Oct 31, 2016

Farewell October

First of all, yes, I do realize that this is my third post this week.   How did that even happen?  Well, I promise that I won't post again for a solid week. =)  hehe.  Enjoy your Hosanna-free time. =P

October was such a busy time.  School seemed to predominate most of my waking time, but there were also wonderful memories and sweet family-time that highlighted the month.  =)  Even though it's the last day of October, it still feels like summer outside.  *sigh*  What a delightful autumn God has blessed us with. ♥

Adventures in Life:

  • My family got to watch two plays/musicals together! =)  Both Little Women and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were well done and enjoyable ways to hang out with family and friends.  *memories of past performances rush in* =)
  • Three birthdays passed!  (yes, three!  hehe)
  • I did a little bit of redesigning on my blog, had my first vlog post, and hosted a giveaway!
  • I went to my first circus ever!  (imagine two elephants, performing lions, juggling, trampoline flips, dog tricks, etc.)  =)  My baby sister still raves about how she touched a real elephant on his ear.  =)  "Me hike elefants." (Isn't toddler language the cutest?!)
  • My family also went to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga for an afternoon.  That place is really fun. =)
  • We got closer to moving. =P  (moving didn't actually happen like we had hoped... maybe next month.) *shrugs*
  • I got to meet JORDY!!!!  *ahem*  Well, it was a video chat, but that counts, right?  I saw her face to face, heard her lovely voice, and met her sweet siblings. ♥  Let's just say that I was bursting with excitement when I clicked the "video call" button.  hehehe.  Yes, be very jealous. ;)
  • Tonight we are going reverse trick-or-treating!  =)  Even though my family doesn't celebrate Halloween, we enjoy going to town to pass out Jesus DVDs, fun Gospel tracts, and comic books that tell the story of Jesus.  It's such a fun way to share the Good News!  (though I will admit that the costumes that people wear... *shudders*  Why would anyone want to put them on??  But it's worth it for us, and I pray it changes someone's life.)  =)
  • I rode on a 4-wheeler for the first time.  =)

Books I Read: 5+

  • 5 Pillars of Christian Growth by NR Johnson
  • One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven by Mark Cahill
  • Revenge of the Dragons by Ed Dunlop
  • Set Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy
  • Elsie's Endless Wait by Martha Finley

And a bunch of short stories that I read for my college class including...

  • A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor
  • A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner
  • Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison
  • The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence
  • To Build a Fire by Jack London
  • The Open Boat by Stephen Crane
  • The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilmore
  • etc. =)

My Favorite(s):
Both One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven and Set Apart Femininity are great, impacting books that encouraged me in my walk with God.  They were also very interesting with real-life examples from the authors' lives.  =)  But as for fiction, Elsie's Endless Wait will always be a fond favorite from my childhood days. ♥

My Least Favorite(s):
Basically...almost all the short stories I was required to read. =/  Many of them had "iffy" content.  Others just weren't interesting or had weird story lines.  But they were part of school...so... =|  

My New Creations:

School was crazy this month.  =) Other than writing short stories, essays, and poems for my classes, I didn't have time to write "for fun."  It was a challenge to find time for blogging as well.  Thus...my novel still awaits editing. =)

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Blog Posts:

How was your October?  What were some of the blessings God gave you this past month?  Comment below!


  1. I enjoyed reading the highlights from your month, Hosanna! :)
    That’s so cool that you went to a circus! I’ve never been to one before. Oh, and yes, toddler language is so cute! :D
    I’ll be praying that moving goes well for you and your family.
    I love the A Life of Faith books! They are SO good!! :D
    I really like the changes that you’ve made to your blog so far, they’re great! :D

    1. Oohh! You read an Elsie Dinsmore book this month too! =) Aren't they such lovely reads? *sigh* I love how sweet little Elsie is. I wish my faith was as unwavering as hers sometimes. =) She surely is a wonderful role model for us to look up to.

      Thank you, thank you! Your comments make me smile. =) We just have so much in common don't we?!

