Nov 9, 2015

"Tomorrow You Die" Review

Another book in the International Adventures series! 

Reona Peterson Joly and Evey Muggleton Heckman never dreamed of the adventure and danger that lay before them as they attended a short-term missions school in Switzerland. Then, as the two young women sought God, they began to sense a burden for the mysterious, isolated nation of Albania - a nation unlike any other.
In the 1970s Albania's leaders boasted that theirs was the first completely atheistic nation in the world. Closed to almost all outsiders, Communist Albania particularly wanted no contact with Christians. In this nation that had sealed Christian citizens in barrels and rolled them into the sea, preaching the gospel was punishable by death. 
Willing participants in God's plan, yet unsure of how He would lift their burden, Reona and Evey took the first small steps of faith. Through a miraculous set of events, the two young believers were drawn into the danger and intrigue of being God's undercover agents in a nation that officially despised Him. 

My Review:

  I was disappointed with this book after I had finished another in the series that was amazing. Tomorrow You Die is an interesting read for someone with a heart for Albania. If you are not interested in that European country, then it will probably not grab your attention. There were numerous pages in the book that talked about the history of Albania and how it boasted to be the first completely atheistic nation in the world. Some parts of the book were interesting, but there was not much action throughout the piece. I admired how Reona Peterson Joly and Evey Muggleton Heckman risked everything for the Gospel. The ending was nice, showing the testimony of an individual who was saved because of their mission. I will be reading more in this series...but hopefully they will be written better than this one.

 Have you read Tomorrow You Die or any another book about life in Communist Albania?  Comment below!

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