May 3, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award Vlog | 100th Post

Hello my friends!

This is my 100th post!  How crazy is that?!  This blog has been such a blessing, and I'm so thankful for every single one of you that God brought into my life. ♥

Emily tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  I haven't done a tagged post in a while, but, due to a busy week of finals, here it is...and I recorded my answers in a vlog!  Enjoy!

(I'm getting over a cold right now...hence, the coughing)  =)

Here are my favorite Christian Living posts that I've read/posted this last month...with easy-to-click links.  ;)

Seeing Everything Else: Don't Forget to Keep Your Sacred

(And that book I couldn't remember the name of by Beth Moore is called A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David...a wonderful devotional book, although I couldn't remember the title!)  =)

~ ♥ ~ My Questions ~ ♥ ~

  • What is a non-fiction book that changed your life?
  • What are five of your favorite blogs and why?
  • Who is someone you greatly respect and strive to live like?
  • Is there a story behind your blog's name?
  • What is your ultimate goal for your blog in three words?
  • What is the last movie you saw, and how did you like it?
  • What is one tip you would give bloggers who are trying to reflect Christ in all their posts?
  • What is a childhood book that you still love?
  • What is one of your best memories from 2017 so far?
  • What is your favorite Christian Living post that you've read/posted in the last month?
  • Tell us about one of your siblings.  ;)

Thanks for watching, and happy 100th post!   Thanks for sticking with me for so long.  ;) Feel free to answer some of the questions in the comments or do them on your own blog (I would love to hear your voice in a vlog...)!


PS  My friend Jordy is soon to be releasing her very first book!!!!  I'm very excited for her, and I encourage you to hop over to her blog to see her newly-released cover, be a Beta reader, and even sign up for her future blog tour!!  =)  I already read it, and it's a wonderful book with an even better message!  What are you waiting for?


  1. Congratulations, Hosanna on reaching 100 blog posts (a very worthwhile 100, I might add)! Over and over, your posts inspire me towards a more devoted relationship with God. In answering the question about a tip you would give bloggers who are trying to reflect Christ in all their posts, you said it's helpful to have a commitment for your blog. What would you say yours is?

    And Hosanna, you are so sweet and encouraging. Thank you so much for expressing your support in the release of my new novella in more ways than one. You go above and beyond. God knows how thankful I am. <3

    1. Why thank you, dear Jordy. =) I can't say that each post has been easy to write...but I'm so thankful for this blessing and opportunity that God has given me. I hope (and pray!) that each new post I write will continue to bless's so easy to forget Who we write for.

      Ouch. Hard question. ;) Yes, I do think it's important to have a commitment for one's blog. But have I sat down and written one out? *cough* Let me think about that. I cannot share an exact, precise commitment, but this is my desire: I want this blog and my words to bring glory to Christ through sharing my love and passion for Him, bringing hope to the hopeless, and encouraging others (and myself as I pour out my thoughts) to have a deeper, radical relationship with our Prince. But although that is my desire, do I always live it out? That's a harder question that I would have to pray and search my heart to find the answer to.

      And now I ask you. Do you have a commitment for your blog? And has it changed from what your commitment might have been when you first started blogging?

      If I am encouraging, you go beyond that, Jordy! As I said before, I'm excited for the release of your novella...I know God can use it in great ways. I'm just thankful to be a small part of that movement. ♥

    2. Yes! It's easy to forget Who we write for, especially when the words are addressed to an audience of people and we know that theoretically, any person could stumble across it and it's public to the world. Even so, their not the ones we're primarily trying to please.

      Oops, haha. Well good on you for following through with a properly thought-out answer! I appreciated your perspective on blogging. Your rough outline-of-a-commitment (is that what you would call it?).

