Nov 18, 2015

Forgiveness: The Willingness to Forgive

   Almost every Christian knows that the Bible says, “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” (Matthew 5:44) It is a commandment that can seem impossible at times. 

   Forgiving your enemy is…hard! It is difficult, trying and takes a great deal of patience and love. How can you forgive someone who hurt your feelings? How can you forgive someone who did wrong against you? And how can you forgive someone who just doesn’t care? 

   You read amazing stories about people like Corrie Ten Boom who showed compassion to the very ones who killed her family and ruined her life. She said, "When He (God) tells us to love our enemies He gives, along with the command, the love itself."

   That shows that we can forgive, because God first forgave us. He can help us. He will be right beside you through the whole ideal, as He was even before it started. 

   But here is a harder question. How can we forgive our friends? Surely, there are people you can think of that fit into that area. Friends who hurt you. People that you trusted who turned out not to really want your friendship. How do you forgive them?

Here is the answer:

   Ask His help. Pray often. And then do it. Just forgive the person. Sent him/her an email just asking “what’s up?” Try to rebuild your friendship. 

   This can seem impossible. I know people who I need to forgive. And it’s hard! That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. You need to do hard things sometimes. Often enough, the offender doesn’t even know that he/she hurt you. Just forgive them, as God forgave you. Take the first step in faith. God will never leave your side to stable you if you fall. 

Have you ever been in a tough spot where you knew that you needed to forgive someone and just didn't want to?  Comment below!

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