Aug 9, 2016

How I Met Ms. Judith

Let's just start out saying: I got to witness to someone!!!!! maybe it wasn't quite witnessing.  But it was an amazing experience.  Should I start from the beginning?

My mom, three little sisters, two little brothers, and I were selling trying to sell blackberry plants, fresh blackberries, and frozen blackberries at the farmer's market in town.  We didn't actually sell that much, but who cares?  Thankfully, God blessed us with an overcast day as we sat under the tent displaying out juicy produce.  And as we were hanging out there by ourselves...up walks Ms. Judith.

We've actually met her before.  She lives quite close to our road.  But because she is single and lives alone in the middle of the country, she likes to go to town often and talk.  And talk.  And talk.  Haha.

So this is basically how our conversation with her went:

Me: direct the conversation towards God
Ms. Judith:  talk on and on over my head
Mom: leads the conversation back to important issues
Ms. Judith: talk on and on over both of our heads it was a really hard situation. *sigh*  Ms. Judith is very smart.  Extremely smart.  (Now I'm wondering why she lives in a tiny, backwards town like ours?)  She knows the Bible very well.  She's read the entire Book numerous times.  She has studied all of the famous works, scientists, etc.  There is only one problem.  She missed everything.

When Mom asked her, "Is Jesus as the Son of God?" Ms. Judith replied with, "Those words don't actually appear in the Bible.  It was a mis-translation."  She believes that "all religions lead to God"...but she isn't sure that there is a God.  (quite confusing, I know.)  She says that she is a morally good person.  The only sin she has committed, she told us, is the sin of omission. (not doing what you know you should do)  She doesn't kill any animal.  Not even poisonous spiders or rattlesnakes.  (Eek!)  She doesn't believe in abortion.  Thus, she must be a "good" person.  However, she also admitted that she isn't humble enough to accept that she is a sinner.

At the end of our conversation, Mom said what I had been thinking the whole time.  "The Bible says that you must come to God, trusting as a child, or you will miss it all.  (Matthew 18:3) You are too smart for your own good.  I think you've missed the point."

How sad.  How could someone be so smart...but lack true wisdom?  How could they read the entire Bible, study it for years, and come away from that experience believing that it's a flawed book with translation errors?

But this is what I gained from the conversation:

What if someone came to me and asked me why I believe the way I do?  What would I say?

Why do I love God?  Why do I read the Bible?

So I sat down and prayed about it.  I want you to do the same.  Ask God.  Find out what is behind your actions.  Do you do it because you have to?  Or do you do it because of love?

When I was finished, I had found a huge blessing poured down on me.

I do it all because I love Him.  And because He loves me.

God is always by my side.  He listens to my (sometimes silly) prayers.  He can see all the sins, faults, and ugliness in my heart and He loves me just the same. He will never leave me nor forsake me. (Deuteronomy 31:6) He loves me with a love that lasts forever. (Jeremiah 31:3) He knows my every thought. (Psalm 139:2)  He sees my every tear. (Psalm 56:8) He knows the number of hair on my head. (Luke 12:7)

How could I not love Him in return?

But I want you to ask yourself the same question.  Are you reading the Bible like Ms. Judith?  Are you missing the point?  Why do you do what you do?  Is this all for show?  Or is it real?

Maybe if you write down your answer, you can see it more clearly.  I wrote a poem to express my thoughts.  Do whatever you need to do to find out the Truth.

Examine your life.

What did you find?  Why do you read the Bible, pray, and seek God?  Also, have you ever witnessed to someone who had missed the point of everything?   Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. 6reat post, Hosanna! I think a lot of Christians believe in God just because there parents say it's true or whatever, but I think young people need to make their faith their own and understand why the Bible is true and why they are trying to obey God. You had some great thoughts on that!

    1. Thanks Hannah! Yes, I think that's something that all teens go through at one point or another...making their faith real in their own lives. It's really sad that some people miss it completely. =( And we have to do it every single day - committing out lives to Jesus over and over again! =) But it's definitely worth it!!

