Feb 12, 2016

"Against All Odds" review


"Lord, I've ruined my life.  I'm Yours, if You still want me."
  Deeply wounded in his childhood and struggling to come to terms with failed relationships, Jim Stier wondered if God could ever use a life as fractured as his.  Indeed God would use him--in ways that Jim could never have imagined.  Confronted with the opportunity to deny his Savior, Jim surrendered his life, with all of its pain, to God.  So began an inspiring journey of struggle, faith, and victory that ultimately led to the lost, hurting people of Brazil and beyond.  Against All Odds is a compelling reminder that God restores broken lives and broken dreams.  This story of one man's passion to see a nation transformed is a stunning testimony that Christ's grace and mercy can redeem any life surrendered to Him.

My Review:

      Against All Odds is an incredible story of how a missionary couple to Brazil defied the odds and trusted God to lead their lives.  They were forced to lean on Him through trials, lack of money, and insults.  They didn't listen to the "important" missionaries who claimed that there was no way to led Brazilians in discipleship.  Instead, they lived simply, honoring God by bring the people of Brazil to know Him.  Throughout the story, they trusted in God.  The ending is beautiful, showing how their lives impacted countries around the world.
     I enjoyed this book, though it was not my favorite missionary story ever.  The only reason for that was that sometimes I felt like they promoted YWAM more than they needed.  I thought it would have been better for Jim to focus more on Jesus and less on his YWAM dream.  Overall, however, I enjoyed the book and felt like it showed how life with Jesus is never impossible.  Never.  No matter what happens.

About the Author:

Jim Stier is the chairman of Youth With A Mission. He continues to serve on YWAM's international leadership team while directing the ministry he founded in Brazil.

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