Oct 29, 2015

Your Can of Asparagus


   Several weeks ago, my father was telling us a story about when he was a child.  He attended a Catholic school and enjoyed the times where they would set up a box in the main room for students to bring their “offering” of a food item.  The food would then be put into their program and then donated to the poor around the city who were less privileged and in need of food.  The reason he said he enjoyed watching as the box for donations was slowly filled, was because of the interesting items given.  Everyone would bring the food from their pantry that they did not want!  They dug towards the back row of cans, where the slimy, canned spinach was, or the can of asparagus, or the expired box of crackers that was probably stale.  You could see all the food that no one wanted being donated to the poor…as if they would want it!


    Of course, no one bothered to notice that the people accepting this food was just like them.  They also had taste buds and food that they did not like.  They probably didn’t like canned spinach, or asparagus.  They would rather have a nice box of something special.  However, they never received it; everyone was too selfish to see beyond their own desires. 

    How often do we do this unknowingly?  How often do you give your afterthoughts to God, saying, “Well, I have time for You for a few minutes, but after that I need to go to this.” 

   Have you ever done that?  Is your prayer and devotion time just a deliberate motion so you don’t feel guilty later?  That is not what He wants.  He wants you.  Your life.  Your time. Your love.  Why don’t you offer it to Him?  Keep your asparagus.  He doesn’t want it.

What are YOU going to offer to God?  Comment Below!

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