      I made my commitment tangible in the form of a mission statement on the home page of my website. Making it public gives me accountability. I've told my readers I would strive for something; am I truly striving? Or is my zeal waning? I also revise my mission statement on occasion. I think I must have revised it only a few weeks ago. Anyway, as it stands, it is this: "As a writer, my mission is to be a vessel yielded to God for His use. No matter what, He is glorious. May my words testify to that. I hope my writing will quench your desire for compelling fiction while nourishing your soul with wholesome truth." At first, and before I even turned it into a mission statement, my commitment was simply to provide content for Christians who love to write - "Christian-tainted writing advise", if you will. Obviously, and by God's grace, it's changed a lot since then!

      Again, thank you! You're so kind! It's God's movement, not mine, but I feel very attached to it, and any words I hear in support of His work through my writing feels very personal. Do you feel that way about your writing?

    3. Hmm... that's interesting to think about. I don't typically view my writing as for God per se. I picture my words for others... pointing them towards Him. Is that a wrong perspective? I want to please Him through what I say, but I don't always think it being FOR Him... something to think about.

      Lol, I'm glad you appreciate my rough outline-of-a-commitment. ;) I love how you put your commitment right on the front of your blog. It's there for the whole world to see and for you to be reminded of. That's what our lives should be like... anyone who walks by us should be able to see our commitment and life goal.

      Yes, it's funny how your goals can change over the years! "Christian-tained writing advice" is a good goal, but I feel that there's something deeper to be attained. (as seen in your current commitment!) And it reminds me of the fact that there's so much "Christian-tainted writings". But how much of it is impacting, Godly, and meaningful?

      Oh yes! I certainly feel attached to my writing even if I don't especially "love" it. That's why I'm hesitant to have people read it at's easy to fear negative reviews. But when we remember Who we write for, does it matter what they say? If we glorify Him with our words, that's all that matters. Perhaps that's why we should write for Him instead of to encourage others... people will always fail us, but God remains our stronghold. ♥

    4. In saying that I write for God, I basically mean that I write for the sake of Him being glorified. But in a different sense, I write for my blog readers, for their edification and our mutual encouragement. Does that make sense?

      Agreed, there are lots of Christian-tainted writings. I think that they have their place and are far better or an influence that books written with a secular worldview, but I'm personally going for something that gives more open and raw credit to the God I believe in - something that's less open to the interpretation of whoever might pick it up (or stumble across it online in the case of my blog). But there are people who will pick up Christian-tainted writing who wouldn't read more blatant "Christian" books/blogs. As long as God is glorified, it must be a good thing, right?

    5. Okay, yes, I understand. It's a way to honor pointing others towards Him. I suppose we are writing for Him when we write encouraging, uplifting content for others because through it we are (hopefully) bringing Him glory. Thanks for explaining that. =)

      Hmm...I still don't know what to think about Christian-tainted writings. I feel that they can often prove to be a waste of time for me to read. If a story is written by a Christian but doesn't portray much (if any) Biblical truth (say a clean story line and some mentioning of God but nothing life-changing or impactful), does that glorify Him? I suppose it depends. Was the author wanting to sprinkle just enough truth to point others towards God without dunking them in it before they are ready? Or were they ashamed and afraid to be more radical?

      But it's true. As long as what we write is glorifying to God, that's all that matters. May our lives bring Him praise. ♥

    6. That's true. A Christian writer might write "Christian-tainted writing" for a variety of reasons. I think their motivation might affect their relationship with God as the author (whether their fighting their convictions, or yielding to them). But as for the readers' relationships with God, I think that Christian-tainted writing might have the effect of either building a reader up or pulling them down, depending on where they stand with God already relative to the strength of the message and the standards of the book. For example, I had to put down a certain book because it hindered me in my walk with God. Other people, however, said the book helped their faith. yeah

    7. That's an interesting perspective, Jordy. And it's truer than I realized. A young Christian could find a book impacting in their faith while an older Christian might not. It reminds me of that God works in our lives in mysterious ways. He has a purpose for everything. I don't have anything to add to what you said, but thank you. It's important for us (*cough* me) to not judge an author by the book they wrote; we don't know what God is doing in their heart. Great thoughts! =)

    8. But you did add something and I know it's true for me, too. I know that I too readily judge authors by the books they wrote, which is shocking, really, when I stop to consider that I don't know what's going on in their lives and hearts. Surely that would often give me some perspective as to how God *is* working. I haven't even *met* them. Thanks for adding that, though you may not have considered it anything important at the time.

