Aug 1, 2017

Loving our Families || Discussion

July is almost over.

Actually, by the time you read this July will be over.

Isn't it crazy how time vanishes into mist?  In only a handful of weeks summer break will be over and gone.  School and busyness and life at full speed will be upon us.

It's discouraging, isn't it?

One area in particular makes me squirm.  I remember one of my little brothers summarizing my last school semester.  He said that I was always upstairs in my room.

I was doing homework!  I was reading textbooks and answering forums!  I was struggling to stay on top of things!

But all my little brother saw was a too-busy big sister not having time to just be friends.  To enjoy life.

As summer draws to a close, we need to decide who we will be.  That busy sister who doesn't have time for anything else?  Or the one who constantly focuses on love even when it's hard?

Over this last month, we've talked about family relationships.  Before we move on, I would like to get together and discuss life.  I shared about my family; can you tell me about yours?  How are you working towards developing meaningful relationships?  And how will you continue this during the busy days ahead?

God's love for us is amazing.  He has adopted us into His royal family.  He has given us a crown of talents, abilities, and *cough* time.  How do we represent His Holy Name?

If we want lives that count, let's do it.

How are you going to make a difference right now to turn your brothers and sisters into allies, fellow prayer warriors, advisers, and friends?

We need to start today.  If we don't, we probably never will.

(ps) I don't know what our cows have to do with this post, but I think they're cute.  Daisy and Tofu are part of our family too, right??  =)


  1. What a beautiful post, Hosanna! I can totally agree. My lil brother has said similar things about me and it's a big "ouch". Because it's so true. I think going into fall I'm going to try to just get into the habit of spending time with my younger brother. Hopefully have a specific time of day(right before supper, right after school, etc) and then have fun things we enjoy doing together. Also just being encouraging to my siblings throughout the encouraging words or a helping hand when needed. Also being so much more intentional with my older siblings to talk and share things. I'm really excited for this coming year to grow closer to God and my family! I have loved your posts on loving others and you are such a wonderful example of that!

    1. It's great that you have practical ways to put this into practice, Hannah! It's easy to have goals but fail to put them into practice because we don't know the "how" side of them. Having specific times, activities, and determination to be encouraging is a great place to start. I'm eager to see how God stretches you in this area during the school year. =)

      Haha, didn't you just come over to visit? ;) I am certainly not a wonderful example of a Godly big sister... by His grace, I desire to grow into that. ♥ And how sweet that we can grow together... =)

  2. Great post Hosanna!! We need to be intentional and work our time so that we can do things that really matter. Life is short and as important as school is it's eternity is what really matters. This world is temporary and we're just driving through, it's time we understand that.
    I love what you said at the bottom about turning our family members into prayer warriors and allies and whatnot.
    Shine His light ;)

    1. Being intentional is so important, Sarah...because strong relationships don't happen on their own!

      This week I realized anew the beauty of a verse in 2 Peter. "His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue." (2 Peter 1:3)

      We have everything we need to live as Christians through HIM. Christ gives us the patience, love, endurance, joy, and everything else we need. If we lean on Him, we have this and so much more. Alone, we can do nothing.

      Let's turn siblings into best friends by loving them as He loved us and leaning on His strength! By being faithful, true, and trustworthy, exhibiting patience and love, and shining as a Christian. Through Him, we can do all things. ♥♥

  3. What a great post! I can totally relate- thanks for the encouraging reminder! Spending time with siblings can sometimes be hard to "fit in", as you said, but I think it probably becomes easier the oftener you do it, and besides, it's usually a lot of fun. =) Our families are gifts from God, and we really do need to value them!

    1. Our families really are God-given gifts, Emily! Something I read yesterday hits kinda hard...

      When we say, "I'm to busy to ___" we should try to replace it with "___ isn't a priority." If we can't "fit in" time with our siblings... are we saying that they aren't our priority? Ouch. What is more important than spending time with the people God stuck in our homes to live with us?! And we life selfish lives on our own...

      Although I don't know your family personally, I think I can say that you're a sweet, big sister. =) But let's press on towards the prize of loving others selflessly as Jesus does, shall we? ♥

  4. AWWWWW Daisy and Tofu! Cows like that are relevant to any post. xD I'm kinda curious as to where the name Tofu came from, though...
    It is so important as the summer season comes to a close to be practicing love. Because for me, it is going to be the practice before the real battle round begins. This next grade is either going to make me or break me--and I am DETERMINED to let it make me more like Christ. While I have extra time on my hands, I need to be practicing love, so that when time gets a little squeezed, I will still be able to be creative enough to love others!!
    I've got a Bible study that I've been sporadically doing with my bro and sis (the singing one ;)). I need to be more faithful in that, because that is a great way to invest in them and help them grow in Christ.
    Keep being awesome, loving others, and showing Christ, sweet girl!!
    (oh and btw...I know it's not really related to the topic of this post, but the due date for our munchkin is 19 days as The Day draws closer, can you pray for mom and baby? Just to stay healthy, a good recovery, etc. =))

    1. Cows are such sweet animals. =) And you know what, I have no clue why Tofu has her name. One of my brothers always picks creative names, and it was his cow. You should hear some of our other pet names... =/ Hahaha.

      I'm thrilled that you're determined to keep growing in love during this next school year! This is my last week of break, and I have no clue what next week brings. But when we are weak, HE IS STRONG. We need to be immersed in His Word before the "real battle round begins", as you said. He is love. Keep living (and loving) in Him, Ariel!

      Yes, yes, yes!! It's great that you're having a Bible study with siblings! Keep that up, girl. ♥ I haven't been very faithful with Project Love recently, but I need to have one of our "girl meetings" today... discuss what's coming up with loving others and have girl time. =) How has your PL time been? =)

      So close!! Praying for this special Perran baby... ♥

  5. Yes to the cows being relevant - and I like their names. Tofu is a great name for a pet. :)

    Just want to say this series has been convicting, and a great blessing. Keep letting Him shine through you!

    1. Thank you, Jessica... in more way than one. I have so much more to learn (and especially to apply). It's amazing how huge Love is and how it is so vital to our lives as Christians. How can I be praying for you, my friend?


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