Sep 30, 2016

Farewell September

What a month.  September was full of ups and downs, busyness and school, smiles and tears.  However, I can say that I learned so much this month.  ♥ 

 Looking back, it might seem that we didn't do anything... but school.  School has to count for something though.  That was my September life... school, school, school.  But it's fall!  Horray for that!  =)

Adventures in Life:

  • Precious Kalem went to be in Jesus' arms forever. ♥
  • Two siblings and I went with some friends to watch a play called Street Robber about the life of George Müller, one of the most devoted prayer-warriors of all time.  =)
  • A lot of birthdays... =)
  • Autumn began!  Fall weather is here!  Crisp breezes, cool air, dropping temperature, colorful leaves, pumpkins... *happy sigh*
  • I survived school for another month!  Woot!  =P
  • We got to spend last Sunday swimming in the lake with some great friends!  What a way to end summer! =D
  • Decluttering!  Yes, we spent the month downsizing a lot!  It feels so good to have an organized house.  =)
  • I had my first discussion post!  Thank you to everyone who participated in it!  Wow...I was just blown away by all of your impacting and convicting answers. =)  I know I won't look at books the same way again. ;)
  • Coming up in family is moving!  I would appreciate prayers that everything goes smoothly...and for all of our sad goodbyes. =(

Books I Read:  8

  • The Golden Dagger by Ed Dunlop
  • Return of the Dagger by Ed Dunlop
  • The Isle of Dragons by Ed Dunlop
  • Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville
  • Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy
  • Taking the High Places by Terry Snow and Jemimah Wright
  • Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
  • The Lady with the Little Dog by Anton Chekhov

My Favorite(s):
All the books by Ed Dunlop have been a personal favorite for years. =)  As for non-fiction, I found Set Apart Femininity a very convicting and inspirational read.  I could really relate with the topics the author covered.  It is an amazing and challenging read for any (and every!) young woman who wants to grow in their relationship with God.

My Least Favorite(s):
The Lady with the Little Dog was a completely inappropriate read.  The whole story is based off of two married people having an affair and being unfaithful to their spouses.  It was horrible.  (I only read it for a college I had to finish it) =P  Heart of Darkness was another tedious read that didn't make any sense.  The author rambled quite a bit.  After reading the whole book, I still feel like I missed the plot.  Or was there a plot in the first place?  I'm not sure.

My New Creations:

With the craziness of life, I didn't get much writing or editing done. =(  Even finding the time to write here on my blog was hard.  However, I did start the editing process on Emblem of Hope! I hope to be able to spend more editing time this next month, if school permits. =)

Blog Friends:

From Apples of Gold by Jessica

From Faith Warrior Films by Josiah

From Becoming Lost by Hannah

Blog Posts:
Here are the archives!

What was your September like?  How's school going for you?  Comment below!


  1. Great post, Hosanna!! Sounds like it's been a good month for you. :) Everything you did sounds quite fun! And most of the books you read sound good. I'd like to read more of Ed Dunlops books too as they're very good!

    Very excited to read Emblem of Hope!!! It looks great from what I've seen although I need to make the time to actually start reading it. ;)

    I love fall and school and busyness...*happy sigh* I've gotten a really good routine where I'm busy, but never stressed or anything. It's been super fun!

    And you're so sweet to mention my post. Thank you, dear!

    Happy October! Hope it's a wonderful month for you!

    1. Thank you Hannah! =) I'm excited for you to start EOH too!! And a little bit nervous maybe. ;)

      Well, I only mention the best posts...and yours was one of them. =) Thank YOU for posting it!

      Happy October to you too!

  2. I’m glad you had a good month, Hosanna! :D I did too.
    I’m also so happy that fall is here! It’s definitely one of my favorite seasons. :)
    I’ll be praying that your move goes well!
    “Emblem of Hope” sounds really good! I can’t wait until it’s ready to be read! I’m looking forward to it. “The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser” was great, so I’m sure this one will be too. :)

    1. You are so sweet Rebekah! I'm very thankful for readers like you. =) I'm looking forward to having you read Emblem of Hope too! =)

      Thanks for your prayers! ♥ You are in my heart today as well. How can I be praying for you? ♥

  3. What an intense month! Tears, hurt, laughter, lessons... school! I pray that - all said and done - the ups and downs alike will have been to God's glory.

    Thank you for sharing my blog post. You're really sweet!

    Thinking of you, my friend. xx

    1. Oh yes, Jordy... it's been a bit intense. =) I am slowly learning to give God glory in the ups and downs... even when it's difficult. It helps to have encouraging friends like you in my life. ♥

      Your blog post was a blessing to me. Thank you! ♥

  4. September was so much fun! Very busy, but definitely fun :D. School's been tough, but I'm getting through it - somehow *shrugs*.

    Ooh, those Ed Dunlap books look SO good! I might have to try one ... *adds to TBR*

    ~ Savannah

    1. I'm glad you survived, Savannah! =) Hehe. Has school been a struggle this year? It has been trying my patience. =P

      Oh yay! I have enjoyed Ed Dunlop's books for years...we are now friends with him. ;) We met him several times and get to help edit his books. (so fun!!!) Being early readers is so exciting. =) I hope you get to read his books!


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