Mar 22, 2016

"Bruchko" review

The Astonishing True Story Of A Nineteen-Year-Old's Capture By The Stone-Age Motilone Indians And The Impact He Had Living Out The Gospel Among Them (International Adventures)

What happens when a nineteen-year-old boy and heads into the jungles to evangelize a murderous tribe of South American Indians? For Bruce Olson it meant capture and torture, but what he discovered revolutionized the world of missions.

My Review:

   Bruchko is the amazing story of how a 19-year-old American gave up his life for Jesus. Bruce Olson left everything--his home, his easy life, his common language--for a mission that changed his life and the lives of others forever. He went into the jungle in places that were "impossible" to survive in. He reached out to South American Indians that killed any white man they met. Olson did the impossible because God was with him.

   Bruce Olson's story is amazing! His dangerous life, his love for Jesus, and his testimony of how he first learned that God was more than religion, is all wound up perfectly in this book! It is a story that shows what happens when God takes the steering wheel of your life. I loved meeting Bobarishora (Bobby) and the other native Indians in this book.

   Though the story is fascinating, the ending is very, very sad. Yet, I loved how Olson glorified God even when everything was falling apart around him.  I would recommend this book to everyone, but I want to warn that there are several parts that are a little gruesome. For instance when he gets wounded by an arrow it goes in depth on the wound and how it got infected.  Other than parts like that, I enjoyed this book and was amazed by Bruchko's faith!

About the Author:

Bruce Olson, born in Minnesota and now a citizen of Colombia, is a linguist and graduate of the University of Caracas, Venezuela. He has won the friendship of four Colombian presidents and appeared before the United Nations. His first book, Bruchko, has sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide. He lives in the jungle on the border of Colombia and Venezuela. 

Have you read Bruchko or any other pieces about life among South American Indians?  Comment below!

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