    9. Oh no, I did add something else, didn't I? ;) Hehe. But it's true... and for me it especially is the case with blog authors. When I see a blogger who claims to be a Christian but doesn't write about Christ at all, I inwardly judge them more than I would like to admit. We forget that God gives unique assignments to each individual; perhaps that person's job is to just write about their hobbies and encourage others through that. Horribly, I misjudge their motives and sometimes look down on them.

      How can we begin to exchange judgmental thoughts for loving thoughts, Jordy? Is this just the process of loving God and others more and seeing them through God's lens? How the world would be different if we saw with His eyes...

    10. Hmmm... what you're saying sounds like something that a brother shared during church yesterday - that God intends for there to be hands and feet and knees, etc. in the Body of Christ. Personally, I tend to swing back and forth between esteeming my part of the body too highly, and esteeming it too lowly. Rare the occasions seem to be that I sit in that happy medium.

      Who knows what private email conversations God has brought forth from a seemingly shallow Christian's blog? And who knows how faithful of a daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend that blogger is. Most importantly, who knows how faithful of a daughter of *God* she is? Of coarse, this is all speculative. She may be, or she may not be. The point is, I'm learning that I shouldn't judge her. (I might decide that her blog is not beneficial to me and therefore not a good place to spend lots of time... but I shouldn't judge her as a person.)

      Oh, Hosanna! I wish I knew! The best way I can think of to replace judgmental thoughts with loving ones is for us to educate ourselves in God's Word so that we might be more often conscious of our response to such instances. Then, we might more often realize when we're having these judgmental thoughts, and cut them short (with that truth from God's Word) sooner rather than later. What do you think? How would you expand on this, or correct it?

      How perfectly this discussion fits with the second greatest command which has recently been very dear to your heart (and through your blog posts, to my heart).

    11. Yes, and it seems as if we can only find satisfaction when we realize our true part in the Body of Christ. It's difficult, as you said, to keep from being either proud or dissatisfied. Doesn't the Bible say that "Godliness with contentment is great gain"?

      Perhaps that's why we judge others. We want to boost our own morale thus we put others down. If we find a fault with them it makes us feel better. But yes, we don't know what God is doing behind the scenes!! This is true in our own lives and in others. God can use our lives to make a difference just as He can use the lives of others. Our job is to obey...without judging our brother or sister. (ouch!)

      I agree – focusing on God's Word will help us in this area. We need to see others like He sees them. Perhaps another way to learn this is to practice listening to others. We often speak to people instead of with them, and we need to open our hearts realizing that they too have struggles. Perhaps by lending a listening ear we can avoid judgmental thoughts and learn to be encouraging. Being aware of this sin is a good way to start the process of purging it from our heart. Talking about it with you also has been good, reminding me of this problem in my life.

      I never realized how well this topic fit with the second greatest commandment. =) There are SO many sides to loving others. But this discussion has been eye-opening, and I wonder if it's a topic that would be good to discuss with other blog readers? On guarding our heart against judgmental thoughts... we do it without thinking, but it’s a terrible habit to develop, one that we need to rid ourselves of.

    12. Oh, Hosanna! What a most fitting quote from God's Word! I think I've just found a verse that I want to go digging around and passage that I want to explore tonight!

      As you say that - that we often speak to people instead of with them and that we need to realize they have struggles to - I think of someone I spoke *to* instead of with today... just a few hours ago. And I think of a certain non-christian colleague who seemed more inclined to talk *with* people than I've been inclined to recently. There's my "ouch!"

