Jan 9, 2016

5 Ways to Become a Helpful Blog Reader

     Every blogger loves to have helpful readers!  I know...I am a blogger!  If you are subscribed to 1 blog...3 blogs...10 blogs...or more, it is still a good idea to let the blog author know that you read and appreciate their blog.   I have added several blogs to my reading list that I read often and try to be a helpful subscriber.  So here are five ways that I try to be a helpful blog reader and how you can as well!

1. Read the Posts! 
This probably sounds silly.  Of course if you are interested in a blog you will read the posts!  But some readers will look at a long post, or one that they are not really "interested" in, and they click "delete." (trust me...I've done it before!)  If you want to be a helpful blog reader, your top priority to help the author that you follow is to read their posts!  They spent time writing the post for you!

2. Comment on Posts!
Blog authors like to know who really is reading what they write.  By commenting on their posts, you can give your opinion, and interact with both the author and fellow readers!  Giving your opinion of their post, and adding your own thoughts, is really what makes having a blog fun!  It is also fun for you, as the reader!

3. Enter Surveys/Polls/Questionnaires!
If a blog is having a poll, or any other kind of interaction with the readers, please enter it!  You can tell the author what you really think!  And trust me, authors LOVE to know your thoughts!  They want their blog to be the best it possibly can, and we, as readers, can help them!

4. Give honest opinions!
Even if you know the author and are worried about getting on their bad side, it is super important to leave honest answers.  Tell them what you really think.  This is the only way that the author can improve their work!  They will really appreciate your critical answers.  (as a side note, however, don't just give negative answers...be encouraging as well!  Tell them what you like and dislike about the blog/work/whatever you are commenting about)

5. Recommend to Friends!
This is the best way to spread news about a blog that you love!  Tell other people!  If you have your own blog, you can advertise your favorite blogs on it.  If you go to my page "Blogs That I Read" you can see some of the blogs that I enjoy.  Publicizing the blogs that you read will allow other people to enjoy them too!

Have other ideas of what a helpful blog reader should look like?  Or do you have some favorite blogs to recommend?  Comment below!!


  1. Great ideas, Hosanna! I love your blog and always can't wait to read your posts! >3

    1. Thank you! Maybe I should write more then? =) Lol...if you get your own blog I will be SURE to subscribe!! =)

  2. Great post, Hosanna! I am a blogger, and I still have a hard time reading all the blogs I follow. But, being a blogger myself, it feels awesome to get another follower, a vote on a poll, and comments.

    1. Yes it does, Mickayla! =) And your blog is awesome!!


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