Aug 3, 2022

May You Be Found Faithful

Everyone has a job; what's yours?

I challenge you to pause and answer that question. What is your job?

I don't merely mean the job that pays your salary or what you answer when someone asks, "what have you been up to?". Not the place you grudgingly drive to every weekday because you have to. Because we have those tasks we do, but they aren't who we are.

I wonder what is your God-given job? What is the passion or dream or simple work He put into your hands and whispers, "go for it"? 

What were you created to do that God is calling you to be faithful in?

That's your job.

Last month, I found myself wrapping up one of my Farm Tales drafts and setting it aside as my illustrator continued her work, and I felt my arms wide open as I whispered, "God, what's next? What do you want me to jump into?"

He didn't answer immediately. But the next day, a dear friend sat chatting with me, and she asked about my writing projects, saying, "So what does your writing look like? Do you write every day?"

I laughed as I told her I might not even write every week, explaining it away with excuses about how busy I was with siblings, my paid job, and the other tasks on my schedule.

But she smiled. "If this is a job God gave you, shouldn't it be a priority?"

It hit me.

I'd say my job is to go to work at the music store, serve customers, keep things clean and organized, and go home. Or I might say my job is being a big sister and being faithful at home.

And those are my jobs. I work at them with all my heart, seek to do them well every single week.

But if God gave me a specific job, shouldn't that be just as important as driving to work every work day?

Shouldn't I dive in headfirst, be passionate, devote myself to finishing this calling He set before me?

So I did. July was a lovely month of pursuing the calling God set before me, and it was adorned with answered prayers and sweet moments with God as we wrote and edited and completed the work He set before me. I realized again why I love being a writer. I joy-ed through my work.

And as I did so, He whispered the reason why we do every job He sets before us:

...continually set your hearts, before all else, on His Kingdom and the salvation that comes from Him...

- Matthew 6:33

It's not just doing the thing we're good at. It's the fact that Jesus is going to return with His Kingdom, establish a New Earth, and we get to live with Him forever! It's the craziness that He offers forgiveness to every heart who humbles themselves before Him.

My job as a writer is to set my own heart on His Kingdom and create words that, I pray, draw others to His salvation.

May that be the reason I do every single job. May I write faithfully, heart set on His Kingdom. As I serve customers and love siblings and mop the kitchen and chat with friends, may that be the ultimate purpose behind it all:

seek first the Kingdom.

If the job is incredibly hard or if it's simply mundane.

Friend, may you be found faithful in your roles. If you run a household and wash laundry and wipe snotty noses, may it be a joyful sacrifice where you meet Jesus in the chaos. If you're a creator who uses your fingers to write stories, carve wood, paint masterpieces, send snail mail, lift others up with music, may you do it for and with our Savior. If you drive to work or do school, may it be with all your heart as for the Lord.

I challenge you to pause, sit with Jesus, and seek His heart. He is the best friend you could ever have, and He wants to live life with you. Ask Him what His jobs for you are, but more, ask Him how you can seek first His Kingdom.

Not just work harder. Not be a better person.

It's a relationship with a God who covers you with His love, who wants to live life with you, who wants to use you to impact this world!

(it's pretty exciting!)

Press on sister. Run the race brother. May we be found faithful when He returns with His Kingdom. ♥

What jobs has God set before you to be faithful in? Let's chat below!

Whatever work you do, it is from the heart that you are to do it, as though you were serving the Lord and not mere men, knowing that it is the Lord from whom you will receive the inheritance as your reward. It is the Lord, the Messiah, to whom you are truly rendering your service.
- Colossians 3:23-24


Jul 15, 2022

Books Update || Here's Author Life



For anyone who hasn't been here for a while, welcome friend! I'm Hosanna Emily, an ordinary girl following an extraordinary God and a seeker of beauty in the midst of life. *hugs*

What I write here are glimpses, like journal entries, of the beauty God reveals as my Teacher. I write them to remember, and I write to hopefully encourage you to press on in the battle of faith, hope, and love:

love, to spur you on to know Jesus intimately, to have a love relationship with Him which results in obedience to His words which are precious

hope, to understand the future God has for us which makes ordinary days become something incredibly purposeful and helps us see beyond the darkness

faith, the action of believing because of the love and hope, the determination to be found faithful, the continuance despite whatever this world throws at you

Those are my goals with this blog, but I have another little gift I share here. I like to call it my superpower.

