Mar 15, 2016

How Vast the Love of God Above

Hello Readers!

Maybe you didn't know this, but I love writing poems!  Sometimes I just feel the urge to sit down and write poetry...

Because I have tried writing several different kinds of poems, I enjoy finding new rhyming patterns to use.  Thus, today I am posting my first attempt at an Ode!  I hope I did it correctly, because it's hard to find the exact pattern.

Here is the rhyming pattern I used, for any eager poets out there:


How vast the love of God above
The One who calls the stars by name
That He should look on us with love
As He forgives us from our shame
Not one is free from trespass here
We lie and thieve—brimming with pride
Searching for pleasure far from God
When life goes wrong we hide in fear
Yet He yearns for us—thus He died
He bled for us—we who are flawed

Oh God—the One whom angels bow
Who formed life with a single word
Who taught the cat to say her meow
Who heard the kitten as she purred
The One who set the moon in place
And put the warmth inside the sun
Who gently carved the pure newborn
He molds them perfectly with grace
His gift is free to everyone
The hurt, the lost, and the forlorn

A suckling babe—God sent His Son
He came and lived as we do now
He learned to play, to leap, to run
And felt the sweat upon His brow
Yet in one way, different He stood
He never sinned, had pride or lust
He gave up His blood, pure from guilt
For all of us—not one is good
He rose again, now we must trust
Our lives are His, our freedom built

Are you a poet?  What rhyming schemes do you like to use?  Any poem recommendations?  Comment below!


  1. So beautiful, Hosanna!!! I'd love to try to write poems, although I'm don't think they'd even be near as good as yours. :) Wonderful job!!

    1. Thank you Hannah! You should try to write some and see how it goes! =) I enjoy creating poems!

  2. I'm definitely not a poet, or a writer for that matter, (well, besides school and blogging)but this was a BEAUTIFUL poem Hosanna!

    1. Thank you Katie! Actually, it's really good that not everyone is writer. If God hadn't given us different gifts, our world wouldn't be very interesting. =)

  3. Wow, that is a great poem! I love writing poems, but I tend to use the same patterns over and over, so I really appreciate this one! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Emily! I usually use the same patterns as well...the traditional ABAB pattern...that's why I tried to do something different this once. =) It is a completely dissimilar sound/rhythm but very fun to experiment! What do you usually use as themes in your poems? Nature, Faith, Memories?

    2. Actually, I tend to use those 3 subjects a lot! I was actually thinking about posting some of my poems sometimes, so I will need to experiment some more with new patterns! :0

    3. Oh, very fun!! I would love to read some of yours! (and maybe steal some of your ideas!) =)

  4. Hosanna - this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Mrs. Stokes! Through the girls' class you teach, I have learned so much about a Christian life. You have blessed me in many ways!!!! You are my second favorite teacher! (after my mom, of course, because no one could ever surpass her!) =)

  5. That was a beautiful poem! I am really rather bad at poetry, I just don't have the "ear." Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for commenting Bethany! I depends on what gift God has blessed you with! =) I could never do things that YOU do! =)

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

    2. Agreed. Some things (like many sports) are really a bit difficult for me, but I'm good at writing, horseback riding, and with little kids. Thank you!

    3. You enjoy horseback riding? How fun! =) And it's awesome that you are good with little sure comes in handy when you live with siblings. =)

    4. It does, although I only have one little sister. Do you do any horseback riding?

    5. We have two horses (one we are horse-sitting for a neighbor), but I don't ride them a lot. =) It's more of a hobby than anything else. =) I like spending time brushing them and hanging out in the pasture...very relaxing! =D

    6. It is easy to see why they are used in therapy!


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