Mar 8, 2016

75 Random Acts of Kindness

As a follow-up to my post on kindness, here are 75 ways that you can show kindness in your life!  And in practical ways!  Enjoy!

1.      Say "hello" to a stranger

     What if no one had greeted them that day?

2.      Do laundry for your mom

       She will really appreciate it!  Trust me!

3.      Give a random gift to someone who does a lot for you

        Wouldn't you love to get one?

4.      Make someone’s bed for them

     Good for those people like me who forget to

5.      Offer to do someone’s chores

     Dishes?  Why not! =)

6.      Send someone a “just because” email

     Ooh!  Those are fun!

7.      Tell an author how much your love their book

        Because authors LOVE that!

8.      Give someone you love a random hug

        Sometimes, that really means a lot.

9.      Recommend a book to someone. =)

        So they don't have to spend their time reading not-as-good books!

10.    Pay for the meal/groceries for the person behind you

      This would tickle someone!

11.     Tape a bag with coins on a vending machine

         Imagine having a free soda/snack!  =D

12.     Drop a penny

         My little brothers are SO excited to find pennies on the ground!  Seriously one of the best RAKs out there

13.     Buy a candle and give it to a random person

         A good excuse to smell all the candles on the aisle!  *ahhhh*

14.     Buy a bouquet of flowers and give them to a random person

         WARNING!  Be prepared to get hugs in return!  =)

15.     Buy chocolate and give it to a random person

         Is there a better gift? 

16.     Buy something else and give it to a random person =)

      You can include a gospel tract too!  2 RAKs in one!  =D

17.     Send someone a letter telling them how much you appreciate them

         Some people don't get any mail!  Why don't you make their day?

18.     Make a meal for someone

      Especially a young mom!

19.     Make cookies for someone

         With lots of chocolate chips (or M&Ms), of course!

20.     SMILE

       All.  The.  Time.

21.     Compliment someone

      Don't you love getting compliments? ;)

22.     Play a game with a little sibling

         Like Candy Land...or not...

23.     Do a craft with someone

         Even if you are not crafty. =)

24.     Tell a teacher how much you appreciate their help

         They do so much for us!

25.     Pray for someone

          And keep praying for them!

26.     Go running (a RAK for your body) ;)

         Because running is so much fun.  *not* =)


        This is the best RAK possible!!!  PLEASE do it!!!

28.    Clean up your room

        A RAK for your mom...and the sibling who shares the room with you!

29.    Give away your used items, instead of throwing them away!

       It could be exactly what that other person is looking for!

30.     Make someone laugh

       What type of building is the tallest in the world?   A Library!  It has the most stories!  =)

31.     Say NOTHING negative

        Lift others up with your words!

32.     Bring someone’s empty trash cans back to their house for them

         So they don't have to do it themselves!  =)

33.     Encourage someone

       Do this more than once.

34.     Do a chore around the house to help out

         Even if you don't like doing it?  Of course!

35.     Let someone go first

         How many people do this anymore?  =(

36.     Be eager to help someone

          Do Not Be Lazy.

37.     Comment on new blog!

         Those comments make new bloggers SO happy!

38.     Encourage someone in their walk with God

          Ask what they are reading/memorizing/learning in the Bible!

39.     Send someone a gift in the mail

         A book, maybe? =)

40.     Encourage a writer to keep writing

          That just might make them dust off the papers and keep writing!

41.     Don’t get grumpy if things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to

          Um...why did I have to include this one? =/

42.     Forgive someone

         Even if ___?  Yup.

43.    Make a video for someone

        A gift of time and creativity!

44.    Write a letter to persecuted Christians around the world in their own language    Click here!

           Imaging being in prison yourself for Jesus.  A letter would be the BEST!

45.      Write a letter to persecuted Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR)   Click here!

          Tell them that you are praying for them, and then PRAY!

46.     Write a letter to children in high-risk Columbia, South America   Click here!

         Even children are being persecuted for their faith. =(

47.     Write a letter to displaced women in Columbia, South America    Click here!

          Make their day!

48.     Hold the door open for someone

          Or for two people.  Or three.  Or ten.

49.     Say “thank you”

          And "ma'am" and "sir"!