    2. Well, I didn't read any Elsie books this month, but I'm planning to re-read them again soon. :) I'm in the process of re-reading the A Life of Faith books. Right now I'm on "Millie's Steadfast Love". So, I'm hoping to get to the Elise ones maybe this month. ;) Yes, Elsie is a good role model, Millie too! :D
      We do have a lot in common!! :D
      I always enjoy reading your encouraging posts, Hosanna! =)

    3. Oh, sorry! I read your blog post wrong. I saw Millie and instantly picture Elsie for some reason. =) Lol. I do enjoy both of their series though. =)

  2. Wow, how is it already November?!

    I enjoyed reading your posts from this month! Also, my month review is up as well, so if you could check that out, I'd be thrilled!!!

    I hope you have a splendid November! I can't wait to see what it holds!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. It sounds like you had an enjoyable October as well, Allie. =) I hope that you grew in Jesus' love this past month. ♥ Happy November. =)

  3. Great post, girl!! (oh, and by the way, I would NEVER enjoy my Hosanna free-time if I had it =))
    AND I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND ABOUT ALL THE SCHOOL. It seems to be my life lately...but we did have soooo much fun this month! I got to do a couple of photo sessions with family and friends, we went to a pumpkin patch, celebrated a couple of birthdays, went to the zoo with family...it was a pretty good month!
    You got to go to a circus?! THAT IS JUST THE COOLEST THING EVER. Were any pictures taken while you were there? I'd like to see some! =)
    And I just LOOOOVE what you guys did for Halloween! I'm sure God will bless that more than you know!! How did it all go down?
    I hope you have the most wonderful November!!

    1. Your October sounded wonderful. =) You do photo sessions?? How fun! And, may I ask, was there any certain thing that God taught or encouraged you by this last month? I love to hear those stories. =) My "lesson of the month" was to be more diligent in witnessing and sharing my faith...which I am not very good at. After reading a book that encouraged me in that area, our home church has been watching some sermons by David Platt about that topic. =)

      We only took a picture of my baby sister and dad next to the elephant. =) She sure is proud of that photo! Lol. But I probably won't share it on my blog for everyone to see. (privacy, you know) =)

      Our Halloween "celebration" was wonderful! It was such fun. =) We saw a bunch of friends there, and it was a blessing to encourage others and make their day. I encourage you to try it out sometime, if you have the chance. =)

    2. Yup, I just started doing photo sessions recently. I've been getting more into portrait photography, and it's so crazy fun!! I did a photo-shoot for my uncle's family, and they ended up being my first paying 'customers'! (I put that in quotes because I'm not very official yet =)) It was sooo sweet of them, and I'll never forget it--I didn't even ask for payment!! Lord willing, I'll be doing a photo-shoot with one of our friend's families on Saturday...SUPER hyped about that!
      How did God encourage or teach me in October? *flips back through journal entries* I would say my 'lesson of the month' was to not be so self-conscious...not so focused on what others think of me, but on what GOD thinks, because that's most important. Oooh, I'm glad God is working in your life in that way! I don't know if you saw my comment on you post 'Their Desperate Plea' but God has let the lost people take a piece of my heart--super cool that we're both passionate about that!!
      'daww, I bet she loved that picture. =) Oh, yeah, I totally understand about the whole privacy thing.
      I'm so glad it went well! Oh, I would LOOOVE to do that sometime.
      I always enjoy chatting with you!! =)

    3. Oh, that's so fun!! I enjoy photography, but I used to do a lot more than I do now. =) Portrait is definitely one of the most fun types. =) I also enjoy flora a lot...and close-ups. That was definitely a God-given blessing for you! ♥

      YES! What an important lesson...and one that is hard to remember. It definitely fits in with witnessing. It's so hard to share the Gospel when we care about what others think of us. That is one of my biggest struggles. And I find it wonderful to know that your heart is being drawn towards the lost. ♥ What a wonderful life-goal - to share His love!! It's definitely a hard thing to do though...if we rely on our own strength. (which we often do) How do you overcome that in your own personal life?

