Jul 30, 2016

Farewell July

How would I describe my July?  Rain.  Rain.  And more rain.  It was allllll lovely.  =)  Who doesn't enjoy a beautiful rainstorm in the middle of the country?  I was also able to experience a strike of lightning touch the earth only 100 feet away from us while we were in the car.  Talk about loudness!  We were all shaken, but it was a glorious reminder of the power of our God!

And black berries.  Lots of blackberries.  But you can read for yourself. =) 

Adventures in Life:

  • I passed the CLEP test Introductory Psychology!!! (and I am DONE with psychology for the rest of my life!) =) Woohoooo!
  • I finished my online college class Men of the Bible! *sob* But I will miss it so much! The teacher commented on every assignment...and THANKED me for taking the class. =) She is the sweetest! My favorite part was that we had no textbook - only the Bible! What a way to earn college credit! =) But the tears... =(
  • My family celebrated the 4th of July by watching fireworks! =) My older brothers also competed in a kayak race and won...and my little sisters performed in a flash mob performance!
  • My little brother Josiah stared his own vlog! Presenting............ Faith Warrior Films! Check it out and you'll be able to read encouraging, Christian posts and see videos with some of my siblings as actors. =) (and you'll make his day if you subscribe!!!) ;)
  • We picked at least 30 gallons of blackberries from our bushes. (which is calculated to be around 150 lbs of berries!) =) We also picked tons of cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and other garden goodies. Yum.
  • I had the privilege of being an pre-reader/editor to Alea Harper's masterpiece, The Clockshifter!  I can't wait until this comes out.  You all HAVE to read it!
  • I also was able to be a pre-reader for Jordy Leigh's masterpiece Omnipotent!  Another amazing piece to be on the look for!

Books I Read: 7

  • Peace, Be Still by Amanda Tero
  • Coffee Cake Days by Amanda Tero
  • A.D. 33 by Ted Dekker
  • The Assassination Plot by Ed Dunlop
  • The Heart of a Woman Who Prays by Elizabeth George
  • The Invisible Friend by Lois Walfrid Johnson
  • The Princess Adelina by Julie Sutter

My Favorite(s):
All of these books were really good!  My top three favorites (I know, I know...but I couldn't decide!) are A.D. 33, The Heart of a Woman Who Prays, and The Invisible Friend!  =)

My Least Favorite:
I liked them all. =)  But if I had to pick a least favorite...I guess I would go with Coffee Cake Days.  That is just because it wasn't "amazing" but "pretty good." =)

My New Creations: 

I wrote 19,451 words this month!  I am getting close to being done with my second rough draft of Emblem of Hope!  I can't wait to perfect it and send it to readers.  *happy sigh*

Blog Friends:
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Blog Posts: 

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How did your July go?  Did you read any amazing posts recently?  Has it been a rainy month for you?  Comment below!


  1. You had a great month, it looks like! Congrats on passing your CLEP test- that's awesome! =) I really enjoyed all of your posts this month. :)

    1. Thank you, Emily!!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed my posts. =) I always love yours as well. And it looks like you had a wonderful month! =)

      //Hosanna Emily

  2. Great post, Hosanna!!
    And 150 pounds of blueberries?!?! That's a TON! I betcha they tasted super good. ;)
    Wonderful job on your progress of 'Emblem of Hope'! I'm definitely gonna be one of your beta readers. ;)
    And our July was wonderful! Yesterday I went to a photography class, and it was AWESOME! Nah, it hasn't really been that rainy here. Has it been a rainy month for your family?
    I hope you have the best August EVAH! :)

    1. Thank you, Ariel!

      So...I just realized I forgot to mention in my post about all the rain we had. Oops. I'll go back and add that. =P LOL. Yes, this July was the rainiest ever, I believe. Maybe not, but we had tons of it. ;) And it was lovely...

      Oh, that would be wonderful! If I have Beta readers, I'll be sure to let you know! ;)

      Cool! You are interested in photography? I have taken several classes and enjoyed them. =)

      I hope you do too! Thanks for your long comments! =D

      //Hosanna Emily

  3. Wow, it sounds like July was very exciting for you! And thanks for sharing my blog! ;) Great job on your CLEP test! They are really hard! :)

    1. You're welcome! I really like your vlog. ;) I can't wait to read more posts and see more of your videos! =)

      Thanks for commenting, Josiah!!

  4. HURRAY!! Congratulations on passing the psychology test! :D

    Wow, the Men of the Bible course sounds amazing! And a Bible as the textbook, that sounds great!

    Oh, I checked out Josiah’s vlog, and subscribed too ;) It’s looks amazing :)

    How are you finding the Viking Quest series? Have you read more Lois Walfrid Johnson books before?

    19, 451 words?! Wow! Awesome job! :D “Emblem of Hope” sounds really interesting! What is it about?