50.     Be polite

         Because so many people forget to be polite. =(

51.     Laugh at not-so-funny jokes

        If you have little siblings, you hear a LOT of those!

52.     Offer to baby-sit someone’s kids

         How fun!  Until the baby realizes that momma is gone... =)

53.     Be a good neighbor

         Invite them over!  Bake cookies!  Don't be too noisy!  Ect.

54.     Invite someone over for a holiday

         Some people have no where to go.  Give them one!

55.     Invite someone to your house who might need a friend

          And BE a friend!  

56.     Go out of your way to be friendly

         Even when it is awkward.  Some people need someone to talk to!  Be that person!

57.     Offer to buy a soda for someone

          And share Jesus with them!

58.     Encourage instead of tearing someone down

         Basically, just encourage everyone.

59.     Be on time

          So others don't have to wait on you!  Good idea?

60.     Send a care-package to someone at college

         Or someone at a new job...or anywhere else.

61.     Let someone go ahead of you in line

         Show them that you care about their time schedule!

62.     Let someone else get the “bigger” and “better” thing

         Even if it is chocolate.

63.     Clean up your messes

          And do NOT litter!!  Why are there garbage cans anyway?

64.     Tell someone that God loves them

          Tell them over and over if need be!

65.     Send someone a birthday card

         Even if it's late!

66.     Visit someone at a retirement center and get to know them

          It's okay if they are a little "different"...they still need someone to love them!

67.     Adopt a Compassion child 

         This might be hard for those of us without jobs...but it changes children's lives!  Our family has done it!  And it is SO much fun!!!!!  Sending letters across the globe!!

68.     Pray for the president

          Even if you didn't vote for him. 

69.     Send shoeboxes with gifts to a unprivileged child  Click here!

         Toys, soap, coloring books, crayons...what else?

70.     Tell someone that their hair looks great

          Don't lie about nice.  =/

71.      Donate to the local consignment store

          I love going there to find used books! =)

72.     Clean up litter

         A RAK for dozens of people!

73.     Tell a little friend (or sibling) a story

          And one more than 2 sentences.  *hides face*

74.     Let someone read your unfinished novel in advance

         Even if it is not quite perfect...or even close.  *blushes*

75.     Let someone borrow something that belongs to you
                And don't be mad if they don't return it in a timely manner.

Have any other ideas?  What RAKs are you going to do to bless others and show God's love?  Comment below! 


  1. Oh my, Hosanna! This is a WONDERFUL list of RAK's! I recently started sponsoring a Compassion child on my own like you suggested/ It's a little scary because I don't have the money for the whole year, but a wonderful situation to trust God in everything!!

    I love your ideas especially writing letters to people in awesome that they would actually get your letter!!! Thank you for writing this post!! =)

    1. You really did that?! How awesome!! That is a huge step of faith! I am SO excited to see how God supplies for you! =) This REALLY tickled me! =)

      Thank you!! I is so cool that we can be in contact with fellow Christians who are being persecuted all over Asia and the Middle East...and it's so easy! =)

  2. I love this post, especially because you have done most of these on here, so you live what you write! Proud of you! =)

    1. Thanks Momma! =) I have an amazing example of a virtuous woman in my life!!!! Thanks for all you do for us! ♥

  3. Wow, such a great list to inspire others! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are very welcome, Emily! I hope the list helps you to find creative and fun ways to bless others!

  4. This is such a great list, Hosanna! I'm going to try to do AT LEAST 4, 7, 37, though I'm sure I'll be doing lots more!
    By the way, the new blog I'm commenting on is Micaiah Saldana's blog (, Ramblings Of A Writer, in case you want to check it out as well :).

    1. Thank you, and have fun! =)

      I will be sure to check out Micaiah's blog! Thanks for sharing the link! =)

  5. My favorite out of all of them is say nothing negative. (and of course tell someone about Jesus!) If you spend a day saying only positive things, it won't just make others feel uplifted, but yourself as well. That one was my favorite, but I loved all of them! Thank you for this post. I can't wait for more!

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! That one is one of the bests...but also so hard! How many times do we say negative things without thinking? =/ I know I do! I think if our heart is full of Jesus' joy then we will naturally speak joy to others though! That's why we keep asking for more and more of Him to fill us up!

      Thanks again Katie! =) I love meeting new bloggers! =)


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