I write books.

I published The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser in 2016 (a MG mystery) and The Torch Keepers in 2019 (a YA fantasy novel). Since then, there's been many books in the works, but it's been hush-hush here.

It's time for a books update. (yay!)

At the beginning of this year, God told me this was a year to pursue four books, to work on them faithfully for Him, and to see fruit. I can't wait to share book titles and covers and all the fun things! But here's where I am today, and I hope to keep you updated as the stories are birthed into the world!

The Farm Tales are two separate books that are both set on a farm.

Farm Tales #1: A middle-grade story featuring twelve animal characters who are invited to become a unique farm family in which adventures are explored, jokes are cracked, and funny animals of all sorts learn Truth that propel the characters to a longing desire.

Progress: This manuscript is complete! My illustrator is wrapping up her work, and this is the first book I want to slip into your hands. It's a story to make you laugh and think deeper. The illustrator has done a detailed, fun job with the characters, and you'll love them. =)

How to Help: Once this book is ready for publication, I'll be asking for a team to come with me and share! Share the cover, quotes, all the fun stuff. And my heart is to have this book readily available. I want to share it with young readers everywhere and pray it helps them see that youth can live radically for Jesus. I'd love if anyone gave extra copies to their young friends!

Farm Tales #2: A picture book of a farm of cows who must be faithful in the time of waiting for their Farmer to return. For young children, it's a story of looking forward to Jesus' return, of holding fast to the jobs He has given us, and of the vital importance of sharing the Gospel. All behind cow faces and a fun story, of course. =)

Progress: This manuscript is complete, and I'm praying for the perfect illustrator to create this beauty!

How to Help: Pray that God makes it clear who should illustrate this book.

The Sequel: Where The Torch Keepers left off, this YA book resumes the fantastical story of the Kingdom of √Črkeos as the Prince continues to establish his regime against the King's rule. With roaring volcanoes, mystical creatures from ancient folklore, and a little family of orphans who resist the enemy's lies, it's an allegorical tale of what it looks like to be found faithful.

Progress: I'm in editing mode and soon to be sending this off to round #2 of beta readers. This has been so fun! As I edit, I've prayed through this story and asked God for wisdom, and He has answered so. many. prayers. I've learned to ask expecting answers, because He supplies the story ideas I need!

This book has made me laugh and cry as it's been my dream story for four years. There's still work to go into it and plot hols to mend, but this is a book that's somehow part of me and I hope will impact you to fall in love with our own King.

How to Help: Please pray for continued wisdom in this book process, and if you're interested in being a beta reader, contact me for info on how to claim your own early copy!

A Book of Poetry: With poems extending from revelational moments in life to the tiniest fragments of beauty captured in words, this is an anthology of stories, colors, emotions, and truths wrapped up in poetry.

Progress: Poems are written, and starting next month, I'll be eager to arrange, proofread, and design this collection! I dream of it being a sweet bedside book wherein one can find encouragement and truth for any life moment.

How to Help: If you're a poet who wants to contribute or offer help beta reading the poems, contact me! Otherwise, I'll have more exciting opportunities for you to join this process once it's further along, and I'm stoked about sharing these heart-words with you!

That's author life right now! I'm so so blessed to be exploring these stories and doing what I love best in making truth-filled books for you to enjoy.

Thank you for all the prayers and help and encouragement, my friend!

So let's chat!

Which book are you most excited for? What are you currently working on? Comment below!

