Dec 1, 2021

Author Interview || by Cherith Brook

Hello Friend!


Happy beginning of December! It's a quiet, ashy-grey day here as I rest before going to work, plugging those Christmas lights in, and going full speed ahead as I sign up students, check out customers, clean, do computer work, and all those fun things that come with working at a music store.

I'm already excited. *grin*

But before all that, I have a little treat for you!

My friend Cherith Brook hosted an author interview for me on her blog!

She asked great questions. If you ever wanted to know what my favorite books are, what my least favorite parts of being an author is, or what a typical writing session looks like, here you go!

And make sure to enjoy her other posts and get to know Cherith! She's a beautiful lady and sister in Christ I've been blessed to talk with, and I think you'll enjoy her bookish posts. *wink*

Click the image below to visit Cherith's blog and watch the interview!

Maybe this December is going to be hard for you. Or maybe you're already celebrating!

But may this beginning to December be blessed, my Friend. May it be full of Jesus' shalom. Because He is so, so good and worthy of praise! And that Hope you can have in Jesus - it's absolutely amazing.

(psst - want a challenge for December? Click Here to join me and some family + friends in memorizing Luke 2 this month!)

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

- John 8:12


Nov 24, 2021

Dear beautiful Virginia || poems and pictures


//  dear beautiful Virginia,
I explored your land and flora weeks ago
and sometimes, I miss it:
the mountains, the water, the way the two merge in fog,
sunrises dancing on rippled waves
before boats wake to slice the surface.
so quiet, those mornings;
seconds before siblings rouse the house in noisy tiptoes.
oh yes, I miss that


dear beautiful Virginia,
in you are glimpses of worship -
worship in every wave and higher:
in those mountain tops, Appalachian Trail
where the trees merge in wide views
to climbing green peeks.
explorers trek those hilly paths
and we gave up after bare miles
but in the depths, unknown world, where birds praise
worship is there.

dear beautiful Virginia,
how busy we get
as you rest ever since the world was spoken to life.
us running, walking, living, driving, going;
my time in you had those too -
like drives through your twisty roads, stomach flipping -
times I forgot to worship.
and that's one reason I praise:
because we're offered mercy again
and again.

like waves hitting a shore forever
or deer on golfing green every time I look:
my Father never gives up.


dear beautiful Virginia,
we crept from your lakes and mountains to your cityside
and there were glimpses of worship there too.
stories hid in old, brick buildings
and railroads transformed into parks -
and there were beautiful people:
a homeless man who took our picture,
two strangers who met my gaze for a second,
and so many others as we sat to eat.
I imagined my Father's Kingdom,
that Marriage Supper.
I see glimpses of it, even here
and wonder if it's worship.

dear beautiful Virginia,
nearby, one of my favorite aspects: your history
those stories, worship too.
in Appomattox where a war was ended
papers signed, release forms printed.
and I stood where two armies once aligned,
where the last man died, others met face to face
and one side put down their weapons, brave
the others accepted them as brothers,
cheered them on.

I wonder if my Father smiled,
if He rejoiced in the humility, the forgiveness, the chivalry
and cried with them too. 

dear beautiful Virginia,
as the sun sets here in my home state again
I remember, and I do miss you
but there's no place like home.
not just here
in this room I call mine -
but Home.
where I can be with Jesus.

He was with me when I visited you:
in lovely overlooks and setting sun
but also in fears

I praised in those, and I still do.
I praise for Home.
His Kingdom is coming
and He will make all things new.
so farewell Virginia,
I'm going Home. //

happy Thanksgiving,
dear friend!


I wanna be next to You
I wanna be one with Your spirit, Jesus
Teach me to abide in You
To hear Your voice all around me
Your voice all around me
- Abide by Kingdom Culture Worship

But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

- John 4:23


Sep 21, 2021

Music Album Release || Man in White


Hello Friend,

Happy last day of summer! *hugs*

I'm popping on here today to share a new favorite music album that was just released! *claps*

If you're wanting music to start the fall focused on Jesus, on looking forward to our future Hope, on the awesomeness of our God, and the Kingdom He is creating, this is for you.

((and epic instruments and vocals and all the feels too))

I've been so enjoying the songs by Faith Warrior Films! They encourage me to dream - to look forward to Jesus' return and be found faithful as we wait, longing.

I hope it brightens your start to fall and reminds you of the Hope we live for!

Scroll down for beautiful lyrics, then click the album cover to listen for yourself!

Majestic in all Your ways,
The brightness of Your own expression
Coming in the clouds (with glory and power)
But right now You are sitting on Your throne (beside your Father)
Waiting for Your time
Yeah you are waiting for Your time

In this age of darkness, the light that we can see
Is Your coming and Your Kingdom, we wait for patiently
When every sinful action and every evil scheme
Is shattered and broken before the King of kings

And oh, we long for You, long for You

Man in white, You are royalty, royalty
Man in white, I give my loyalty, loyalty
Man in white, You are coming soon, coming soon
Man in white, I live my life for you, life for you

// Your turn! What songs have been pointing you to Jesus? And Happy Fall! How are you celebrating? How are you hoping to spend this new season for the coming Kingdom?

Let's chat below!

...they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy. He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.

- Revelations 3:4-5