeks. And I am taking a fun class online, but it's still "school." ;) It is studying the Bible and writing profiles about different men in the Bible! Fun! I think I will get one month off school officially...maybe July/August. =)

      Have fun with your school! ;) Haha. *sends you a virtual hug* "You can do ALL things through CHRIST!!!" =D

      Thanks for commenting, Anika!

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog tour! I appreciate it so much! :)

    Oooh, I LOVE Star of Light. It's one of my absolute favorite books. And Patricia St. John is one of my favorite authors!!! I've read as many of her books as I could find. They are all amazing.

    I held out as long as could with these monthly review posts, too. But they're just so fun, I had to give in! :)

    1. Oh, Ivy! I hope you have many readers sign up for your blog tour! Your novel looks amazing!! Especially because it is based of a true story! HOW AWESOME! I had to go ask my mom if we had any amazing stories from our great-grandparents that I could turn into a novel...but I haven't found one yet. =)

      Patricia St. John is an amazing author! <3 I love how her stories are so unique and beautifully written with a lovely Christian message of hope and security in Jesus!!

      LOL...I'm glad to hear that. I'm not the only one who gave in to monthly review posts. LOL! =) And yes, they ARE fun!!

      Thank you so much for commenting, Ivy!!

  6. Great post, Hosanna! I wish I had the consistency and the determination to do a monthly review post... =)

    1. Thank you Ariel! LOL...I'm sure you could do it. ;) Once you have a pattern I'm sure it gets easier! You just fill in the information for the month! =) And it's fun to look back at what you did that month.

      Thanks for commenting!!

    2. You are welcome! And yeah, I'm gonna TRY to do a monthly review for this month. I think. =p

    3. You can do it, Ariel!!! =) LOL! I'll look forward with eager expectation for your post! ;)

  7. I love these monthly posts! They're so much fun to read through!
    Oh, I was a beta-reader for Ivy's novel. . .it's amazing! Like, it's so, so, SO good!! I'm sooo excited for its release!
    Oh, that's a nice amount to get written in a month! I need to find a project to start writing again. Lately my days have been filled with editing. ;P
    And Patricia St. John's books are amazing!! I've read a number of them, and loved them all! Have you seen the movie that was made out of "Treasures from the Snow?" It's really good!

    1. I might be a little jealous that you were a beta-reader for her novel. hehe! It looks SO good!! I'm very excited to read it!! =)

      I just hopped over and checked out your WIP! It looks fantastic! I hope I can read it one day as well. =)

      We did see Treasures From the Snow in movie edition...but it was so long ago that I can't remember it! *sob* Maybe we should watch it again? ;)

      Thank you for commenting, Jesseca!!!

    2. Awww, you guys are so sweet! Thank you, Jesseca! I can't wait to release the book so everyone can read it...but I'm terrified at the same time!!! :)

    3. DON'T BE SCARED!!!!!!! Ivy, everyone who has read my novella so far has been so loving. =) I think you get a lot of grace on your first novel. LOL. I know that I give grace to first-time writers when I write reviews. =) And it helps to remember that it honestly doesn't matter what anyone thinks--only what HE thinks!! =D But I am still sosososo excited about your novel! Eek!


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