Apr 29, 2017

What I Learned From Three Days Without Internet

Monday started out as a typical morning.  I hugged Dad goodbye as he left for work, ate breakfast, and had my quiet time.  But sometimes God likes to give us curve balls in life.  As I turned on my computer ready to jump into the busyness of Mondays, the internet shut off.

Refresh.  Nothing.  Refresh five more times and still nothing.

Even my computer-savvy brother couldnt fix the problem, and when we called the internet provider they said they would plan to fix it before Wednesday night.

Which means three days without internet.  No posting on my blog, no submitting assignments on online classes, no corresponding with friends, no searching online for quick questions.   Without computers, what is left in the world?  (Lol!  But really it feels like that sometimes!)

We cancelled classes, contacted teachers and friends, and are now just waiting it out.  Im typing this blog post on an offline document, not knowing when Ill be able to actually post it.  But thats not what I want to spend my time talking about here.  I want to share something I learned from three days without internet.

Earlier in the year we talked about what it means to abide in Christ.  1 John has a lot to say about what abiding truly means.  (see 1 John 2:6, 24, and 1 John 4:15-16)  Over these last few months, Ive realized more and more that to abide means to base your life off of something or someone.  If we are abiding in Christ, our actions, thoughts, desires, and lifestyles will be honoring to Him.  We will have a passionate relationship with Him and humbly desire to give up our lives for Him.  Christ alone will provide our wisdom, fulfillment, and joy.

This week I realized that those three things wisdom, fulfillment, and joy are ones we often look for in the wrong place.

When you face a decision in life or dont understand a concept, do you turn to Jesus and the Bible or do you switch on your computer and ask a friend or *cough* Google?

When you are restless or bored, do you spend time building a relationship with your Savior, seeking true fulfillment, or do pull up your email account, contact friends, or search through Pinterest, Goodreads, and other online website?

When you are sorrowful or depressed, do you bring your cause before the One who loves you most or do you again search for joy in the trivial, earthly things of life?

The internet quite often takes Jesus place in our lives.  It sits on the throne of our hearts, mocking our weak efforts to replace it with Christ.  Im convinced that a lot of us (myself included) abide in our online pursuits (relationships, websites, activities) more than we abide in Christ.

I completely understand that computers are wonderful tools of ministry.  We can (and should, if God so leads) use them to bless others and build friendships.  We can correspond with our far-away friends and encourage one another in love.  We can take online classes, look up information, and even study the Bible online.  These are good things!

But tools need to remain as tools.  They cannot derive us of our best hours and free time.  We cannot use them to find wisdom, fulfillment, and joy!  Those things only come from seeking God through prayer, reading the Word, fellow-shipping with other believers, reading Christian biographies, etc.

It reminds me of what Father Christmas told the Penvensie children in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe:
"These are your presents and they are tools not toys. The time to use them is perhaps near at hand. Bear them well."
Are we using tools that God has given us in the wrong way or are we bearing them well?  Computers, books, movies, and relationships can all prove to be tools that God uses in our lives.  But have we turned them into toys?  Are we wasting our time?

The internet is dangerous.  Satan can use it to ensnare us in a pretend world that doesnt exist.  We can waste hours of our lives scrolling through pages and making small talk with people we dont even know.  It can even ruin real-life relationships by pulling us away from our families.  Is that what a servant of the Lord should look like?

I have a friend who realized that the internet was consuming too much of her time.  She majorly cut back on everything blogs, conversations, social media and now has free time that she desires to give to the Lord in ministry.  Her arms are open to Gods will in her life because she is ridding herself of earthly pursuits and seeking a heavenly mission.

Are computers pulling us away from Christ and our families?  Take a handful of days as a computer fast, and youll realize how important those online things truly are to you.

Perhaps to abide in Christ we need to close our laptops, power off our phones, and refocus on what truly matters.

And maybe you dont struggle with this, but there are other areas in your life that try to pull you away from having an eternal mindset.  No matter what it is, we need to push it aside and fix our gaze on Jesus Christ, the only One who deserves our heart.

You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things and by Your will they exist and were created. Revelation 4:11


  1. Wonderful thoughts, Hosanna!! It's all too easy to spend too much time on the "good" or "better" things, instead of the "best" thing of all. Thank you for this reminder! ♥

    1. Exactly, Emily!! But so often we spend our time focusing on what's good when we could be doing what's best for His kingdom! As school has ended and I have more free time, I've noticed how easily I slip into doing normal, trivial things with my days. It's easier to spend time online than with family...or to get annoyed instead of holding our tongue in peace. The harder things are often the better choice. *sigh*

      I suppose it goes to show that following Christ is a daily decision - and not one that's easy to consistently make. May we focus our eyes and our hearts to do His will daily... ♥

      Thank you for your lovely comment, my friend.

  2. WOAAAAHHH you were without internet for three days?? I think God took your internet away so that you could post this AH-MAZING post, though....this was beautiful and full of so much truth!! (btw I read what you said about the person who started cutting back on the internet, and I think I just might know who you are talking about. *wink* LOVE YOU HANNAH. <3)
    It is SOOO easy to use the internet as a toy, isn't it?? I feel like that's what a lot of teenagers are doing now, but God did not give us the internet to waste hours of time on! I need to start using it as a tool to minister to others instead of just blog-surfing. ;)
    I don't feel like internet pulls me away from eternal things as much as school does, though. =( I'm behind on stuff in school, so I'm spending hours of my time trying to get caught up...I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I GRADUATE. =) But if I remember that school is only trivial, and I do prioritize eternal things throughout my day, hopefully it'll help matters! =)
    Great post, Hosanna! <333

    1. Thank you, Ariel! You're the sweetest! Love you too!

      And Hosanna this is a GREAT post! Keep it up!

    2. I know, Ariel!! I don't understand how three days without internet was so stressful and weird...it was only three days after all. But really, our lives can revolve around online friends and activities! It's crazy...and sometimes sad. =( Online friends are wonderful, but do they take away from our real, day-to-day interactions, our families?

      hehe...I love Hannah too. ;)

      I knowww! *slams head on desk* The internet is misused so much. (and I'm referring to myself too!) School can be the same way...which is even harder sometimes because school is important - if we prioritize it correctly. It reminds me of other areas of life - sports, music, etc. God has given us so many gifts, but we can carry them too far. How sad that we worship creation instead of the One who created everything. =(

      Summer's almost here for you, Ariel! Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace. ♥♥


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