May 26, 2017

Pendragon movie review

"As the Barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain are left to defend themselves... 

The first independent Christian film of its kind, Burns Family Studios presents Pendragon: Sword of His Father, an epic adventure set in Britain’s Dark Ages. 

With riveting action, stunning visuals, and a powerful score, Pendragon’s message of faith, courage, and vision is sure to inspire your family for generations to come." 

"The One who gave the vision still calls..."


110 Minutes
By the Burns Family Studios
Directed by Chad Burns
Rated: G
Released 2008

Negative Elements:

This was the first film by the Burns Family Studios, a homeschooled, Christian family. Because of that fact, the acting and some other details of the movie were not professional. I watched this when it first came out, and, as a young viewer, I didn't mind any of those aspects...thus, if you're just wanting a clean, Christian film, this is a wonderful option. I still enjoyed watching it despite the amateur elements. =)

This movie has fighting and war, but none of it was gruesome. Although enemies are fought and killed, there isn't a lot of blood or close-ups that make you squirm. I didn't have a problem with any of this at all. (but take it into consideration for your particular family and preferences)

I am glad to say that this movie didn't have any crude language. References are made of "the gods", but it is spoken by characters already shown as less than admirable.

My Review:

As soon as I watched this movie back in 2008, it became my favorite. I loved the historical details, the tight action, and the beautiful story of fighting for one's country, romance, etc. Now that I'm older, I'm able to see some amateur acting and similar qualities. Nevertheless, our family enjoys this Christian production that focus on themes of remaining courageous, keeping one's word, having faith, and focusing on what God has called you to do. The plot was confusing for me when I was younger, but now that's not a problem. I enjoy the historical accuracy, especially in the costumes and props. (they have such historical clothes... ;) ) For a family's first film, this is amazing, and we greatly enjoy watching it!

Other Notes:

The Burns Family Studios released their second film in 2015 - Beyond the Mask. Ahhhh! It is so good and one of my favorite movies. Think historical fiction, Christian themes of salvation and forgiveness, sweeping action, and a beautiful romance story. =) *happy sigh*

Have you seen Pendragon? Do you have a hard time watching nonprofessional films if they have a good story-line and themes? What is most important for you in a good movie? Comment below!


  1. Ooooh, a movie review!! I haven't watched the movie, but I can't believe it was made by a home-schooling, Christian family!! That's pretty special. <3
    I've heard about 'Beyond the Mask'...AND I MUSTMUSTMUST watch it!!! Now I just gotta convince my sisters that we need to watch it together... ;)
    This was a great post, Hosanna! Are you gonna be posting a 'Goodbye May' post?? I always looooove your monthly review posts! =)

    1. I know, I liked that too. ;) It's cool to see families like ours stepping out and doing hard things for God!

      YES! Beyond the Mask is one of my favorites! I hope you do get the opportunity to watch it... and let me know how you like it. =)

      Hmm... well, I actually stopped doing the monthly wrap-up posts a few months ago. Now that you brought it up I'm thinking about it again. What do you look for in a wrap-up post that is encouraging, fun, and beneficial to read, Ariel? =)

      Thanks for commenting. ♥

    2. What do I looked for in a wrap-up post? Well, I think my favoritest things to see are just fun life things that have happened! I love getting a little peek into my virtual friends lives! <333
      This is totally off topic BUT WE JUST GOT A TRAMPOLINE YESTERDAY. (!!!!!!!) I haven't jumped in it yet cuz I have a cold (booooo) but I hope I'll be over it soon! Pray for me? ;)

    3. Thanks for those thoughts... I agree, it is nice to read what's going on in online friends' lives. I'll have to think about it more, but perhaps something like a monthly newsletter would be fun...? Something to think about. =)

      Hehe. I'll be praying for your cold to leave so you can go jumping. ;) How fun!! Enjoy yourself!