      Yes! I would be very interested in knowing what other blog readers might contribute to this conversation! Perhaps the reason so many other subject link back to the second greatest command is that it - along with the first greatest command - is the command to which all the Law and the Prophets hang.

    13. I have felt the same way many times, Jordy! How sad when a non-believer acts more loving and caring than us - people who call ourselves Christians. =( I find it interesting in a sad sort of way when I meet an overly friendly, nice person but know they aren't saved. And many "christians" are moody, unfriendly, and talk *to* people instead of *with* them. =(

      I agree; the commandment sums up almost everything. That's why it's so hard to live up to. ;) I'll remember our conversation on guarding our hearts against judgmental thoughts and bring it up on here one of these days. =)

    14. I like that conclusion you drew. The commandment sums up everything ---> that's why it's so hard to live up to. I hadn't thought of it like that, but now you mention it, I think it's true!

    15. It makes sense...something of high importance must be worth fighting for in His strength. It's not always easy. =)

      Thank you for this discussion. Wow, almost two months have passed by since we started! As always, it was so good to talk together. ♥

    16. ...Wow indeed! You're welcome, and thank YOU!

  2. Aw, what a fun vlog! Love your answers and of!

    1. Thank you, Hannah. =) I'm glad you enjoyed watching it... I think it's fun to do a vlog occasionally instead of writing and editing a post. =) Because you don't blog anymore and can't do this tag, I'll ask you a question here...what is a non-fiction book that changed your life? I'm curious which one impacted you the most. =)

    2. Oooh, that is sooo hard. ;) So I'm going to share a few(i actually have a "bookshelf" on Goodreads with all the books that have impacted me if you want to go look=). I think in the area of purity "Passion and Purity" and "Get Lost" really impacted me. Otherwise "Brokenness, "Surrender", and "Holiness" (sort of a set) are really good and impactful. There's so many good books though! What about you?

    3. I haven't looked at that "bookshelf" yet...a lot of the ones on there are ones that have impacted me too! Do Hard Things, A Young Woman After God's Own Heart, and One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven are some non-fiction books that I still remember and am challenged by. (as well as several missionary stories that are so good - especially Hudson Taylor's A Retrospect) I have been challenged by fiction books too...C.S. Lewis' books for example. =)

      I'll keep an eye out for Nancy Leigh DeMoss! I think my mom is reading one by her right now, in fact. =) Thank you for sharing those!

  3. Congratulations on 100 posts, Hosanna! That's awesome! Like Jordy said, all of your posts have inspired me towards a better relationship with Jesus, and I thank you for that. <3

    How neat that you did the tag in a vlog! I am looking forward to watching to soon. =)

    1. You're so sweet, Emily! Thank you for tagging me. Although I usually try to stay away from most tagged posts, I enjoyed this one. You asked good questions, and it was fun to do it in video format. =) I like how you came up with the title of your blog, and I think it fits your blog's theme perfectly! Your posts help us to realize our true purpose and His promises. ♥

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post, Hosanna!! :D That’s so wonderful!
    I really enjoyed watching your vlog! It was a lot of fun!
    I really like Fireproof and Beyond the Mask too. They’re such great movies!
    I haven’t read “The Meeting Place” yet, but I do own it so I hopefully will read it this summer! I haven’t read the original Elsie Dinsmore series, but I have read the A Life of Faith Elsie series and enjoy them. :)
    I enjoy your blog, Hosanna, and always look forward to see what your next post is about! <3

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Being a blogger has been such a blessing...I'm so glad that God brought you all into my life. ♥

      All of the Life of Faith series have been wonderful! I did like reading the old fashioned writing of the original series, but both are such good, encouraging books. In fact, I believe it's time for a reread. ;)

      I appreciate you commenting! It's always so nice to catch up with you again. Have a lovely week, my friend!


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