Jan 23, 2016

"The Man with the Bird on His Head" review


Cargo cult villagers march in formation at the base of a rumbling and fiery volcano. Their ancient prophecies predict the return of a mysterious messenger. Are these prophecies about to come true? Sail with the crew of a medical mission ship into the middle of the hopes and history of this unreached Pacific people group.

My Review:

   The Man with the Bird on His Head is an interesting missionary story about how God used unusual circumstances to bring Pacific islanders to salvation! John Rush was unexpectedly thrown into a mysterious island prophecy about John Frum. The story is very unusual and interesting. It shows how other islanders thought for hundreds of years and how confused their beliefs were. The book also includes John Rush's testimony how we went from a very strong atheist who opposed Christ to His earnest follower! I enjoyed the book, though I wished that there was more written about the islanders themselves and that it explained better what the "man with the bird on his head" symbolized, because it was confusing. 
   If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind missionary story, this book is a great read!

About the Author(s):

John Rush speaks and teaches widely with a characteristic warmth and humor. He has been involved in pastoral, missions, and relief leadership since his conversion from outspoken atheism over twenty years ago. He holds an MA from Fuller Seminary.

Abbe Anderson is a business consultant and medical assistant with an MBA from the University of Otago. Currently living in New Zealand, she has served as a public relations officer with Mercy Ships and is the author of several articles on Pacific relief work.

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