      (ps) Did you see my question on my "abiding in Christ" discussion page? That's okay if you just didn't have time to answer... but I wanted to know if it's okay for me to join you in Project Love in my new blog series... so I can put up the first post on June 1st. =)

    4. ACK YESSSSS a monthly newsletter would be awesome!!! DO THE THING (but of course pray about it first ;))
      Thanks muchly! =)
      OH MY GRACIOUS I NEED TO GO CHECK THAT OUT SO OFF I GOOOOOO.... *disappears in a puff of smoke*

    5. Oooh yeah I need your e-mail first... ;) I asked Savannah to invite you and she said, "Well, you need her e-mail..." *smacks head on keyboard* So thankful for this tech-savvy sister of mine. ;)

    6. Okay, Lol. I'll start considering and praying about a newsletter... but that's as much as I'll promise right now. ;)

      Thank you!!! You don't know how excited I was to receive an invite to your blog! I'm finally on Ariel's blog! Yippee! xD Thanks so much, my friend. I'm eager to get to know you better. =)

  2. All righty, girl, you've been invited! =)

  3. Yes! I've seen Pendragon! So fun! And I love Beyond the Mask. Wow, someone else who knows about Burns Family Studios. Awesome!

    Again, my answer to your second question is unfortunately yes. I can still enjoy them, but having taking my movie-making class, I now have a more difficult time and often find myself looking at how it could have been done better. Life of a movie maker, I guess. XD

    To me, it is absolutely most important that a good movie is clean and is Christian, glorifying God throughout. Not to say I don't adore Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, National Treasure, and many other nonChristian films, but having God in it makes it much better. Another criteria I have is that the movie is both fun and refreshing. I get enough of the "real world" in life, and when I want to watch a movie, I want to have fun and laugh.

    I enjoyed this post, Hosanna! Thanks!

    1. Lol, yes! I do like the Burns Family Studios. ;) *high fives to Bethany*

      So true though. My "littler" brother (in age, not height *sigh*) has taken a lot of filming classes as well, and he now notices allll the movie errors. I'll leave a film thinking how great it was until he points out the amateur acting/filming/audio/etc. Lol. =) It is hard to ignore at times, so I agree with you.

      Exactly! What should matter most to us is that a movie is God-glorifying. Sometimes it's hard to determine that however. As you said we might enjoy Star Wars or other non-Christian movies... but are they truly the best use of our time? Eek! We need to be thankful for the gifts God has given us and use them wisely. What is the balance though? Do you have any thoughts?

      Thank YOU for your comment, Bethany! I appreciate reading your words, and it made me think. =)

    2. It's a hard balance to find, indeed. I'm really not sure. I think that there are times for both. Times that God allows us to just sit back and enjoy a film like Star Wars, etc, but he doesn't want that to be the only things that we watch. Many of the movies that are nonChristian are either very dark, or romantic. (Coming from someone who hasn't seen that many comparatively.) It's that whole verse to fix our minds on things lovely, pure, praiseworthy, of good report, etc. When movies are very dark, I don't think God desires that we fill our minds with them. (Thus why the third Star Wars movie is my least favorite.) The same with romantic movies. We shouldn't be focusing on plots that encourage shallow relationships, little commitment, or just moving way too fast.

      So, all that to say that I think there are times for both. I don't think it's wrong to watch nonChristian movies (as long as they're clean), but if that's all we watch, there's something wrong. I think the balance falls somewhere between both. It's a hard line. What do you think?

    3. Very true, Bethany! God can use even non-Christian movies to encourage or teach us. We watched one last week that showed me the importance of being a blessing towards others and humbly treating them as more important than you. (I think I'm going to write a post about it actually.) =) But yes, we should be following the verse in Philippians to meditate and think on things that are pure, lovely, acceptable, etc. That's one verse that has stood out to me in this area a lot. =)

      I don't think there's a hard line at all... it comes down to what God has convicted us of as an individual. I (personally) don't like movies with lots of magic other than ones such as The Chronicles of Narnia. But if God hasn't convicted you of that, how can I say what is right or wrong for you if it is not clearly laid out in Scripture? We can encourage one another humbly, but there isn't a hard cut line to follow as long as we are true to the Word of God and listening to what He says.

      I encourage you to keep seeking God's glory in what we watch, read, and let into our minds! Thank you for sharing your heart here and being a blessing to me. ♥

    4. So I'm replying to this two months late. Sorry about that. :) Anyways, I think you are absolutely right about that. It reminds me of in the Bible where it says that even if we feel it is okay to do one thing, eat something, etc, but a brother doesn't feel that is right, that we shouldn't tempt him or goad him into doing it. I really appreciate this conversation. God bless!

      (And hopefully I'll start getting back into the blogging world now that summer is almost over. XD)

    5. It's good to be reminded about this topic again... =) So true. We need to follow what God has convicted us to do/not do and act in love for Him and others. =)

      I hope you've had a blessed summer living for Him, Bethany. =)


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