Dec 22, 2015

"Dayuma: Life Under Waorani Spears" review


Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming, Roger Youderian, and Ed McCully chose to lay down their lives on a sandy beach in Ecuador. Their lives and sacrifice come full circle in the breathtaking true story of Dayuma.

Violent, unexpected death was a way of life for the mysterious Waorani tribe living deep in the Ecuadorian jungle. When her father is brutally speared, young Dayuma is faced with a clear yet frightening choice: flee to the outside world to those thought to be cannibals or stay in the jungle to face certain death from the spears of the tribal killers. 

Dayuma: Life Under Waorani Spears is the unforgettable story of one girl's odyssey into the unknown. Her eventual encounter with Christ ultimately changed her life and forever altered the destiny of her people. Dayuma is a vivid, lasting testimony to the power of the love of God and the cross to reach beyond any barrier. 

My Review:

     Dayuma: Life Under Waorani Spears is a story of how a tragedy changed the lives of hundreds in the jungles of Ecuador. It is an amazing example of how God used an American woman (Rachel Saint) and a native Waorani of Ecuador (Dayuma) to change the world for His glory! This book is very captivating, showing how the Waorani tribes lived in their native home. It is an amazing testimony of faith to the five men, Ed, Pete, Roger, Jim, and Nate, who gave their lives for the savage Waorani people who murdered them. Amazingly, God took that evil and used it to impact the world in this unforgettable story. It is a story of adventure, danger, and total surrender to God. This book impacted me, and it is sure to do the same for other readers! 

About the Author:

Ethel Emily Wallis went to the edge of the Waorani forest to work with Dayuma and Rachel Saint on this book. In it she has recaptured the violence, courage, and devotion which are at the heart of "Dayuma: Life Under Waorani Spears."

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