Oct 3, 2015

Changing the World

Someone once told me, “I want to do something but I don't know how…I want to impact and improve this world.” What if changing the world wasn’t as hard as everyone thought? What if changing the world really could happen…and happen by only the lives of regular girls and boys around the world?

You don’t need to change the lives of everyone around the globe. You can’t. It is absolutely impossible. But together, you can change the lives of thousands, millions, or billions. How do you do that? By touching the lives of a few. 

Think of anyone who made a big impact on the globe. Mother Teresa had many helpers behind her work. Though she did give up a lot for the poor, she didn’t do it alone. George Washington didn’t win the War for Independence alone. He had armies of thousands of people backing him up. Abraham Lincoln didn’t win the Civil War. He was only the leader of vast armies of brave hearts who said “we will stand against the evils of slavery and keep this nation together.” Even Jesus asked His Father for strength to go on and complete His mission! He wasn’t truly alone. 

And YOU don’t have to be! Jesus Himself told us, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20b) He promised to be with us…all we have to do is ask. 

How can we change the world? By touching the life of one or two people around you! Imagine if you changed the lives of three people. What if those people each touched the lives of three others? And then if all of those touched three more people? After a while, there would be hundreds, no thousands of lives touched! So why don’t you go out right now and make a difference? 

  • Go tell someone “hi”. 
  • Give someone a hug. 
  • Write someone a letter. 
  • Smile at someone. 
  • Tell someone that you love them. 

Maybe that is all they need for a brighter day. Maybe that would brighten their mood. Maybe that would bring them to Jesus. You never know until you try, right?

I think Dr. Steve Maraboli put it correctly when he said, “With one kind gesure you can change a life. One person at a time you can change the world. One day at a time we can change everything.”

How are you going to change the world?  Comment below!

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