Jan 28, 2016

How to Watch a Clean Movie

   How many times have you wished to watch a movie and then found out that it was full of immodesty, foul language or anything else disturbing? Or maybe you have gotten to the middle and had to turn it off, thinking to yourself, They didn't have to add all of this rubbish...it just ruined the whole show! I know that I have been in that place. There has been more than one movie that our family couldn't finish because the directors/producers were not considerate to Christians, or anyone else wanting to avoid those disturbing images/words.

   As a Christian, our family tries to avoid movies that have dishonoring things to God. We are wanting to please Him above all, so watching or reading things that take His name in vain, really bother us. But in this world, how can we make sure to guard our hearts and minds from the evil all around us? How can we watch a clean movie anymore?

    Well, guess what! There are several websites that can help you have the best family movie nights possible! (If this sounds like an ad, it's really not! =D Please keep reading!) 

   First of all, it is really important to know what is in a movie. Looking up possible dangers can be super beneficial. Our family uses Plugged In, a site that has thousands of movie reviews. If you type in the movie you are considering, they will show you the positive elements, spiritual content, violent content, bad language and other possibly offensive things in the movie. You can use this to make sure that the things you are watching are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. (Philippians 4:8)

    For years, we used Plugged In to check out movies and sadly put ones aside that didn't get past our "test". It is always disappointing to find things that make us unable to view movies! However, just recently, we found another website that is invaluable for those who are wanting to watch a clean film! It is called VidAngel! This website allows you to rent a movie for $20 and take out whatever offensive content that you want. For instance, if a scene has immodesty in it, you can block it and the whole scene is deleted. Or you can mute foul language. If you watch the movie within 24 hours, you can "sell it back" and they will give you $19 in return. Thus, you can watch a clean film for only one dollar!! With this, my family was able to watch through the whole Star Wars movies, taking out several bad words and immodesty in scenes. We were so thankful for the opportunity to watch a clean movie for a low price!

   I really hope these website are helpful to you like they are to my family!

Are there any movies that you have been wanting to view, but haven't been able to because of language/bad content, that you will now be able to view? Comment below!


  1. Plugged In has been so helpful to me! I'm glad they have that website so that I can check out the movie and see if it would be appropriate to watch. And I so agree with you, I hate how this world puts so many inappropriate things in movies now without really thinking about it because that is the only thing that the world thinks is entertaining anymore. Also I kinda believe that what pg13 used to be awhile ago was not as bad as it has gotten and the pg13 now probably includes a lot more vulgar stuff. Some pg13 movies make me think, "why is it not rated R".

    Anyways, lovely post. I love your blog and I love meeting other Christian bloggers :)

    -Lauren <3

    1. Hello Lauren! Thanks for commenting! =) It's SO nice knowing that other Christians also feel this way about watching movies. It is really sad when they ruin movies by putting the Lord's name in vain or any other bad words in it! And it's also incredibly sad when Christians are fine with things that are dishonoring to God. =(

      Thank you so much Lauren! You have a lovely blog as well! =)


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