    4. Oooh, you like photography too? That's pretty neat! YES it was such an encouragement to get paid for that--I can't wait to take my photography further!! =)
      It's definitely an important goal! Especially considering that it's their eternity that is at risk...wherever they go, they will be there forever. It's a really sobering thought! I don't really know how I don't rely on my own strength! XD I haven't thought about it that much...odd....I would say that the way that I care more about what God thinks of me, though, is just following Him. Not that I don't struggle with it. =) But giving into Him will ALWAYS yield the best results...I've just got to remember that. =)

    5. Oh yes, that is very true. When we fight what the Holy Spirit is telling us to do it just makes us feel miserable and guilty later. But when we step out of our comfort zone (even if it is painful!), we will remember with joy how we honored God with that small step. I remember times in my own life when I obeyed/disobeyed and the incredible differences I felt. What a wonderful feeling you get when you finally obey Jesus. ♥

    6. I knowww...it feels awful when we don't listen. And yet I can't always seem to get the fact that the benefits will be worth it through my head. =) It is pretty stinkin' awesome when I DO choose to obey--and if we do, we can look back on that next time we need to muster up some bravery, and see that He did it before and He can certainly do it again!

    7. Haha...I totally agree! When we life for our own selfish pleasures and desires, it just makes us feel miserable. =/ But when we obey God, THEN we have the joy that overflows. ♥ Why can't we always remember that? *sigh*

  4. Hosanna, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you! X) For that reason, I don't have to be jealous. :P

    But what an exciting month for you - I mean, apart from the questionable short stories. Along those lines, what did you think of Flannery O'Connor? I heard about her for the first time, recently. But the one reference to her that I read was positive, so it makes me wonder what it is about 'A Good Man is Hard to Find' that you didn't like. (I've never read anything by her, myself, I've only read *about* her)

    Also, the reverse trick or treating sounds like a great idea... though I imagine it would be trying, too! I don't like to look at many Halloween costumes. I find that the whole "celebration" is out to glorify death, fear and other sorts of evil. It's all very sad. :(

    1. Thank you, Jordy! ♥

      I have read several pieces by Flannery O'Connor. Both A Good Man is Hard to Find and Everything that Rises Much Converge (which I didn't mention above) were okay stories. They didn't have anything horrible that I disliked. However, the endings of both are pretty grotesque, and the plots weren't "my style." Many of those short stories (I can't remember which ones in particular) had constant usage of the Lord's Name in vain...which also made me dislike them. I suppose I am trying to say that I wouldn't avoid them if they are required for a class or something similar, but I would not read them for pure enjoyment. =)

      *shudders* Halloween is a very frightening, evil holiday, in my opinion. It scares me how people enjoy celebrating it. Has our world turned that far away from Christ? (I do have strong, Christian friends who celebrate it, and I don't judge them...I just couldn't bring myself to participate)

    2. Okay, well that's good to know about Flannery O'connor.

      I guess Halloween in one of those areas where convictions vary from one person to the next, even among Christians. That's where we need to be able to give each other grace on the issues of secondary importance, right? - and focus on our own testimony to the onlooking world, not on changing someone else's.

    3. YES! Grace is so important, yet we often fail to give it. It can be hard to see the different between grace and overlooking sin sometimes, however. It's wrong to be judgemental and picky with others. Yet it is equally wrong to overlook sin and count it as acceptable. This is why we need to listen to the Holy Spirit and remember to always speak in love. =)

    4. Yes I fully agree with pretty much everything you just said!

  5. It sounds like you had a good month, Hosanna! October was busy for me too though - so I know what you mean. :)

    That's a good idea to go and share the gospel instead of trick-or-treating (not that I've ever done that)! Were people more receptive than usual?

    Happy November!

    1. Busyness isn't always bad...but it sure can be tiring. =) I suppose that's one way we can praise God through our mini trials. =)

      Well, it's hard to tell. Last year when we went, it was raining...so almost no one showed up. The people who DID show up often just sat in their cars and ran out to grab candy. XD So it was very difficult to reach them in time. This year was much better though because the weather was lovely. =) The people were very receptive as well. It was a blessing and such fun! I encourage you to branch out and discover how you can share His love even through secular celebrations. =) I can't take credit for this at all...my parents head it up. But I do know that it has been a blessing to me and my family.


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