Oct 16, 2015

"Totally Surrounded" Review

     I just finished an awesome book by Christiana Di Stefano Davis!!!!  This is her only published work (that I am aware of), but it is definitely worth the time to read!  Here is my review!

With danger on every side, would she live to fulfill her destiny? 

"I'm going to see Jesus now," the little girl whispered, "and I want to show Him that I suffered for Him, too." Moments later, she was in God's arms... This image, and countless like it, resonated in the heart and soul of Christina Davis as she shared and lived out the gospel in a remote, danger-filled jungle of the Philippines. 

Her three-month mission trip grew into a six-year labor of love. Surrounded by threats from militant rebels, witch doctors, and the hostile jungle, Christina used any opening to proclaim the one true God who had freed her from the prison of her own pain and fear. 

Christina's incredible story is a captivating adventure of how one woman's determination to answer God's call forever changed her own life and altered the destiny of a people enveloped in a web of fear, darkness, and oppression.

My Review:

     I loved this book!  The complete piece is full of stories of Christiana's missionary work to the people of the Philippines!  The real-life encounters range from stories that will make you laugh, cry and then cheer on the main character.  Her courage made me wish for the same in my life.  She was willing and eager to give up everything familiar in her life for God, and she did so!  The story is exciting, touching, and thrilling all at the same time!  AND, it is 100% a true story!  The ending was sweet and sad, but especially stood out to me in two reasons.  (SPOILER ALERT)  The first is that she married the best friend of the nephew of my favorite missionary!!!  And she lives in my favorite state!!  (END OF SPOILER)  This book will encourage you to use your gifts and talents for God, while learning about an amazing missionary.
   Please read it!!!  I am looking forward to reading more in the series (International Adventures) and have already started another book!

About the Author:

Christina Di Stefano Davis heads a nonprofit ministry that helps to fund a Manila Bible college and an orphanage in the Philippines. She and her husband, Michael, live in Kentucky with their two sons, Jake and Trevor.

Have you read Totally Surrounded or any other books about the Philippians? Comment below!

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