    Really enjoyed reading this post, Hosanna. Hope you have a great August! :D

    1. Thank you Blessing!!

      Oh, he will be tickled. =) I think having a vlog will help him as he travels through the process of making videos. And it's really fun. ;)

      I LOVE the Viking Quest series! And yes, I have read several others of her books! I enjoyed them all...though I think the Viking Quest is my favorite. =) I love that her books are all exciting and wholesome with good, Biblical message. =)

      Thanks for showing interest in my novel. ;) I hope to have a good synopsis ready sometime. Basically, it's a historical-fiction piece based off of Jamestown VA during the 1600s. (it was called James Fort back then, and that's how I refer to it in the story.) Thus, several of my characters are well-known historical figures. I have greatly enjoyed writing historical stories, and it's amazing what masterpieces God has written throughout history!! =)

      I hope you have a wonderful August as well! =)

  5. Wow, your month sounds amazing Hosanna! =) And I'm currently listening to A.B. 30 as well! I'm only on like the 2nd or 3rd chapter, but it's been interesting so far. ;) What do you think of it so far?

    And guess what August will bring?! I get to see you! :) That should be very fun even if it's only for a day. ;)

    Happy August 1st and I loved your post!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! =)

      I have been enjoying A.D. 30! There are some things in it that make me a tiny bit uncomfortable...because there is romance in it. =/ But so far it hasn't been too bad or anything. I think I liked A.D. 33 better though. =) I'll leave a full review once I've finished it. ;)

      Oh yes! How exciting! =D I am looking forward to seeing you too! =) It's been forever! (well...only a few months, but.....) ;)

  6. I really enjoyed reading about your highlights from this past month, Hosanna! :D
    Congratulations on passing your CLEP test! :)
    Wow! That’s a lot of blackberries. :) We have some blackberry bushes too, but they’re still pretty small so we don’t get a whole lot of berries from them yet.
    I’ve heard a lot of good thing about the Viking Quest series, but I haven’t read them.
    My July was great too. I’m hoping to have a monthly highlights post up either today or tomorrow. :)

    1. Thank you Rebekah!!! I'll look forward to seeing your monthly hightlight post. ;)

      I recommend you read the Viking Quest or anything else by Lois Walfrid Johnson! She writes such good, clean books full of adventure! =) My whole family has LOVED when Mom reads them aloud to us.

      We have blackberries coming out of our ears now! Thankfully they are dying out for the year. We are now making lots of juice with them and the cherries we picked. =) Just wait! One day you'll be bombarded by blackberries! ;)

  7. It looks like you had a good July! It hasn't been too rainy this month, but when it was, I had just as much fun baking or making forts and such. I hope you enjoy August and have a wonderful day! :)

    Allie D.

    1. Thank you Allie! Yes! I have enjoyed doing indoor things as well! =) Writing...reading...doing crafts... ;) You like making forts? My little siblings never stop making them! My mom has to tell them to clean up all the blankets all around the house! LOL. They sure are fun though!

      Have a wonderful day too! =)

  8. Yes, it has been raining most of the time here too. I think there's only been three sunny days in the last three weeks!

    Good on you for passing the test, picking so many blackberries, and writing over nineteen thousand words! I also meant to comment on your 'Miracles Still Happen Today' post - it was really encouraging. :)

    Happy August!

    1. It's the same here, Jessica! But I love this rain... and it prevents me from hoeing the garden. ;) Hehe.

      Thank you! I am so glad that my post on miracles encouraged you. =) And don't worry about not commenting...I fall into the same patterns sometimes. =P I just get busy...and then forget. Has God done miracles in your life, Jessica? I would love to hear your thoughts. =) You have been a blessing to me. Thank YOU! <3

    2. Haha, that did make me laugh! That's sounds like my way of thinking too. ;) There's always something more exciting than gardening.

      Yes, He certainly has! One of the biggest miracles He's done is give me direction for what to do/study. I was pretty much at a total loss, but then He opened up the way for me to study Christian Counselling, and made everything fall into place. I've only just begun, but it's already been a huge blessing! So that's just a brief overview of God's latest miracle in my life. :) Thanks so much for asking - it's encouraging to be able to discuss these things! And you're a blessing to me too. :)

    3. I love the results of gardening...but the work in the hot sun? ;) It's worthwhile though!

      Oh! That is so cool that God has been working in your life in that area! I know several people who are going through the "growing up and deciding what to do with their life" stage...and still don't have ideas. I'm sure it's scary! But I am very thankful that God gave me the gift (and love) of writing...and I am looking forward to using that for His glory. =) (and continuing to do so!) Christian Counselling sounds like a noble goal. I'm sure God will give you the abilities and strength to go through with whatever trials come because of that. =) I imagine that it will be hard, but so worthwhile! Have you started your pursuit of that degree already?

      Yes, it has been very encouraging! We too often remain silent about what God has been doing in our lives...when we should be shouting it out on the rooftops! =) (as several Psalms say) =)


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