Mar 1, 2016

God is _____? Part 2

A follow up to my post God is _____? Part 1

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      Love is kind...  (1 Corinthians 13:4)

     Kindness.  It’s hard sometimes, isn’t it?  Especially on those days—the days when you really feel like being UN-kind.  The long, tiring days when you have a headache.  Or maybe when you just can’t seem to get anything done.

     But let’s take a second and think.  What can a simple act of kindness do?  It could...
  •  Make someone feel special
  •  Encourage others to be kind
  • Give someone hope
  • Save someone’s life
  • Build relationships
  • Open up a heart for Jesus

     If just a simple act of kindness can literally change someone’s day for the better, then why don’t we do them more often?!  Why does it feel so hard for us to take a minute of our time and use it for others?  I think it is because we, as humans, are selfish.

     Honestly, if you do an act of kindness for someone you love, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.  It’s nice...and it could change their day.  Yet...what about being kind to someone that you don’t like?  To your enemy?  To the person who bugs you?

     That is what Jesus would want you to do.  And that is what we need to do as Christians!

     What exactly is kindness, you ask?  Here is my made up definition:

     Kindness is showing love to someone who may not deserve it.  Kindness is being willing to give your time for someone else.  Kindness is offering your hands to lift another’s burdens.  Kindness is listening to another’s pains.  Kindness is opening up your heart to share Jesus.

     Kindness is a powerful force.  When we are kind, we feel good about ourselves.  We are glad that we were so selfless. But why don’t we just show kindness because Jesus wants us to? (Ephesians 4:32... "And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.")

     This is my challenge for you, dear reader.   I want you to live out kindness in your life.  Whatever that may mean.  Show kindness to those around you.  In doing that, you will be showing Jesus to those around you!  What better goal is there on this earth?

     Keep your eyes open!  I will be posting ideas for 75Random Acts of Kindness that YOU can do!  If you do one act of kindness every day in March, that would bless at least 31 people!   And if all of my readers did an act of kindness every day...we might be able to change the world.  Together.  Trusting Jesus.

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?  How did it feel?  What can you do to show kindness to others around you?  Comment below!


  1. One time, I gave my mom an anonymous letter encouraging her. She had no idea it was me, and I never told her. But, after she read it that day, she just seemed so joyful and encouraged.

    March random acts of kindness challenge accepted!

    1. Wow, Mickayla!! That is amazing! =) Such a good way to bless your mom! I LOVE that idea! I think moms (and dads!) have huge responsibilities, and doing an act of kindness for them is an easy way to say "thank you!" You are very sweet. =)

      Yippee! I'm so excited that you are doing the challenge too!!! =D

    2. I agree, that is such an awesome idea, Mickayla!

  2. Love it, Hosanna! And yes, I will take on the March RAK challenge. (:

    1. Yay! =) I'm sure you will have fun doing it, as well as honor God!!!

  3. Great post! I have done RAK's before, but I can certainly do them again, and the challenge sounds like fun. :)

    1. I've done several of them too, Emily, but I don't think you can do too many! =) God loves a cheerful helper!! I hope you enjoy this month of being kind to others to show them God's never ending love!

    2. Re-reading my comment now, it doesn't sound quite right-- there's no way you can do too many acts of kindness! Sorry for how that sounded...

    3. No, I completely understood what you meant! =)

  4. This is such a great idea, Hosanna! I've always liked the idea of sending anonymous letters, so some of my friends might be getting a mysterious message sometimes soon :).

    1. Lol, sounds fun! But I got an anonymous letter once and it freaked me out. :/ So make sure that you pick the right friends. =) Lol... I am sure they will love it!

    2. Yes, I would be careful to pick the friends who wouldn't be freaked out by an anonymous letter :D.

    3. Good idea, Savannah! =) It's always nice to get encouraging letters in the mail...I love that you are doing this! =)


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