Hold fast to what you learned from me as the pattern of sound teaching, with the faith and love that are found in union with Messiah Jesus. Those precious things that have been entrusted to you guard carefully, by the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.

- 2 Timothy 1:13-14 


Jun 21, 2022

How Faith is like Seeing Through Dirty Windows


Have you ever climbed through an open window?

It's a childhood fancy I'll never outgrow. To shove open the glass, push up the window screen, and feel fresh air against your skin and sunshine on your cheeks. That feeling of openness when you swing your leg through and find freedom on the other side.

An open window feels like a portal into Narnia. It's inviting like a world ready to be explored where you can hear nature sing and smell that cleanness. There may be a bite of cold or the burn of sun on the long-baked windowsill.

But some days, the window remains closed. The glass is smudged with fingerprints and dirt, dust from the wind, the yellow of pollen, or the remnant of bugs.

The outside isn't clear as the view is separated by a barrier.

But what we focus on is our decision.

Because life has that too. We're inside, staring through dim glass or trying to catch a reflection in a distorted mirror. The smudges are stark, and maybe we have to adjust to see the tiniest glimpse of life in the outside world, the lampposts of Narnia just out of reach.

But that glimpse is glorious.

It's Hope.

Hope of His promises: that Jesus will return to reward His people and punish all evil. That we do have a Promised Land that will be perfect in beauty, and Jesus will be King and rule, making all good. That there won't be tears and brokenness and sin anymore, for wrong will be right, the winter turned into spring, the witch and all enemies destroyed forever.

There's Hope that everything we do in this age will be rewarded. That our King sees every kindness and every wrong and will bring recompense.

There's Hope that we'll be where He is.

There's Hope that even now, in the todays we've been given, that we do have His Spirit enabling us to have everything we need for live and godliness.

But is your window ever smudged? Does the dust ever cloud your vision and make it harder to see? It sure does mine.

For we see at the present time only a blurry reflection in obscure riddle; at that time, however, we will see face to face. At the present time I know only in part; at that time, however, I will know fully, even as I was fully known.

- 1 Corinthians 3:12



This staining on a window happened last week. God caused my sister to go into labor with her twins at only 21 weeks, and one of our precious, lil' nieces went to be with Him. As the second twin in the womb holds onto life today, there's prayers mixed with mourning, tears, the pain of loss that God didn't intend to mar this world. We fight in prayer for Baby B, hurt too.

But even in that, He is good.

The tears cleaned a tiny portion of the window, so we could praise. Baby A's little life had purpose; she was prayed over. She caused people to worship. She was loved. She was beautiful and tiny and made in the image of God, and He wrote her days before she was conceived in the womb.

As we mourned, I thought about the windows that are so hard to see through and realized when we keep looking anyway, that's Faith.

Faith is decisive obedience because our Hope is worth it. It's the perseverance to keep running a race when we're soaked with sweat and don't seem to be gaining any ground. It's the persisting prayer for the lost, the fighting to smile through tears, the believing when it's just so hard to see.

While I sobbed for Baby A leaving earlier than I imagined, that Faith was a worship, a song, an "I love you, God, even though I don't understand."

It's hard. I fail a lot.

But whatever is staining your window, making Hope hard to see, I challenge both of us: be found Faithful.

Know what your Hope is and have confident assurance that every promise He has made will come to pass.

Every single promise.

So keep praying. Keep praising. Keep running the race.

When Jesus returns, He is going to shatter every window so we can be free to clamber through and be free in His presence! He will melt all the snow and cause flowers to bloom in the warmth of spring so we can throw the fur coats away. Then we'll sing:

I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now...Come further up, come further in!

- C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle 

Courage, dear heart.

Now, to have faith is to have a grounded conviction about things hoped for, to be firmly convinced of the certainty of events not seen.

- Hebrews 11:1

Now, a hope that is already realized is by definition not a hope. Who, after all, when it comes to something he already has, hopes for it? If it is something still to come, though, on which we are setting our hope, it is with patient endurance that we wait for it.

- Romans 8:25