Dec 5, 2015

Trust in the LORD!

     Typically, I am a shy person. I don't enjoy talking to strangers, saying speeches, or performing in front of a crowd. I have been trying to overcome this weakness (and yes, being shy is a weakness, not a personality trait exactly), but it doesn't always feel like it gets easier. 

     Anyway, one day I was in town with my mom and sisters shopping at a consignment store. (my kind of shopping) =) I felt like God wanted me to talk to someone I saw across the store! My first instinct was, "No way! I can't do that! What would I say? We are about to leave anyway, so my family would have to wait for me. There is NO way I am going to do this!" 

But then I remembered. I thought about the times that I have said no. I realized that when I got home, I would feel bad that I had disobeyed. I would always remember how I failed. And I would be ashamed that I had really just said "No" to God, the One who had given me the very air I was breathing! It was a hard struggle, but eventually, I forced my feet forward and walked over to where the elderly, African-American woman stood with her daughter trying on shoes.

     "I just wanted to tell you that God loves you." It was more of a whisper than anything else, and I am not even sure that she heard me. But I do know that she felt the hug I gave her and the smile I forced to my lips. My heart was pounding harder than it ever had, I think, but I did it. I obeyed God and was glad that I did. Even as I walked out of the store, I could see the woman staring at me in wonder. I don't know what she thought, or if she even heard my words, but it doesn't matter. I trusted God, and I am so glad that I did. Even a month later, it makes me smile to remember how scared I was and how I relied on God. That is all that matters.

Next time remember that. All that matters is that you obey God. You don't have to be scared, and you don't have to hesitate. You just have to trust. It sounds so easy doesn't it?


  1. This is a cool story! It does sound so simple, but it's really difficult even to do simple things like that. :( That's great that you got to bless that lady though! :D

    1. Thank you. =) Yes, it can be very difficult. But "nothing is impossible with God!"


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