Aug 12, 2016

"Why?" a poem

This is a follow-up on my last post How I Met Ms. Judith.  I mentioned that I put my thoughts together in a poem...and here are the results!  This is my first attempt at writing blank verse - a poem that doesn't rhyme.  It's actually quite fun. (you should try it!)



They ask me

Why do you believe?

Why do you have faith?

Why do you love the un-seeable?

The world tempts and pulls

It tries to blind me

What can I say?


God shows me

Why do I believe?

I feel Him working

Working in my life right now

I fear, He comforts

In His arms I dwell

Now I am safe


God prods me

Why do I have faith?

I can see Him near

Creation shows His splendor

Since He made it all

Why would I not trust?

God is around


God shows me

Why do I love Him?

How could I not love?

My Savior, He first loved me

My God died for me

Now I am rescued

For God is Love


God guides me

Why is my life His?

Freely I gave it

To worship, praise, adore Him

He comforts, guides, loves

He whispers my name

He is with me


I see now

Why am I in Christ?

With arms open wide

He welcomes me to accept Truth

Tender, He holds me

He guides me through life

He is my God

Thoughts?  Have you ever written a poem with blank verseHow would you answer the questions I asked in the poem?  Comment below!


  1. This was BEAUTIFUL, Hosanna, I loved it! I think I've written a poem with blank verse before - it was probably horrible :D. I should try again though (and then post it on my blog!) because it looks like fun!
    Again, this was awesome, I loved it! Wonderful follow-up to your other post.

    1. Thank you Savannah!!

      Oh, please do! I would love to read a poem that you wrote. =) It is so much fun to express your thoughts through the elegant rhyme and patterns of poetry. Even if I don't do anything with them, I love having the final results. =) Don't you?

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll have to consider posting more of my own writings...

      Thanks for your comment!! =)

  2. Girl, this was BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    You did such a good, good job. You should submit your poetry to, like, a magazine or something! =)
    Again, this was amazing, Hosanna. Keep writing to the glory of God!!

    1. Thank you Ariel!

      LOLOL! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. =) I love writing poems! Maybe one day, once I've written enough, I can publish it in a book form. Who knows? *shrugs* It would be quite fun. ;)

      A magazine...hmm...I'll have to think about that. =)

      Thank you for your lovely encouragement! <3

  3. Wow, that was beautiful, Hosanna!! Much better than my first attempt- you're a natural! <3

    1. Thank you Emily! I loved your poem in blank verse. =) Thanks for giving me the idea. ;) Hehe. Sometimes I can express myself in poetry better than just in my brain...which is why I'm a writer. =P Lol

      Thanks for the sweet comment. =)

  4. Wow, that's a very awesome poem, Hosanna!!! I love the reminder to be prepared when people ask why we believe what we believe. And you did a great job with the consistent syllables!
    I haven't written one of those before, but I think it may be a disaster! ;)
    Great post!

    1. Thank you Josiah!

      I think you could do it. It's not much different from writing songs, which you are very good at. ;) But poetry isn't your thing as much, is it? =) Keeping writing songs over there! =) I love them!

  5. This is so good Hosanna! Beautiful!!! <3 <3

    1. Aw, thank you so much, sweet girl! Love you! <3

  6. When I read your other post, I was wondering to myself if you might share your poem with us. :) Thank you, Hosanna.

    1. You're welcome, Jordy. =) Yes, I was planning on sharing it...but it would have been a long post if it was all in one. =) I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, and I hope it encouraged you!

  7. Amazing poem, Hosanna! This is probably my favorite poem of all the one's you've done although they have all been really, really good. :) I love how both you and Emily are into writing poetry!!

    1. Aww, thank you Hannah!! I'm glad you liked this one. ;) I should probably post more of my poetry...but I don't often think of it. =) And yes, I have been enjoying reading Emily's poetry as well. She's another fabulous writer. ;)

  8. This is such a great poem, Hosanna! :D I really like it. :)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading it. I hope it blessed you and caused you to think of how it fits into your own life. =)

  9. That is such a beautiful poem, Hosanna! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Thank you, Allie! I'm glad you enjoyed it. =)


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