  2. Wonderful post again, Hosanna!! It's so sad for people like that. I have had brief conversations like that with a neighbor of ours, who knew a lot but rather missed the whole point. But although it's sad, I'm so glad that you thought about and posted this. Like Hannah said, a lot of Christians would probably say they believe simply because their family does or whatever! This really made me think- thank you! <3

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad that I could write something thought-provoking for you. ;)

      Witnessing to smart people is the hardest. (and most frightening!) They can talk about things that you don't understand and ask questions over your head. =/ It's really hard. I am praying that you get to witness to your neighbor and that they have a change of heart. =)

  3. Hosanna. I am wordless. This was beautiful.
    And you are so right.
    Sometimes I talk about the Gospel to others I know, and then afterwards I'm sitting there thinking, "Did I say the right thing? Would there have been a better thing to say it?" And, girl friend, you are so right about evaluating our motives for doing things. WHY do I want to witness? WHY do I want to spread the Good News?
    Great post, Hosanna. Great, great post. Keep blogging to the glory of God!!!

    1. You're great, Ariel. =)

      I'm so proud of you for sharing the Gospel! It's so scary. I don't have a hard time doing it on the internet, but in real life? =/ I tend to make up excuses on why I don't "have" to do it. Yes, I want to share the Gospel...but sometimes fear overcomes. Remembering WHY we do it would help! Thanks for the advice. ;) And also know that even if we mess up our words, God can use them for His great purposes. =)

      Thank you so much!! That is what I'm striving to do. =) Having encouraging friends like you helps me so much! <3

  4. Hosanna, I love this! It reminds me of how many debaters *against* the Bible know it back to front, inside out and upside down, so to speak, yet they don't know Jesus. Knowing about God doesn't mean knowing Him personally.

    Thanks for your words!

    1. That is very true, Jordy. And you are very welcome. =)

      Do you ever feel like some people know the Bible is true, but they make up lies in their own mind to keep them from believing? It's very sad how they choose meaningless pursuits. They need prayer so much. As James 2:19 says, even the demons believe in God. Believing and trusting is SO different.

  5. I love this post, Hosanna! It's amazing, and you wrote it so beautifully! You're doing wonderful things :).

    1. Thanks, Savannah! =) I'm so thankful for the gift of writing that God has given me...years ago, I never even dreamed of being a writer/author/blogger! (at one point, I wanted to be a clown) =P Haha. I would have been so awful at that...I'm not even funny! =)

      I'm thankful for the opportunity to encourage you beautiful ladies in your walk with Jesus. <3

  6. I understand your enthusiasm for witnessing - it's like a huge spiritual high. :) That's exciting you got to have a conversation with Ms Judith - maybe God will use some of your words to reach her heart.

    I can't say I've ever witnessed to someone quite like how you described Ms Judith, but I have had some conversations which prompted to ask the same questions of myself - why do I do this? could I actually explain what and why I believe what I do? It's so thought-provoking! And the conclusion you came to is powerful too - we love Him because He first loved us.

    Thanks for sharing, and challenging us, Hosanna. This post was a blessing to read, and I'm going to ponder those questions. xx

    1. Yes, Jessica!! I am really praying for her...and hoping that God changes her life. =)

      I LOVE that verse. We love because HE FIRST LOVED US! Such an amazing truth it is! We wouldn't even be on this earth without His love...and yet we take it for granted? =/

      I am glad to be able to challenge you...I know that witnessing is a HUGE challenge. I've never really had a one-on-one time to witness in real life. We all need to pray for the courage to do it and the words to speak life in their lives. =) I'm praying for you, Jessica!

      Thanks for commenting, lovely girl!

  7. Amazing post, Hosanna! I found it a very interesting read :)

    Over the years, I've found that sometimes it's harder to find out if you're actually a Christian when you've grown up in a Christian home all your life. There are times when you wonder if you're doing something because you believe it to be true or just because you've been taught to do so your entire life. And then it sometimes leads you to wonder if everything is actually true, if God really exists, and what's the proof? And the answer is faith! Faith in Christ, faith in the cross, faith in salvation, faith in the Bible.

    Thank you for sharing this, Hosanna. You had some really great thoughts! :-)

    1. Thank you, Blessing!

      I love what you said. I can totally understand. Growing up in a Christian home is wonderful...but there are also challenges that come with it. FAITH is so important! Why is it so hard though? =( How strange that faith comes easily to the simple minded and us older, "wiser" ones struggle with it. That's the way God likes to work sometimes. ;)

      Thank you for your thought provoking comments. =)


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