Apr 10, 2018

Alone Yet Not Alone movie review

Seeking religious freedom in America, a devout Christian family from Germany settles in the peaceful Pennsylvania colony - only to find themselves caught in the crossfire of the French & Indian War.  Following a merciless raid on their settlement, daughters Barbara and Regina Leininger are abducted, separated, then raised by their Delaware captors in the harsh Ohio wilderness.  Now, only their devotion to each other and faith in the Lord can lead them through their darkest hours and back to freedom in this inspirational story based on actual events.


103 Minutes
By Enthuse Entertainment
Directed by George D. Escobar, Ray Bengston
Rated: PG-13
Released: 2013

Negative Elements:

Ever since I first heard that this movie came out, it's been one I've been excited to watch.  And recently, a friend gave my family the opportunity.  I had high expectations for Alone Yet Not Alone, some of which were fulfilled and some that weren't.

First, the movie rated PG-13, which will turn off some viewers.  This is primarily because of violence.  While I didn't have an issue with it, more sensitive people should consider that the movie portrays images such as (spoilers in white) a man killed with a tomahawk, another man shot in the chest (blood shown), many minor characters killed or wounded in Indian raids, a bear attacking a man, and a woman burned alive.  The woman is shot after she suffers several hours without dying.  In several scenes, viewers see scalps that the Indians have taken, and one scalp belongs to the main character's father.  End of spoiler.  There are other forms of violence, such as hunting or characters coming close to death in other forms.

So yes, there were tense moments.  I felt like it was portrayed very well, but viewers should still take that into consideration.

Another slightly negative element was that I, as a picky story-creator, found some plot holes in the movie.  There were epic scenes that never happened, and I think they would have made the story so much better.  Instead, the plot was a little bland with lots of escaping but not many major points.  A better story would have created a stronger Biblical message as well.

I sound so negative here, and I really did enjoy the movie!  Let's move on to more positive themes.

My Review:

After I listed every bad thing I could think of, it's about time for me to share why this was a good movie.  I mean, it was promoted by Max Lucado and Dr. James Dobson, so it must be fantastic, right?!  There were certainly a lot of great aspects to Alone Yet Not Alone.

The acting, in my opinion, was well done.  I never thought about the actors as anyone other than their movie personas, and I think that says something.  (another note, the song that was a big part of the movie is performed by Joni Eareckson Tada.  And one of the actors surprised me by being Brett Harris.  See - what great actors already!)

Also, the costumes and make up...!  That was the best part of this film.  The Native Americans, settlers, and officers looked very authentic, and I would have enjoyed watching the movie just for that.  But then there were accents, Indian traditions, and other elements that made this historical piece come alive.

I liked that this movie has a Christian message - God will never leave you nor forsake you.  Characters stand up for their beliefs, and the Gospel is quickly shared in one scene.  I think the message could have been stronger and more challenging, but this was still an enjoyable, wholesome movie.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable movie that my family enjoyed.  I think it has room for improvement, but I would still recommend it to viewers who are not daunted by violence.  I'll have the song "Alone Yet Not Alone" stuck in my head for a long time.

Other Notes:

Did I mention that this movie is based off of a book that was written to remember the true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger?

On another note, if you're wanting another review on this movie, you can read one here.  Or you can discover more at the movie's home site.

I'll end this review with the key verse of this story,

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.
- Deuteronomy 31:6



  1. The book was better... haha. I HATED the added love interest in the movie... she was NOT interested in the guy in the book, lol. And yes, it was somewhat bland. But it was still a neat story and a good movie in many ways :)! My older sibs and I enjoyed it! And Joni's rendition of that song!!! I loved it.

    1. I'm glad you could relate with this review, Bri! =) What did you like most about the book version of Alone Yet Not Alone? I actually would have liked the added love interest if it had been done differently. It was too fast and was left hanging, but if there had been one last meeting between Barbara and Galasko before he died, it would have been epic. But that's just my opinion. =)

      I have not been able to stop singing Joni's song... "Alone yet not alone, God's the light that will guide me home." ♥

    2. Honestly, I feel like the book showed their faith more. The movie was kind of like... oh, these christians were taken, watch them escape... haha. Whereas the book was definitely more Christ-focused and really brought out the faith they had which CAUSED them to attempt to escape, I think. It's a light read in style, but a thought provoking read when you realize what it portrays. You have to dig a little more for the meat in the movie, I feel... but maybe that's just me. I read the book first, so that might have played into it. And the song is different. That is sad, haha. But I love the movie version! "In His love and tenderness, leading through the wilderness"...!

      As to the romance side of things, Barbara actually turns down a marriage proposal because the guy isn't truly saved... to add in that she ever thought of marrying the pagan who killed her family... it hurt to see that change, haha. I admit it could have been done right, but they had to stay somewhat historically accurate, so they couldn't do it right, so I found it just pointless character un-development, haha. But obviously that's just my opinion too!

    3. Mm, thank you for sharing, Bri. I agree that the book version of Alone Yet Not Alone sounds more powerful than the movie. I applaud all parties involved in the endeavor, for they both did a great job showing the historical story. But yes, I do wish there could have been more spiritual meat portrayed by the actors and the plot.

      Good thoughts on both character development and story! You've convinced me to read the book. =) I'm so glad that even when we're alone, we're truly not alone. ♥

  2. Thank you for the review, Hosanna! I loved the story told in the book, and was wondering how the movie compared to it. It sounds like it's worth a watch, overall. xx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the book version of Alone Yet Not Alone, Emily! I'll have to read it someday to see how it compares to the movie. I do think the movie is worth a watch, and I'm glad my family got to see it together. It amazes me that it's based off a true account - God writes the best stories!

  3. I watched this movie last spring with my family and I enjoyed it. :) Have you read the book?

    1. It is a good movie, Rebekah, and I'm glad your family enjoyed it. =) No, I haven't had a chance to read the book. It would be interesting to see how it differed from the movie version though. Which one was better in your opinion? =)

    2. I'm not really sure which I liked better. It's been awhile since I read the book, but I think I'd have to say I liked both in different ways. ;)

    3. Good thoughts. =) Thanks for sharing, Rebekah!


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