Dec 6, 2016

God's Not Dead 2 movie review

My family watched God's Not Dead 2 during the beginning of the school year.  It was perfect timing!  As I began several college classes, I was wondering, "how open should I be about sharing my faith through these classes?"  This movie answered my question.  There isn't a place to be radical and a place to be quiet.  We should always be sharing Jesus.  We should always be shining His love.

From the college classroom of God's Not Dead to the public square in God's Not Dead 2, the name of Jesus is welcomed less and less with each passing day. If Christians don’t take a stand today, will we even have a choice tomorrow?

Welcome back to Hope Springs…home not only of Hadleigh University, but also Martin Luther King Jr. High School, where beloved teacher Grace Wesley helps students understand and enjoy history. Her love of teaching, her love for her students, and her love of life all come from the same place: her love of Christ.

So when Brooke, a hurting student grieving the loss of her brother, reaches out to Grace, their coffee-shop conversation naturally leads to Grace sharing the hope she finds in Christ.

When Brooke later asks an honest question about Jesus in the classroom, Grace’s reasoned response lands her in big trouble—almost before she even finishes giving her answer.

With the principal and superintendent joining forces with a zealous civil liberties group, Grace faces an epic court case that could cost her the career she loves and expel God from the classroom—and the public square—once and for all!

Negative Elements:

The only negative element in this movie that stood out to me were several low-cut shirts on one of the main female characters.  This didn't bother us extremely, but it's good to be aware of. =)

No characters take the Lord's name in vain, nor are there other examples of foul language.  There are some slightly crude words for younger viewers, but it didn't prove to be a problem.  (aka, "stupid" and "shut up")

My Review:

After watching God's Not Dead, my family was excited to view this sequel.  I think we can all say that we enjoyed it better than the first!  God's Not Dead 2 follows the story of a teacher who shares the truth about Jesus in her classroom and ends up being brought to court to answer for her "crimes."  There are several side plots as well which made the story that much more interesting.

The acting in this movie is superb!  Parts of it made me so happy...and other parts made me so angry.  Lol.  I found myself drawn into the movie, and it really impacted me to stand up for my own faith even in the face of persecution or trials.

We also enjoyed seeing some popular figures in Christian circles such as the Newsboys, Lee Strobel (author of The Case for Christ), and J. Warner Wallace (Christian apologist, homicide detective, and author).  Lee Strobel shared evidence to why Christianity is indeed true, which was very cool.  =)

Overall, my family loved this movie.  It is a great, family-friendly film that has a motivating message  to stand up for our faith.  I already want to watch it again.  This is one of the few movies that actually made a difference in my life...I would definitely recommend it!

Other Notes:

An awesome quote... ;)

Have you watched God's Not Dead or the sequel?  How have you stood up for your faith?  Comment below!


  1. I'm excited to watch this movie! God's Not Dead was very good so I'm sure this one will be too. =)

    1. I liked it better... ;) I hope you get to watch it, Hannah. God's Not Dead 2 was very impacting for me, as well as just very fun to watch. =)

  2. Great review, Hosanna!
    I've also seen God's Not Dead an God's Not Dead 2! I like the second one better, but the first is great too. :D

    1. Yes, I enjoyed both movies, Rebekah! =) I suppose the second one "fits" better into my real day-to-day it impacted me more. I don't come across many athiests on a normal day, but I do have to stand up for my faith. =)

      What other movies have made an impact in your life?

    2. Do You Believe? was another inspiring movie that I saw. :) So was The Redemption of Henry Myers. Have you seen either of those two? What are some other movies that have made an impact in your life? =)

    3. Yes, we really enjoyed Do You Believe? That was an impacting movie. =) I have not heard of the other one though...thanks for letting me know. =)

      All of the Kendrick brother's films have been amazing! I also greatly enjoyed Beyond the Mask. Those are some very good, Christian movies that my family enjoyed. =)

  3. I love this movie so much!! ^_^ And I enjoyed your review. :)

    1. Thanks, Jesseca! =) I'm always excited to find new, Christian movies that really make an impact. Isn't it a blessing when people use their God-given gifts to give Him glory?!

  4. Loooved this review, Hosannna! I want to watch this movie now. =) I believe that we saw the trailer for 'God's Not Dead', but we never saw the trailer for the sequel. Now I want to see it!
    But yeah, the message of that movie is so important and so relevant as to where America is today! Even though we are not forbidden to spread the Gospel, a majority of our nation is hostile to God, sad as that is. =( And I just love love love that quote you posted! This sounds like a really good movie!

    1. That's great, Ariel! It's always exciting to find new Christian movies that actually make differences in people's lives. =) I is very sad how so many people have abandoned Christ to turn away to their own pleasure. And we, as Christians, often do the exact same thing, though in a less "drastic" manner. If we aren't sharing our faith, are we ashamed of Christ? "Whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 10:32) We definitely don't want to be rejected by God...thus, we need to be sharing the Gospel with others unashamedly!

  5. Thanks for the review, Hosanna! The movies look really good, and I'm hoping my family can watch them soon. :)

    1. I hope you can watch God's Not Dead 2, Emily! I greatly enjoyed the strong message that was portrayed. I hope your family does as well. =)


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